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Kaeris healing


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I tried a game last night to try to emphasize her healing upgrade and found a few questions that I was hoping to have clarified.

It states that damage from burning is instead treated to heal a model

what I wanted to do was use fire starter with the gas can, use kaeris with flare and the engulf trigger and try to force the healing/add more healing. But the wording had me confused. Has anyone tried this healing method and knows if the interactions work the way I am hoping??

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To answer the other portion of your question:


Purifying flame will not heal a model that Kaeris hits with the Engulf trigger.  Engulf deals damage equal to the burning value, then removes the condition.  So technically it is not burning doing the damage.  However, if the Eternal flame was using Flaming Detonation on a friendly model in range of Kaeris' purifying flame, this would cause the model to heal as it resolves the burning condition as if it were the end of the turn.


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I still find it counterintuitive how that upgrade makes models what are theoretically Kaeris' thematic crew work worse with her - I wish the order of operations let Fire Gamin and the Rail Golem and such heal.


Letting the Rail Golem heal in addition to all the other benefits it gets from Burning was a bit over-the-top. Kaeris can still get good mileage out of loading it up with Burning, so there's plenty of synergy. (In the Rail Golem's original theme, Mei Feng's Rail Crew, every model that can apply Burning can't do it to Constructs, specifically to stop the Rail Golem becoming too powerful - Kaeris can just fire it up and go to town.)


Not being able to heal Fire Gamin is a shame, I'll give you that.

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