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Of Swampfiends and Men


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Looks great and I love the thinking/research you've done to make it more realistic. I really think putting in the effort to think things through - e.g. coming up with a reason for the colours you use, thinking of the story behind the model, etc- always adds to the character of the thinks we paint.

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Thank you, everybody :)

I actually remade its base.

I was about to start painting the next model, when I realized that I am not satisfied with the way it looks. I want to keep bases simple (dark soil, leaves, few spots that look like they are wet), but I felt like it's missing something. Luckily I used water based PVA glue, so even though it has been already a day, all I had to do was to apply few drops of water, let it soak and then (since the whole model was sealed with varnish) gently brush it with toothbrush.

Now the Silurid is leaping over a fallen tree trunk.


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Thank you :)

Today I finished the second model - Intimidating Silurid.


I wanted him to look similar to the first one but different enough. Third Silurid (the one standing on a rock) will be probably done in brighter colours, with no brown on its back and his crest will be like membranes on forepaws of this one - gradually turning from green into off-white.

I feel like once again I have learnt quite a lot by painting this model. This post should be called "Chapter 2: Trial and one thousand errors". Those eyes... those eyes! And the crest colour scheme! I tried brown and offwhite, green and offwhite, brown and yellow, orange and finally brown and red. Since the brown I used on its back is quite reddish itself it doesn't look out of place and does look nicely menacing and intimidating, which I believe is its purpose.

Unfortunately even though I did my best with Liquid Green Stuff, some of the gaps are still little bit visible. But now I know how to use it properly... I think.

I also went back to the first model and added some grass tufts to the base. It will be visible on the Silurid group photo next time.

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 I would also like to say, that constructive criticism is very much appreciated. I really do appreciate someone taking their time to write an advice or post a link to a tutorial.


I would like to get better at painting (I realized that I like painting more than gaming actually), but it is difficult to see my mistakes.


I got nothing. I'm usually pretty good at finding something to pick on, but I think the only comments I might make would come down to stylistic differences (for instance, I use stronger contrasts in my models). Your brush work is solid....smooth, great blends. Color choices are great....they are all a little different but have great cohesion together. Bases are simple and effective (which I prefer over scenic bases....when you're a painter, I think the painted model should be the star and sometimes the bases can get overwhelming). You did your research first which is always a smart idea. You added little details to make them more interesting.


I wish I could give you something, but I'm afraid all I can give you is a big pat on the back.

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Great work and love the color palette you went with!  Each onen of them looks great individually, and as a group they like unified while each contrasting slightly with the others.

I'm glad you added a little more to the first one's base.  The painting job was so amazing, but the base seemed so bare with all the empty space that it was a bit distracting.

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Chapter 5 - The Gift

Once upon a time there was this man
who didn't keep up his end of a bargain.
But this time he tried to trick the crone of the swamp
and thus earned himself an unholy bond.
A bond between himself and a talisman -
bad juju - a doll resembling the man.

"What did you ask for? Scrip? POWER?! A beautiful wife?"
"Don't make me laugh. I asked for nothing less than an eternal life."
Growing nervous he shouted: "I just ask for what is rightfully mine!"
"You will get what you deserve," and under her breath: "...you treacherous swine."
She couldn't help it and the corner of her mouth started to twitch.
"There's your eternal life," pointed the witch.
Roots, herbs, a crystal ball serving for divination...
And then... a burlap doll - witch's grim remuneration.
Sweating and stuttering: "Which gift is mine?"





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On 5/1/2015 at 6:18 AM, Phinn said:

Hi everyone,

today I finished first model for my Zoraida crew - leaping Silurid, so I thought that I would share some pictures and thoughts.


The hardest part was the colour scheme.

I wanted the model to look natural, so I looked up a lot of pictures of frogs, catfishes and lizards on internet and tried to imitate features that they have in common (e.g. light abdomen and dark dorsum).

The colour scheme is mostly inspired by frogs, because their life cycle reminds me of the Silurids' one the most. Eggs hatch into Gupps and Gupps mature into Silurids (and some Silurids metamorphose into Spawn Mothers). Well... they are actually more like salamanders and newts, but those are usually not green so I decided to go with frogs.

Another issue was the model's posture. When i dry-fitted it to the base it looked very unnatural. In the end I pinned its leg and kept repositioning it until it looked like on the render and I was sattisfied.

Originally, I wanted to finish the model with Citadel Technical 'Ardcoat, a gloss varnish, to make it look wet/slimy, but when I applied matt varnish and it was still wet, I realized that that's how it would look like and decided against it.

Next model will be crouching Silurid.

That one and the one standing on a rock have crests much taller, so theirs will be either brighter towards the top (off-white or orange) or painted off-white with pink/blue shades.

Looks awesome keep up the good work

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