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The Ball: Character Voice Challenge


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"And then—ha ha—right over the bar. He just sat there covered in gin and broken glass and the chorus girls just. kept. dancing. More wine?"


"It is good this year. You can smell the sun from California."


"You must be a real hit with the ladies. Fancy hat. Fancy suit. Wine."


"Niño prefers it."


"That why he's in the dress?"




"I'm not judging. He's not either, I think Sonnia distracted him."


"Como sabias—"


"Even your footsteps aren't that light. In dancing shoes? Couldn't be you. More wine?"






"... Gracias."




"Santiago tried to teach me, but I always lead."


"Tell. me. about it. Niño sounds good."


"He's prettier than all of us. I think Dashel is smitten."


"I can hear him blushing from here. It's cute, in a florid, chunky short of way."


"Hello. Hey. Have you been talking to Dashel? I need another request form for guardsmen."


"Can't your handlers handle it? He sheems busy."


"I've been tracking a new lead. Everything's gone to hell since that bookseller visited. Sam got me extra funding for a new Brownie and we can enter photo evidence now. Look."




"Sharper picture than even the papers!"


"I'm lucky I'm blind, aren't I?"


"Excuse me. I believe my brothers need my attention."




"I think if we focus on the northeast wing of the Quarantine Zone—thank you; it's delicious—we can sweep it within the week. With extra guardsmen on patrol—"






"You are a good Guildsman. You. Are a good person. But Shonnia?"








"You need to relax."

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