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First Game with Shenlong


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Howdy folks,

I finally got in my first game with the Shenlong yesterday.

Turf War

LitS, Bodyguard, Distract, Vendetta, Deliver a Message

Standard Deployment

Up against Arcanists.

I brought

Shenlong w/ Recalled Training, Low River Style

1 Peasant

Sensei Yu w/ Promising Disciple, Blot The Sky

Lone Swordsman w/ Recalled Training

2 Thunder Archers

2 Bros

I went up against Ramos, Brass, Joss, Mech Rider, Johan with all the fun upgrades.

I picked Bodyguard for Yu and Line in the Sand.

I kept Shen, Yu, Peasants and archers in the middle, Swordsman off to one side and a bro on each flank.

I tried to keep the archers in range of both Shen and Yu for the (0) focus, bonus when focusing and Blot the Sky. With all the armor, I couldn't get much damage through normally, so I relied on blasts from the archers and High River Style. I had to focus and cheat damage, but killing 2-3 spiders with one attack (and finishing off Johan later on) was pretty great.

Lone Swordsman got into a fight with Joss and I lucked out winning initiative next turn, so I popped Recalled Training and gave him Reactivate with a 13 tome in my hand. He nailed Joss and almost got Johan, but Johan got first activation and flurried him down.

The Thunder Bros were incredible, dropping 2 schemes each at the midline and protecting them.

We ended up going 7 turns and tied 10-10.

I struggled with a few things and was hoping I could get some input.

1) Yu spent almost the whole game stacking focus from Airburst then later using Mighty Gust from Wandering River Style to push and pass out Fast to the Swordsman or Archers. I felt like walking was a waste of AP. Is that how Yu rolls or am I missing something?

2) What should I do about armor? Lone Swordsman has that tome trigger and cheating damage is easy with focus everywhere, but is there something else?

3) Wandering River and High River seem like standout styles, with Low River being more situational. What's Fermented River good for?

I think that's all for now. Thanks.

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Other than the Lone Swordsman's and pathfinder's triggers the 10 Thunders anti armor non master specific models are the samurai in hand to hand combat. I recommend giving him the upgrade that makes him move faster if that is your plan. This puts them above the Neverborn but way worse than factions like the Arcanists or Outcast.


I do not know about where you play be my local meta is heavy armor, I am sick of seeing Izamu, Joss and others.

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1) Similar to how I use Yu. I swap between Low River and Wandering River and use his Calm Air Thunderous Voice to drop schemes. His walk is high so he can easily get where he's needed though which can surprise opponents, especially with a push and fast from Shenlong. He's a good candidate for Entourage. I wouldn't say walk 7 is a total waste of AP.


2) Samurai work well with Shen as they get defensive on a 0 when within 6" of him for which they don't have to discard. I usually take Jigoku but Earth is great if you want to hold a position, I will take 2 Samurai on occasion. Haven't taken the move fast upgrade but sounds like a good idea if that's what you're focusing on.Thunders don't have a lot in the way of anti-armour or anti-incorporeal (outside running McCabe).


3) Still waiting for the moment to use fermented, though I do like the idea of dropping Stumble into Turf War/ Extraction/ a summoner bubble.

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