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Little help - Outcast lists for a 4 game beginner series


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Hi guys!

I'm going to be filming a 4 game beginner series for Malifaux featuring Outcasts and Neverborn. The Outcast master will be Von Schill and Jacob Lynch and Co. will be heading up the Neverborn.

This series will start with a Henchmen game at 20SS and then escalate to a Master led game at 30, 40 and 50SS.

I figured why not ask for input on the four lists. I'll be putting the Neverborn version of this in their forum. 

I will be sent and be painting up Outcasts from the following model pool. This will be all I have for models so no subs! :) 

- Von Schill Starter

- Hannah

- Hans

- Strongarm box (I guess I'll have an extra?) 

- Vanessa 


The Neverborn pool will have access to...


- Jacob Lynch Starter

- Mr Tannen

- Mr Graves

- The Depleted

- Waldgeist


We will be focusing on basic Strategies. First two games will be Turf War, then Squatters Rights, then Stake a Claim. Schemes as normal. 


Thanks in advance! 


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I might suggest getting Lazarus instead of Vanessa, so as to fit in with the Freikorps theme. Laz is a bit strong, so he might be intimidating to beginners, but if you maybe put him in later, that might do it for the group :)


~Lil Kalki

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