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September's Curse 2015 FEEDBACK WELCOME


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  • 2 weeks later...

Ok boys and girls I'm making up the goodie bags today.

People who did not make the cut for a deck will be getting some other goodies to replace it. 

However, anyone who doesn't want their deck because they already have one like it please tell me here and I'll pass it down the list.

Mike Asquith I know you have donated yours to someone else so I will sort you some extra little bits :)

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Quick shout out for anyone that can bring terrain without too much issue.

Everyone is getting raffle tickets but those who bring terrain (enough for a table) can earn more.

Aaron and I have a lot of terrain and the venue does too but this is a little larger than the previous event and I'm sure no one wants any less than quality tables.

thanks x 

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A huge thank you to everyone who came to the tournament.

  • Thanks to everyone who came out Saturday night to help and socialise as it made the weekend that much cooler.
  • Thanks to Element Games, Simple Miniatures, Bendyboards and Inspired Online for the support to make the event flashy.
  • Thanks to Mike Asquith for donating the Best Sports prize and booze.
  • Thanks to everyone who bought terrain to fill those last few tables and thanks to Aaron for being on top of everything with me.

I'll be doing some blogs over the coming weeks about how I felt the event went and some pointless but interesting stats.

I've tweeted a lot of photos but they will also be on the blog at some point (I've got podcasts to edit too however).

My final request to the participants is to please leave any feedback good or bad.

Even if just something small, I feel it is worth mentioning as I will consider and look into everything that is doable and reasonable.

I think overall it went well and bar a couple of tiny hiccups (time being one that wasn't really a real issue) I've so far only really heard positives.

However, I'm, always looking to improve. I want our events to be not just the best in the south but the best in the UK as far as one dayers are concerned and I hope to see you all again for May Feng 2 next year.

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