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September's Curse 2015 FEEDBACK WELCOME


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Due to the slow but steady sale of tickets for this event and the money involved with getting the swag I would like for everyone, I'm announcing that the first 28 people to pay for tickets (list on first page is in order) will get a Fate Deck where as it is unlikely for the extra 8 spaces to receive one.

To clarify, this doesn't change ticket prices and there will still be additional swag as well as the usual prize support.

Also, if you do happen to be player 29 on the list it is still a better place to be than 36 as with drop outs you will shift up.

Hopefully this is all understandable as I want to get the decks ordered ASAP as they are coming from across the pond and I do not personally have the cash to cover extra decks on top of the other expenses prior to ticket sales.

Thanks to all those who have got their tickets and hopefully we still can get to that target of 36.

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