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Focus and multiple actions


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I'm building a crew for a local campaign and while going through some stat cards had the following questions.


1. Desperate Mercenary has the (1) Wild Firing tactical action. If I focus the model for 1 AP can I use the :+fate from focus on both the attack actions from Wild Firing? Or only the first attack action?


2. Vanessa uses her (0) Command Construct attack action to target Lazarus. Lazarus use the (1) Focus action in response. On his turn Lazarus uses the (2) Auto Fire tactical action. Can the :+fate from focus be used for all 3 Sh actions? Or only on the first Sh action?


I only have the small rulebook but wasn't sure after reading the focus piece.


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Literally the first question in FAQ:

Q: If a model has the Focus +1 Condition, can it remove the Condition at the start of a Charge Action in order to gain the bonus to all Attacks generated by the Charge Action?

A: No. It would have to remove the Condition at the start of a single Attack which was generated by Charge and it would only gain the bonus for the duration of that Attack. Other Actions which generate Attack Actions (such as Flurry, Rapid Fire, etc) function in the same way in regards to Focus.

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