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Iron Quill - Identity - The Ballad of the Witch Hunter Mage


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(A song to be repressed as the Guild feels necessary. Sung in arcanist drinking dens in mocking tones made sharp by the keen ears at the doors and windows; sung during the day or late at night when the hearths are cold and the pipes turned out for the evening.)


The Ballad of the Witch Hunter Mage


In the deep dark depths of the murder's dreams

I haunt their thoughts and drink their screams.

In the cold clear light of the new breaking day

I crush their hearts and souls like clay.


I am the flame that purges all,

Burning lights before the fall.

A brilliant future barely scried—

I am the rage of truth denied.


In the boiling clouds of the Quarantine Zone

I char their flesh black off the bone.

In the storm-locked mount of the Snow Queen's lair

I'll braid her tears into my hair.


Firelight, matchlight, drawn to the flame

Ancient works conceal a name

One silent pause before the flood—

Bookshelves filled with screams and blood


In the flesh-fouled water of the fetid docks

I bind their souls with burning locks.

In the clear crystal light of the shifting stage

I'll burn them all to oust the mage.


I'll conflagrate, incinerate

Your mind can barely contemplate

Lashing flames reveal my prize

I'll burn the world behind your eyes

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Always happy to see non-standard entries like poems and songs.  Beyond my ken, so I'm always impressed! 


Poetry is my literary weakness, so Iron Quill is practice to get out of my comfort zone (or else you'd get epic poetry in Latin). Trust me, if you could see what my first drafts looked like, you wouldn't think it was beyond you.  :D

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