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Large Viks crew for sale


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For sale:


- Hired Swords crew - Viks, Taelor, Student, 3x Ronin
- Vanessa
- Freikorps Librarian
- Malifaux Child - I used a Stolen model for this purpose as little girl fits really nice in all-girl crew theme
- Hans - non-Wyrd model of steampunk girl-sniper
- miss Demeanor - Convict Gunslinger (limited edition model)
- second Convict Gunslinger - non-Wyrd model of outlaw girl - can be easily used as Sue
- Johana (limited edition model)
- Performer - non-Wyrd model
- Bishop - old Taelor metal model with hammer replaced with chain
- Desperate Mercenary
- metal Rusty Alyce
- 2 metal abominations

- Killjoy


Shipping from Ireland. Price - £90 plus 1/2 P&P when shipped within Europe.

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