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Any players in Hastings?


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There is a post here that is a few weeks old now:




Their website is here:




Looks like they have a nice Malifaux Community. I think they meet on Thursday nights, I'm just down the road in Bexhill and plan to get along once I've put my models together and done a little painting. (Just recently made my first Malifaux purchases)


I hope that helps!

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Hi guys, I just moved to Hastings in the UK and am wondering if there are any players near by?



Hello Kds54 & Dominion. There is indeed a thriving Malifaux community down in Hastings! I am a henchman over in Bexhill and there is a very well supported wargaming club in St Leonards every Thursday night. It is 1066 Wargaming. Look for us on Facebook which is where the majority of club plans are made. 


We meet at the West St Leonards social club on the corner of Bexhill Rd and Filsham Rd every Thursday from 7pm 'til 11pm. The club has a lot of terrain, boards, etc and we play a lot of other games too. First night is free and if you come again it is £3 subs which covers rent and buying new terrain. There are 10 - 15 Malifaux players here at the moment so you can more or less always find a game.  


If you join the group on Facebook - 1066 Wargaming - you will be able to see pics of the club in action, and arrange a game! I hope you can come along soon.  :)

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Cheers for the replies guys :) I'll try to make it down to the club in the next couple of weeks. I played a lot of first ed Mali but have played no 2nd ed games at all, would there be a chance of a demo game Jamesflames?

Yes. No problem at all. Let me know when you will be over and I'll be prepared.

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