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Scottish GT 2015 - 25th & 26th July

Euclid (#ScottishMeta)

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New Management - Same old event: The GT is back for another year.

5 Rounds over 2 days, £20 entry for the weekend.

Event located at Common Ground Games
40 Cowane Street

Full details in the rules pack below (full thanks to Maria for compiling the PDF).

All questions welcome.

Hope to see you all there!

Attendee List:
1. Connor Barker
2. Dave Reekie
3. Tim Brown
4. James Reeves
5. David Hamilton
6. Maria Wieland
7. Mark Elwood
8. Ewan Smart
9. Barry Deans
10. Paul Campbell

11. Dave Laing 

12. Nate Zettle

13. Gary Burgess

14. Lewis Phillips

15. Kai-SteveYoung

16. Victoria West

17. Jonny West

18. Aaron Bailey

19. Ben Sime

20. Mark Bonatti

21. Liam Watt

21. Alex Gibson

22. Arla Kean

23. Orbay Ergun

24. Allan Gibb

25. Trevor Moffat

26. Callum Palin

27. Jamie Clark

28. Dave McIlhinney

29. Barry Kelly

30. Javier Boveda

31. Michelle Dallas
32. Alastair Crowe


Lesser Mortals (yet to pay):
Alistair Grant

Gareth Henry




And the promised "Stretch" goals:

12 Players: I'll put in some effort - TO promises to be on time for the event
16 Players: Token of Gratitude - each attendee will recieve a(t least one) custom marker
22 Players: 2 Little Wabbits - 2 of the Wyrd War Wabbits will be added to spot prizes
28 Players: 100 Rankings celebration - Wyrd Limited Edition Kaeris added to prizes
30 Players: 5 for each faction... right? - Best in faction prizes
36 Players: I better step up my game! - Wyrd Limited Edition Performer added to prizes
40 Players: ???? - We'll see if/when we approach this figure.




A team prize is now included. At registration you can chose a team/gaming club and the best overall performing team will win.

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