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Tangled Shadows confusion-Lilith


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I have read some where on the forum that you can move lilith using Tangled shadows. I think I have to disagree with that statement. The way I read it is "Place a friendly model within 6 of lilith" So are people reading it as lilith is friendly to her self and with in 6 of her self? In addition to that Pg 38 Big rule book " In addition a model may never target itself with an attack action unless specifically allowed by another rule"

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Lilith can always consider herself Friendly and is always within 6" of herself. 


Additionally she isn't the Target of the Attack Action. She is a target from part of it's effect. She will pick a Target for the action. Cast it, then select a Friendly model within 6" of her (this can include her) and place it in B2B with the original Target of the Action. Then if the model placed first can legally be placed into B2B with the spell's target the target can be placed into B2B with Lilith. 


This caused me a little confusion to begin with but it is a legitimate tactic and the wording of Tangled Shadows is where the confusion lies however Lilith is not the target of the action but rather it's placement effect. 

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Yes, Lilith is within 6" of herself and friendly to herself. Indeed this is an Attack Action but the "friendly model within 6" of Lilith" is NOT targeted with the Attack Action. All in all this is as legal as it could be.


Legal, but nasty.


I feel like I heard a lively discussion about something phrased that way recently...

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