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Gamers in Nottingham uk

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Will Post here as very interested in game and would like to get some games in at local club because the game appeals but would like to try before buy and understand guilds and factions better before choosing one.

Nottingham Gaming

Located in the Centre of Nottingham 'In a pub!' The Ned Ludd, and The Boat and Horses Beeston, the club aims to bring together Wargaming, Tabletop game and Board Gamers for regular gaming happenings.

All gamers are invited and it is intended to bring together gamers of al backgrounds to enjoy a regular night of gaming.

Games seen running have been, X-Wing, Oldhammer Dark Future and Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Ed, Necromunda (looking to run regular campaigns,), Space Crusade, Board games, Story telling Board games, Munchkin Chuthlu, and others, D7D Paranoia RPG's.

We are looking for more games to be played and also the prospect of getting more campaigns going, with an eye to Mantic games - Deadzone, Dreadball, Bloodbowl, (Campaigns welcome) Avatars of War, Warlord games like Gates of Antares, Bolt Action etc, Card games, Blood Bowl, you game it well come and run it.

Entry is only £5 which get you a free drink and located in a friendly environment,

Easy access, with the main Transport and parking.

If your a gamer what are you waiting for.


#wargaming #gaming #tabletop #Dice #Necromunda #Nottingham #Warlord #Boardgame #cardgame #Oldhammer #Wargames  #Malifaux

Gaming dates.

7th Wednesday Beeston Boat and Horses
14th Wednesday The Nedd Ludd, Friar Lane Nottigham
21st Wednesday Beeston Boat and Horses
25th Suday alldayer Boat and Horses 12-10pm
27th Tuesday The Ned Ludd, Frair Lane Nottingham

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Hi, I'm just trying to get into Malifaux (just got hold of a few bits) and am currently creating a table in the man cave...at least attempting to! I'm also looking for players in the Nottingham area (I live in Ruddington) who would be interested in getting together for a game or two.  I'm happy to host (even to provide the odd beer!) if other players can be found locally.

If anyone is interested please let me know. 

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