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Theorycrafting- SFoM style

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My friend and I took too long with our WMH game yesterday, so I didn't get to run a Malifaux demo for him. I got bored and started theorycrafting lists for given strats and schemes.


I had a few decent ones, but I felt like I hit my groove with the fifth draw:


Flank Deployment

Strategy: Squatter's Rights

Scheme Pool: LiTS, Bodyguard, Cursed Object, Distract, Deliver a Message


Looking at it, I decided one good solution would be to put together a crew that could deny the ability to claim squatter markers, and Distract and Cursde Object looked to be a fun (if annoying) way to do it.


Who best to do it? Lilith and Co.



+Beckon Malifaux

+Wicked Mistress

+Rapid Growth



Mature Nephilim

+Obsidian Talons

Terror Tots (x3)




A brief breakdown of my thinking here:

Lilith: our foxy beatstick... doI really need any other reasons? No, but I'll list some anyway.Wicked Vines is a nice way to pin a model down, keeping it from reaching a squat mark.Comine this with Transfixing Gaze, and you can bring some annoyance and 3 damage. Addin the Illusiry Forest and you could really mess someones day up, as I don't see anything that supercedes both damages taking place. Evil. I'm not really sold on the Rapid Growth upgrade, other than to maybe grow some of the brood into something more dangerous.


Candy: Sweets and Sours could be fun in a Strat where minis might have to move. Plus healing is never a bad option to have. Best Behavior looks fun, but Melancholy sounds like more fun in this scenario, especially as I've brought her for possible activation manipulation.


Mature: Do I even have to explain his inclusion? Big zone for engaging models, brutal as hell, and Wing Buffet may be just the thing to clear enemies out of the way so he can claim a squat mark himself. Obsidian Talons because there are a few nephilim in the list.


Tots: Speed, speed, and more speed. Given what I gave Lil, I might be able to set up some pounce attacks. That would be gravy. Mostly there to hand out distract and cursed object, maybe claim a squat mark or two.


Sorrow: "You really do have a skull full of maggots! Sorrows suck!" Keep saying that. For this list, I can't think of a better emergency engagement tool (Misery loves Company). Also, the crew does bring a decent number of Wp duels, so why not add death-by-a-thousand cuts to a list with Lil and a Mature?


Silurid: Speed plus. Thinking I could jump him up early to grab a squat mark, then pull him back to harass.



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I would work Waldgeists into that list given that it is Squatters. With a 4" engagement range they can block interact actions across multiple markers. 

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find a way to squeeze in the cherub would be great. I always find a way to use the lil guy in scheme scenerios. Nice ranged control piece and as a companion that decreases interact costs......yes please

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Edit: Didn't realize my initial edit didn't go thru



I like where this has been going. I think I will try this out whenever I have a wee bit of free time... randomly flip pre-game stuff and try to come up with something that works. I never really got out of the WMH mindset where "one list to rule them all" was the ideal. 


I'll try to post one per week and see how this goes.

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