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First Time Zoraida Load Out

The Grue

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Afternoon everyone.


Thought I would try my hand at putting together a crew. This is my first time actually putting together a crew all the way and posting it so any critique is appreciated and welcomed.


Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap

Zoraida -- 4 Pool
 +Crystal Ball [2]
 +Hexed Among You [1]
 +Tarot Reading [2]

Bad Juju [8]
 +Eternal Fiend [2]
Bayou Gator [5]
Bayou Gator [5]
Doppleganger [7]
McTavish [10]
 +Fears Given Form [1]
Silurid [7]

I just figured that with Zoraida and her control she could benefit from some heavy Melee and the heavy melee would benefit from her casting actions as the crew goes about achieving their schemes.


I also wanted to capitalize on Bad Juju's Eternal Friend and have everything a swampfiend, though the mental image of a Doppleganger taking a bite out of someone after Mimicing a Bayou Gator or Mctavish was funny enough to put her in.


Let me know what you think.


As always,

The Grue

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First, I will swap some upgrades. I will give Fears Given Form to Bad Juju.  

Mctavish is for range attack, so he don't need to upgrade for melee. But Bad juju is beatstick, so he likes upgrade for melee. 

And if you want, you can give Hex Among you to Mctavish.


And by Eternal Fiend, Bad juju is not deployed in start. So you need one to die for Bad juju. Gator is not bad choice for that. 

But how about Gupps? They are mini-silurids, cheaper and faster and used for more scheme than Gator.  

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I agree that Gupps would be a good addition, been using them a lot lately and they work really well. Take out a gator and the Silurid and you can trade in 3 gupps. You'll need Masks instead of 5+ cards for the leap but using bewitch with Zoraida you should get enough low masks to make it work most of the time which means you can usually still get 2 scheme markers down a turn, or pick up 2 enemy markers.


They also work good as bait for bringing in juju early. You can use an obey for a walk, then use the gupps 2 ap for walks and the leap and be 20 inches up the field and likely right in the middle of the enemies lines hopefully engaging a couple of important targets on your second activation. And if they don't kill it you are in great position for something like breakthrough. You can leap off, place a marker then walk back in to tie models down and hopefully get killed to bring in a fresh juju. 


Lastly if they are in range of a weaked enemy model you can leap into melee or charge range and take two swings to try and finish it off and hopefully get the trigger to grow them up into siliurids who you can then quickly get out of trouble with its leap.

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