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Jan. 24th - 45ss Tournament in Plainfield, IL

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The Wandering Dragon in Plainfield, IL will be hosting a 45ss Tournament. Please sign up on the meetup page


Fixed Faction Tournament with 3 x 90 Minute Rounds. Sign in at 11:30AM. Tournament starts at Noon. 

45 Soulstones

30 Minute Break between Rounds

Prizes will be awarded to top 3 Players with amounts determined by turnout.

The rules and scoring would adhere to Gaining Grounds. 


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Just wanted to say again, thanks for putting on a great event for everyone.  Really enjoyed meeting everyone from up north and playing some great games.  Can't wait to see all the pictures and hopefully rankings submited to malifauxrankings.com :)

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Great event Dexy and fantastic store. Was well worth the drive. Looking forward to seeing you at my event on February 15th. 


Thanks for the intense game James, I look forward to a rematch in the future. I learned a few tricks from you  :) I hope you and your brother can make it to Games Plus on February 15th as well. 







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