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Giant Robot Fists, for Non-Robots


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Hi, I was told to come over to the forms from the Wyrd Place facebook group, and there's something I'd like to bring up for discussion, specifically, the exact nature of artificial limbs in malifaux

[Cross-posted from A Wyrd Place]

Would it be possible for weapon enhancements to be added to artificial limbs, and would that scenario allow the damage from those enhanced limbs to a combat style?
EG: A career boxer loses his arms to whatever horrors go bump that particular night in Malifaux. luckily for him, he's the favorite cage fighter of a particular guild barrister, and is allowed a new set of arms free of amalgamation charges. knowing he has free reign, he chooses to get a pair of arms with the traits Enlarged, Folded Steel, And Pneumatic, along with a backboiler to power and balance the apparatus, costing lord knows how much guild script. Now, his pugilism (5) would go from 2/3/6 in damage, to 3/4/9, with :+fate :+fate  on the damage flip. Granted, seeing this fighter out on the streets would probably cause Hoffman to have an aneurysm, but I can't help but imagine some prescience exists for giant robot fists.

further arguments/extrapolations  could be made, Such as a Knuckle plate that would count as brass knuckles to give the damage flip :+fate :+fate :+fate , or :ram being added to the skill to either give the  :ram:mask needed to trigger onslaught (though if a talent that allows onslaught exists in game presently, I've yet to see it) or an existing  :ram to put towards critical strike, which on a Red joker damage flip with  :ram :ram :ram , Could punch basically anything in the game through a tree.

Now, as far as I've seen, arguments could be used that the pneumatic skill would be used, however, how this interacts with a hand to hand in a way I could totally understand never coming up in play testing. I've been known to play heavily with systems in the past, so a genuine case of "so what does this do" often finds itself up to GM discretion. Personally, I'd believe pugilism would still be relevant skill.
Essentially, the one thing I see is that when it comes to the overall complex machinery of Malifaux, spaces for player exploration of limbs is overall somewhat limited, but that's perfectly understandable. it's a relatively new game, and in the early days player creativity can go absolutely in who knows what direction. I think it's a really fun topic of discussion.
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This is a really interesting one.  There has been some discussion about it here:  http://wyrd-games.net/community/topic/104776-using-pneumatic-limbs-in-empty-hand-fighting/


My own personal call on the rules as written approach:


All pneumatic limbs benefit from the Pneumatic upgrade automatically in empty hand fighting (so :+fate to damage).

Since the empty hand is now a pneumatic weapon, you need the pneumatic skill to be within 1 rank of the empty hand skill used.

Use the Pugilism or Martial Arts rank for damage, and use either Pneumatic or Pug/MA for AV (whichever is higher)

Since the Enlarged upgrade states the weapon now requires two hands to wield, you cannot apply said upgrade to your hands

Some would argue that Folded Steel should only be applied to bladed weapons, so this really just depends on what your group prefers

Adding a Knuckleduster would count as a weapon upgrade modification, but is a valid upgrade

I'm unsure of where you're getting the :ram in your AV unless you have the Specialized talent


If you were to pay for these, they would both have to at least be Partial Limbs filling the one augment with a Military Brace (I see no reason why we should limit these to only containing firearms).  Those Military Braces would then contain custom Knuckledusters with the Folded Steel upgrade.  So bare minimum the cost would be 50 scrip plus whatever you charge for the medical procedure to install them.


So, assuming all of the above are good to go, yes, you would have a 2/3/7 damage track with :ram added to the AV and :+fate :+fate :+fate on the damage flip.  Though again, there is debate as to whether or not Folded Steel should be allowed on blunt weapons, so you may end up with 2/3/6 and a :+fate :+fate on damage.


As for fluff reasoning for why you would need the pneumatic skill:  It could be argued that these limbs operate extremely differently from the organic ones a person is used to.  They weigh differently, they apply a different amount of force, and they might not have any sense of touch (or at least might not have a sense of pain).  This would most assuredly throw a fighter off, and they would have to go through training/physical therapy to get their skills back up to their organic origins (as represented in pumping points into the Pneumatic skill). 


If your FM also feels like pneumatic limbs should be valid for the Enlarged upgrade, then that's totally cool too.  I would probably allow it in my game, though I may impose extra defense penalties and/or require the Fated to use the Pneumatic skill even if the AV is lower due to he extreme size of the limbs.


Again.  That's just my own take on it, and others most likely have other opinions.

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This is one of the things that always interested me about Malifaux's setting, the nature of pneumatics is very sparsely explored (hence why i'm so ridiculously excited for the rumors I've heard about through the steam, it'll probably have some more concrete assertions) despite being ridiculously interesting.

I can see what you're talking about with the whole "Needs 2 hands" thing for enlarged, that's why this is even a question in the first place, because pneumatics/hydraulics would assuredly have the strength to move such beasts as they've moved much larger (my case begins and ends with the rail golem) and in the case of FMing, I'd almost assuredly assign a movement penalty due to the weight of the whole apparatus. I'd also think it'd need a bit more internal power, but more on that later.

Nice point on the military grade equipment for knuckle dusters, I hadn't even thought of that, but you're right, any artificial limb specifically meant to be used to punch at one point or another would almost assuredly have the specific reinforcements to do exactly that, I could even see the "containment" for knuckle dusters simply being the fact that the limb has heavily contained and armored joints meant to take repeated impact.

For folded steel, this is going to be one of those things where I'd argue it'd not so much be for the weapon, but rather for the hydraulics/pneumatics that operate the limbs. high quality materials mean that they can, in all probability handle greater pressure/more stress than your average limb, a high carbon/stainless/living/properly tempered steel could easily give the limb the stability it would need to connect with the extra oomph in melee deserving of the extra +1 severe and :+fate to damage


plus, if i were to make a more controversial observation, folded steel is practically Wyrd pointing and giggling at the semi-classic "Folded over 1000 times" copypasta, it kinda boils down to "magic eastern wizard-blacksmithing" as to why the weapons are better than say other famous forging techniques like Damascus steel, something I, if FMing would also grant the folded steel bonus. in essence, I see the additive as "better metal makes weapon better at it's job" so for blunt weapons like hammers, it could be something like hardened plating around a dense, heavy core. 

(as a quick aside, yes, I was speaking of specialized when adding the  :ram to the flip)


Now for the enlarged part, and my personal take on the theory behind this mess. When it comes to two hands, I believe it could be interpreted as 2 points of contact needed to stabalize the weapon to the point where it can be used efficiently. in the case of an enlarged pneumatic arm, arguably, the forearm is the weapon portion.




Now, let's work from there, looking at the human arm. the elbow is the joint of the arm, so in this case, and it is a simple joint, it's flexibility easily represented by a lever joint. now, levers aren't magic, and the joint in and of itself would simply flop around if not powered. in the case of most pneumatic limbs  in Malifaux, one source of actuation is more than enough. it can pressurize for extension, and flexes when de-pressurized. this is a simple joint noticeable in multiple places, and would be the least obtrusive for the sake of an artificial limb. however, that model loses a lot of efficiency when scaled up, due to the fact that more weight=more pressure needed to move said weight. that's why in this case, analysis of the human arm will aid in the final product.


when it comes to moving the arm, there are two groups that makes the whole operation go. to flex the arm, you use the bicep and flexors, and to extend, you use the tricep and extensors. two muscle groups work together to help control the arm in 3D space, so it would make sense for a mechanical version of the arm to function on the same principle. let's say in this case, that the forearm is structured in such a way that it would extend slightly behind the elbow joint. to this point, the hydraulic representing the flexing group would attach, structured to sit flush to the arm when fully contracted and extended. the inside extension joint would do the same, allowing the same range of motion, albeit with a little bit sticking out for whatever extra mechanical components need to be hiding there. this model holds a very distinctive advantage over muscles, because they exert no force on the arm relaxing, only tensing. in the case of these drivers however, the pressure differentials can aid in the arm's movement in either direction.

[Extra Warning. The following entry has passed the BAR exam at rules lawyer academy. Viewer discretion is advised]
now what does all this mean in game mechanic terms? it means I'm about to become the worst person ever! Let's get specific by getting very general. one does not technically need hands to hold a weapon. if something (let's say for this example, a particularly mutated Fated) had a Claw, tentacle, prehensile foot, or multiple sufficiently strong prehensile tails, that weapon could, theoretically be held as long as those points are;

A: Sufficiently dexterous to hold, or become attached to the weapon, and manipulate it as needed
B: When used in concert, be capable of applying sufficient force to move the weapon as needed to properly use it.

Our pistons are attached, and sufficiently dexterous to move the weapon in all needed dimensions. (foreward/backwards) fulfilling condition A. and between the two of them they can deliver the needed force to act on the weapon, fulfilling condition B. Ultimately these pistons would be the two "points of contact" needed to operate a heavy weapon. I think I just wrote enough in game legalese to make Lucius squeal with joy.  


If I get banned over the above, I 100% understand.


I'll take a moment here to touch on two things mechanical, the first being the elbow joint itself; it's technically not needed. theoretically, this design is limited by the elbow joint, as it's omission could allow the forearm portion to contract and expand, offering additional mobility, or a tertiary joint to add a third dimension of motion. I would add those features to a construct, not a human. Not a human who just lost a limb, and will have a hard enough time adapting to his prosthetic. the one exception to this rule being a mad scientist styled character, who would probably spend their time positively freaking out about the possibilities. (but guys i can turn a wrench sideways...with my elbow)

the other being a theoretically applicable, but very strange  enhancement, that being the extended enhancement. I believe this falls into two distinct categories. First is the literal version, that the forearm is extended into a bizarre, orangutan-like shape. I personally find this almost totally inapplicable, because it would cause the recipient of the apparatus to look nearly inhuman in profile to an outside observer, along with a need for whomever received the artificial limbs to choose between literal knuckle dragging, or adapting a gait and mannerisms capable of keeping the hands off the ground. the other option that comes to mind would be more pneumatics, like a ram to extend the fist at the apex of the strike. This would cause a need for more complexity to be present in the arm, but would otherwise allow it to have an increased range when desired. (the real downside to this method is that if anyone at your gaming table has ever seen either BIG O or Accel World, prepare for OOC nicknames for your character.)


This all leaves us with a real issue however. the methods for applying extra power is all there, but where does the power for such big fists come from? My primary thought in all of this has been a back mounted boiler apparatus, for multiple reasons. Primarily, it would help centralize the weight of the arms, but more importantly, it would give the arms a central point of attachment. Normally, these points would require a large area to keep it's attachment to the graftee's body consistent, and even then, if they were each isolated weights, it would put undue stress on the rib-cage. centralizing the apparatus allows the whole affair to be carried with not-too much dissimilarity from a heavy pack, and would keep balance over the spinal column, as in an unaltered human. This pack, being a boiler, would of course require several layers of heat and fireproof cloth for insulation (which would double as padding), fastenings to make sure the assembly doesn't come loose, and sufficient channels to get pressure to where it would need to be in the systems. all in all, difficult, but not necessarily impossible. I could see the neccecitation of the apparatus being a separate "construct" grafted to the fated with some degree of intelligence to adequately direct everything to the fated's will, an artificial "Muscle memory" as it were.

Now in game mechanics, this is where we would get to have some real fun. assuming this apparatus is on a late-stage fated, it wouldn't be too far off to assume this is their big, shiny toy. their baby, and to a degree, their pet project, so why not have some fun with how it works? Being a boiler, it works with pressure and heat, which reminds me of a certain ht4 model's mechanics. yes, I am without irony suggesting management of burning could be a balancing factor, used as a resource being spent for various tricks and abilities. it could also be used for the sake of gating other items added to the assembly, like a certain other steam powered weapon in the game with more barrels than need to care, spending burning to activate certain features could keep said fated from going full ham and turning into some kind of walking armory.

And now, this post has turned from thought dump, to what feels like an entire dissertation. I had more ideas, but I'm also capable of knowing around the time when I need to stop. I'll probably save them for another post when it Isn't 4 in the morning.

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Custom enhancements allow for some silly modifiers to be created if they can stack. Right now the two TtB games I play in both FM's have stated only one custom upgrade can be added to a custom weapon. Embellishments are not restricted and can be added to any piece of equipment/weapon.


In our weekly game I assume the FM would do the following.


Custom Armaments can only be attached to a custom weapon. A limb is not listed on the custom weapon chart and so can't be upgraded with a custom armament, however, Custom Embellishments could be added.


To make a limb for combat like you've mentioned he'd let me go with a Pneumatic Limb (Full) which would add 1 armour and 2 Augments. I'd ask for Piston Driver allowing me to have Might 5 for one Duel and negotiate to get a Military brace that instead of a firearm carried a Knuckleduster giving :+fate on my damage flip. I know the FM would make me have Pneumatic and Pugilism Skill within 1 of each other otherwise he'd make me use the lowest of the two skills to calculate my Acting Values as per Multiple Combat Skills sidebar (p 119 Fated Almanac). But I would be allowed to use any and all pugilism/combat talents that could apply. So I'd get to use Pugilism damage table and snare with it as per pugilism and could get critical damage talent, etc.


Having said all that you should houserule whatever works for your group and your FM is happy with. Under Augments for Limbs it does talk about space being limited in the fluff section so FM would need to make a call on what could be added.


Folded steel enhancement we allow onto all custom weapon types. As has been written here we permit Damascus steel and even dense metal excuses to 'fluff' the reasoning out. We recently had a discussion about the pneumatic customisation because it costs twice as much as folded steel for less of a benefit. So we've changed pneumatic custom weapons to allow them to get a free use of Pneumatic (Aspect) per Dramatic time as the 'steam/mechanical driven upgrade' goes into overdrive on the weapon. Our FM also added in that a pneumatic weapon upgrade requires maintenance as per pneumatic limbs, so 10s every 3 months.


Kind regards,



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Hey, thanks for the input AD1! I really haven't been in full campaign mode for TTB yet, so I can't especially say what my FM's judgement would be/What my judgement would be as an FM would be for all this, as this falls in the realm between rules question and home-brew opportunity.

I do understand what you're saying in all reality. Fist isn't listed as a custom on the weapons chart, therefore as per the book, everything would have to be done through modifying the limb as just that, a limb. i totally get the rules citation to, I'd agree on the skill check, though I believe I'd be correct in stating that the damage track on a pugilism attack would be based on what rank of pugilism the fated has, not the lowest rank in the skill check.

In a scenario where the FM allows one add-on per custom weapon, I admit, pneumatic would be a confusing option, however I believe it's costed as it is because it becomes a very powerful upgrade in concert with other upgrades. I do admit however your take on pneumatic as a standalone is very interesting. I've been considering dipping my toes into the stabby bits thread for a little while now, and the 1 enhancement method has given me an interesting litmus test for custom upgrade ideas, as to whether or not I'd ever want to take the upgrade as a stand alone. However, for the time being, I've decided to sit around in this little thread.

In that regard I'll compare myself to a certain Albus, for now, I believe my rantings on combining steel and flesh deserve some degree of containment. But since you're still here an reading this, then I bid you Welcome back to the horror show.

to get a tad metagame heavy for a moment, my core belief in the whole "augmented fist" deal originates with a certain quandary from dungeons and dragons known as the "Monastic Fist" debate. to make a long story short, A monk's fists were counted as weapons for attacks, so many believed they should be, like almost all other weapons, enchantable. however, proponents of the opposite side believed that since they were made of flesh and blood and were very much attached to the monk, they shouldn't be able to be counted for the sake of enchantment. it was hard to pin down which side was the majority beleif, but not which side won out, with the enchantability of fists being explicitly stated as something possible in earlier additions, and the addition of Ki focuses conferring their enchantment bonus to said unarmed attacks in later editions.

So, This, to a degree, is the impetus, that the augmented fist mirrors the monastic fist in enough regard that it be granted enough of an exception to be granted upgrades like a weapon, partially because they are easily explained as experimental limbs fluff wise, and because it makes very entertaining numbers in the crunch.


Now first, I'd like to address some unintended consequences when it comes to my whole extrapolation exercise of treating the forearm like a weapon for the sake of the enlarged characteristic. yes, using that model, it would be possible to postulate using pneumatics, a great-sword could be attached in place of the forearm. or any other custom weapon that would take two hands to normally wield. my response? Go for it. Do it. I'm serious, feel free to use that method to physically attach a Zweihander to your artificial elbow, it may be lighter than the artificial forearm by some possibility. the detriments of such an action? well I'm glad you asked because YOUR FOREARM NOW ENDS IN A SWORD! I really, really pray you had the foresight to cancel all non Sword-arm based activity you had scheduled. there's an old hippie slogan about not being able to hold your children with nuclear arms. you will find having a No-datchi replacing your ulna and radius to have a similar effect on the quality of your social life. you think the hydraulics were nickname magnets? you now have a giant sword for an arm. I'm pretty sure if you're name hasn't been truncated to sword-arm by session's end, your group is arguably being merciful


Otherwise, I'd like to talk about the other, more entertaining option, which to me is the possible use of the military brace's ability to hide certain things, and how that can be interpreted within the context of malifaux. moreso, I'd like to talk about hiding practically any non gun weapon, not just in the brace, but as part of the brace. now, when it comes to these weapons, they'd probably have the concealable trait considered they're inside an arm. otherwise, I feel the ideas for additive arm weapons to be a field worth exploration. A whip is simple, it could be flexible, braided metallic cable hidden inside the arm, usually used for lowering down from a high point, but during combat, it can be manipulated by a user's skill with the whip. I'd personally argue that the deployment of any flat, light blade could be done easily through a wrist joint, if not it's mounting housed there. it could take some getting used to, but the rigidity and inability to be traditionally disarmed could be seen as a benefit for some, with additional possibilities sourcing from bells an whistles like a spring loaded or pneumatic housing capable of extending the weapon with sufficient force, or even the possibility of a double faced housing, allowing the blade to deploy at the elbow joint for a unique combat style, possibly ideal for martial arts  like muay thai.

I'd continue further, but unfortunately, it's not 9 am early for me, it's 9 am late. more is sure to come.

Until later, May your craziest metal dreams come true.

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I definitely don't agree with the one customization per weapon ruling, as it means you can never have a giant steam hammer (Enlarged + Pneumatic).  But it is decent for mitigating the crazy damage those things can reach.  Then again, an enlarged, folded steel, pneumatic, extended sword would cost you around 57 scrip to net you 3/4/7 :+fate :+fate damage with 3 :melee.  Comparatively you can spend 29 scrip on a custom gripped collier revolving carbine with 3/4/5 damage, 18 :ranged and :+fate :+fate to attack with two hands.


I actually think pneumatics is one of the weakest parts of the book as the RAW stats/mechanics given don't actually provide players nearly as many opportunities to express themselves as the magic system does.  But that's what player-made stuff and bending/breaking rules is for.

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the giant steam hammer thing got me thinking about something, and that is that it seems like there isn't anything in the book to represent the rail worker's very particular replacement limbs, granted, that's probably something forthcoming, but that also made me realize something.


TTB doesn't seem to have much as far as the damage of work tools (save for the rail hammer) which I find a tad odd seeing as a TTB campaign going through the mines/coming across a rail team seems like a DnD campaign going through the city sewers. not technically required, it's just one of those in setting things it feels like you can set your watch by.

But yeah, Pretty soon, I'm gonna start posting some of my homebrew content, Feel free to use it in your campaign if you enjoy it, but yeah, it'll probably be some mixture of various ways to turn your fated's lemon of a dismemberment into the sweet lemonade of an awesome prostesis

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Alright, I've been sketching out some of the thoughts on the custom limb upgrades, and wanted to submit them for some public veiwership;

As a Key;

:ram Denotes something sold and officially licensed by the Guild, and licensed for sale
:ram  :ram Denotes a guild issued upgrade, but not something usually sold on the open market
:mask Denotes an Quasi-legal upgrade that can be argued for either way (after all, it might not be in the guild catalogue, but it's been seen in the guild before)
:tome Denotes an upgrade that's Union backed, and while it may get you harassed, actual legal repercussions will be few and far-between

:tome :tome Denotes a wild invention, possibly a very unique one. reactions to the item will be unpredictable

:crow Denotes an upgrade that's Nigh-unquestionably illegal, and would need to be hidden or remian unused, unless you want to be slapped with amalgamation charges

:pulse Denotes an aftermarket alteration to the part

:ram Augment: Combat Ready Limb(20Sc):
With Sufficient training, this particular piece of prosthesis was built specifically to REPLICATE the muscle structure of the HUMAN ANATOMY along with re-enforced joints and striking surfaces, allowing prize fighting victims of unfortunate dismemberment to hop BACK IN THE RING in as little as TWO WEEKS!


This upgrade treats this augment as a Weapon, but allows the user to use their original Martial Arts or Pugilism skill, as long as they Have 1 rank in Pneumatics. Further augmentations are allowed, but require the user to have an additional rank in Pneumatics for each successive upgrade

:pulse Knuckle Plating: +10Sc
(Gives the limb the Handload special rule [as if using brass knuckles] Giving a  :+fate to the Damage flip)


:mask Augment: Enlarged Limb(30Sc):
Need that Extra Oomph lifting palates, moving mine-carts or tossing gremlins? Then an enlarged limb is for you! CARRY the WEIGHT OF THE WORLD on your shoulders with our revolutionary design, with more room for the things YOU need on the job!


This upgrade gives an additional Augmentation to the limb, and does not count towards the total number of augmentation on a limb. in addition, this limb gives  :-fate on grace checks unless properly balanced by some method.

:pulse Combat Integration +20 Sc, Requires Combat Ready Limb Augmentation

(Gives +1/+1/+2 damage to all attacks made with the fist, as if it were effected by the Enlarged weapon enhancement, and were wielded by two hands)


:tome Augment: Second-Stage Pneumatics (35 Sc)
Don't worry Union member! Your damaged form need not stay idle and away from the mines,  with a bit of extra scrip, you can get a better pair! the earth is like loose sand before your mighty hands, and with our very own pressure regulation system, you'll be the one to make sure the next cart full of soulstones is a FULL one!

This upgrade gives a  :+fate to all non-attack might flips, Including during Dramatic Time. 
:pulse Streamlined Integration 0Sc, Requires Combat Ready Limb Augmentation
(This model gains  :+fate to it's damage flip from fist attacks, as if it had the pneumatic weapon characteristic)
:pulse Re-enforced Joints +20Sc,
(This model Gains a  :+fate on it's attack flip with a  :melee weapon, Weapon may break or shatter if not custom made to be weilded as such)


:tome Augment: Pneumatic Hammer (20 Sc)
The union has your back when it comes to your employment! After all, why carry bulky equipment like a rail hammer or pick when you can simply use your newly acquired prosthesis? just a quick flip from the hand and presto, you're on the job with all the tools you need! YOU!

This model extends it's unarmed  :melee by one yard. in addition this limb may be used in substitution for a Rail Hammer or Pickaxe.
:pulse Gift from the Steamworkers (Special, must know the worker making the limb)
(The limb becomes illegal if modifications are noticed or otherwise rectified. User gains 0/0/+1 to damage, and  :+fate to the damage flip as if effected by the folded steel weapon modification)

:crow Augment: Knuckledraggers (25 Sc)
we both know why you're here. they don't make'em like this anymore. after all, this baby is a symbol of power, and while it's a part of ya, Ain't nobody gonna mess with you.

This model extends it's reach,  :melee range, and the  :melee range of all weapons it weilds by 1 yard. This upgrade gives an additional Augmentation to the limb, and does not count towards the total number of augmentation on a limb. in addition, this limb gives   :-fate on grace checks unless properly balanced by some method. activities with the modified limb become awkward until sufficiently retrained. This modification will immediately attract the eye and ire of guild authorities if noticed. 

:ram Augment: Tax Stamp (100 Sc)

Hmm... I can make it happen
The limb is inspected (sometimes with little regard to the protcol of passing, though such discression may cost extra), and given the full endorsement of the guild with a visible stamp of approval. said stamp may be renewed in visibility or re-applied for a 1Sc charge. this augment does not count towards the total number of augments for the limb




And there we go. more is sure to come (once I get some rest of course) but for now, here are my initial thoughts on what can be done to add more options to the limbs of malifaux. on the off chance someone has an idea and would for what ever reason want me to stat said idea, post it and I'll give it my best shot

Until then, may all your craziest metal dreams come true.

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Do the rules taken into account the added weight and there for bulky nature of this argumentation be hard on the persons body. I feel adding larger then normal arms would be hindrance to the fighter and could even break the spine ribs and put enormous amounts of strain on the augmented.

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Do the rules taken into account the added weight and there for bulky nature of this argumentation be hard on the persons body. I feel adding larger then normal arms would be hindrance to the fighter and could even break the spine ribs and put enormous amounts of strain on the augmented.

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I assume for this you're talking about both limb "enlargements" as far as hindrance, that's primarily what the grace checks are for (which I'm considering alternate penalties for, negative flips to grace all the time seems a tad harsh though) . while the weight would be an issue in a more realistic sense, from what I've seen so would the weight from more standard pneumatic limbs, along the same parameters. i'd assume some degree of bracing would be added to prevent spinal problems, though I'd imagine they'd pop up over the course of years/decades, not the relatively short "Career" of most melee fated I've seen.

as far as hindrance during a potential fight, the primary issue would be maintaining proper balance with the upwards shift in momentum, though that would become muscle memory in due time. once they've adapted to balance, the system of enlarged limbs would be powerful enough to propel themselves as swiftly as a normal limb would, so similar motions would still be possible.

otherwise, I have a few ideas for prostetics/augments lined up that would come to think of it, address the issue to a degree. they'll probably end up in a near-future post

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The stars have aligned under a foul moon, and I'm watching log horizon again. it's time for another post.


First, a clarification to something from the above post, and something I can't believe I missed, I actually forgot something on the Pneumatic Hammer

(on the pneumatic hammer)

:pulse  Spike Divet (10Sc)

Gain the following trigger on your attacks:

:ram  :mask  Pin: After damaging, the effected model can't move until the end of the round


The Rail workers were actually the ones that inspired the hammer in the first place, seeing as they have a martial arts (5) damage track, but a longer range than normal. now, while I don't bely that as the end all/be all of the situation, it's good to "Draw inspiration from nature" as it were (and it were pretentious) I've always seem the best way to do things in something adaptive is to look towards the source material for ideas, everything from theme to lore can inspire mechanics.


with that speil out of the way, it's time for some augments
(I'm still using the key from the first post)


:ram Augment: Belaying Limb (15 Sc)

Are you the type to find yourself in PRECARIOUS situations again and again? Need to QUICKLY SCALE the most TOWERING PEAKS? our new KNOT-RESISTANT braided wire cable only ties itself into loops when YOU want it to! you'll be ON TOP OF THE WOLD in no time!

This limb contains a coil of braided metal wire, which can be used for multiple purposes. Often this limb carries a grappling spur which can be thrown or placed to prevent a fatal fall. Otherwise, the cord may be tied around a thrown weapon without penalty. The cord has a total length of 30 yards, and can retracted by 10 yards with 1AP. As it has internal motors, this arm must be serviced as at a cost of 4sc per month.

:pulse  Snap Piston (5 Sc)
once per dramatic time, this cord (and anything attached to it) may be retracted it’s entire length for a (0) action
:pulse Whip extention (10 Sc)
The first 4 yards of this whip counts as a Custom whip with the Folded steel characteristic. Due to how it’s made, you cannot be disarmed using this whip.
:ram  :ram  :pulse  Grappling spear (25 Sc)
inspired by the guild’s own peacekeepers, the standard deployment mechanism for the belay is replaced with a speargun with the following profile;
Speargun Rg12 :ranged / Rst: Df /
the target suffers 2/4/6 damage and gains the Slow condition
:ram  Pull and Drag: after damaging, push the target 6 yards towards you
:crow  Maim:  generate a weak critical effect off the critical effects table


This weapon’s spear remains embedded in the target until otherwise withdrawn, which is automatic if desired.  Also, while 12 yards is the effective range of the weapon, it may still be used to grapple surfaces as before. Also, if you have the concealed weapon limb trait, the speargun (and up to 3 replacement spears) may be chosen as your hidden weapon, and may be deployed and fired with the same action

:mask  Augment: Bladed Vambrace 25 Sc

a TRUE GENTLEMAN is never without his TRUSTY WEAPON to not only defend himself, but the FINE LADY he's assured to be escorting if affluent enough to purchase one of our QUALITY PRODUCTS! 
The forearm of this prosthetic contains a strong retractable blade oriented for combat, which may be freely extended or retracted whenever this character preforms an action. This blade has a :melee range of two yards, and a 2/3/4 damage track, and you may use this weapon with either your melee or small arms skill.

:pulse  Reversible Track +10 Sc
This weapon’s blade may be deployed from the elbow as well as the wrist. Martial Arts attacks made using this limb gain :+fate  to the damage flip, and may damage on disengaging strikes

:pulse  Ballistic Deployment 20 Sc
This weapon’s blade is meant to be deployed through intense impact, enforced by a powder cartridge. When making a Pugilism attack, you may deploy the blade, this attack’s damage flip ignores Armor, Hard to Wound, and Hard to Kill, and automatically generates a Medium critical effect. Cartridges cost 1sc, and take 1AP to replace.


:tome Augment: Braced Leg 15 Sc
Ready to STAND UP TALL? want to stand still and alert, even wielding THE HEAVIEST TOOLS? want to have INSURANCE when your brain and body are telling you TWO DIFFERENT THINGS? use our revolutionary STILL-STANDIN' BRACE and you won't be moving from your spot any time soon
You may use 1 AP to deploy or reclaim one or more hidden piles or other such devices from your leg. You cannot be pushed, placed, or take a walk action, forced or otherwise while they are deployed

:pulse  Friekorps Alteration (Member 15, non-member 40)
you gain the following ability: Augmented Jump: The Fated ignores terrain and other blocking presences when moving during a Charge Action. The fated may declare a Charge Action when engaged.

:pulse  Combat Integration (Requires Combat-ready limb) 5 Sc
Martial arts attacks made with this limb may push the target up to 3 yards away from you

:pulse  Braced Joints (Requires a full limb, 20 Sc)
:-fate on grace checks imposed by other augments do not apply. This fated may carry an extra 20 lbs.


:mask  Prosthetic: Automated Eye (30 Sc)
This Prosthetic replaces the full function of an eye that had been previously lost, as well as replacing some of the skull around it to fit the housing. This Prosthetic may have (1?) augment.

:tome Augment: Stonefinder (20 Sc)
This augment allows the location of soulstones through up to 4 feet of solid rock, appearing as a dull glow to the augmented. Unless otherwise shielded against detection, this eye can distinguish soulstones up to ten yards away (when not encased in rock), including those powering other prosthetic limbs.

:pulse Precision tuning (10 Sc) 
The user can easily distinguish between the visual cues of charged and uncharged stones

:mask Augment: Polarized Lens (10 Sc)
Using new advancements in LENS GALVANIZATION and CHROMATIC ALTERATION, these lenses not only help you see past BLINDING GLARES, but they also let you pick the color of the eye you always wanted, perhaps a DISTINGUISHED BLUE to catch someone's gaze, or maybe a MYSTERIOUS HAZEL to keep them wondering. Even a WILD, TERRIFYING RED like the beasts of the night is available to you!

This augment allows the fated to ignore glare or blinding light and allows the eye to adjust instantly to a change in light conditions. The fated may also pick the color of the new eye.

:pulse  High Contrast Lens (15 Sc)

The fated can easily pick out small differences in color and ignores all :-fate  given by soft cover

(a great big high five to Wakshaani, you got to this before I did, I wanted to give some options you didn’t drop)

And with that, It looks like I’m off again. Forecast for next time? Depends, I’m either thinking some upgrades based on some certain factions from a certain base game, or some hilariously illegal stuff (and the only reason you’d ever be allowed to enter downtown Malifaux again after attaching them to yourself)

on the off-chance anyone is invested in seeing another particular post, drop any questions, comments, or suggestions and I’ll answer them ASAP

Until Then, May your Craziest Metal Dreams come true!

(Minor edit 1: Added actual text for augmented jump, adjusted to TTB)
(Minor edit 2: Added some style-guiding, and fixed one typo)
(Minor edit 3: Added the ability to remember to actually fix typos instead of saying I did. Blowout Update soon fellow stalker)

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It… is Time!

I’ve decided to add in a mod for each of the main factions from Malifaux, and give them something based on their faction. Also, I decided on trying a bit different presentation for you guys this time
(Note; 3hot5the forum: editions due to too "emotocons" (seeing as the mechanics symbols are technically emotocons) the aftermarket alteration tag has been changed to (+) for this post)


Welcome, welcome. Please take a seat, I know this kind of place can be off-putting at first, what with the mechanical limbs hanging about like some sort of meat market, but I assure you, it’s simply best to keep them on the… show floor as it were, this way all the parts I carry are in arms reach. The prospect of an interview made me wary at first, but once I realized you had nothing to do with the guild’s rags, I knew sharing my stories didn’t have to mean censoring myself at every opportunity. so, where to start then… ah yes, speaking of the guild…



Those lucky few of the guild guard who served alongside a guardian know what kind of strength they can bring to a patrol. The conversation eventually staggered down this very route every time I’ve spoken to one who had. Those still in service can truly be terrifying, knights of shining armor, they look ready to face down a charging bull at all times. But sadly, these glorious machines are starting to fall into disrepair from what I’ve heard. The guard’s solution vary, some turning to the aftermarket for repairs that requisitions can’t provide, others pursuing creations that bear a striking resemblance to the old guard. Some however, take it to another level entirely, taking up the arms of their former comrade, in the most literal sense possible.


:ram  :ram  Augment: Guardian Aegis (15+Special SS) (Special: this requires a contact in possession of such a limb, whose prices may vary to fatemaster discretion)

This augment may only be added to a full limb. This limb is paired with a kite shield, that has a special slot where it may be kept while not in use, and may be retrieved with a (0) action. While Wielding this shield, the fated gains the following trigger: (DF) :ram : Grinding Halt: For the remainder of this action, the fated gains the following condition: Armor +2


The guards take this quite seriously, it’s like being the next great torchbearer for the squad, men can hide behind guardians when overwhelmed, so in a way, you’re the next great bulwark of the squad. And some have even volunteered to take on experimental upgrades for just that purpose


(+) Wall of Iron Integration (20 Ss)
add +10 pounds to the weight of the paired shield. When you take the defensive stance action, you gain the following condition until your next activation: Armor +1


It’s truly one of those things that shows just how deep human respect for a machine can go, I once had a man who walked in with a guardian that couldn’t be worked over according to the mercantilers, both his natural arms functioning, saying he wanted one as a graft. I asked him in jest if he wanted me to cut off one of his working arms and he said yes! Of course I’m not going to cut off a man’s arm though, so low and behold, the man walked in not three hours later missing the arm he wanted replaced, apparently, he’d volunteered for a patrol mission in the quarantine zone, and gleefully practiced his shield bash until some unholy thing relieved him of his fleshy burden.


(+) Wall of Iron Articulation (20 Ss)

you gain the following attack, which may either use the pneumatics or small arms skill: Shield bash Rg 1 Melee/Res DF/ If you succeed, the target gains slow



It somewhat unsettles me to think of the quarantine. I know little to nothing of the inner machinations of the Resurrectionist mind, and the knowledge I have gleaned second through fourth-hand allows me to be comfortable with my ignorance in this one case. However my tenure as a Limb-smith in Malifaux has brought me more firsthand experience than I’d ever want in my life. the curious prosthesis that I have seen  from time to time could be little other  than a malign tool of these grave robbers, hydraulic pumps of curious, if not innovative design ending in wicked syringes, leaking unholy fluid, passing through my shop in need of repair. How they reach the front door I’ll never know, as I haven’t quite the courage to ask

:crow  Augment: Necrotic Injector (30ss)

This augment holds up to 10 samples of poisons. These samples may be restored by siphoning off of a virulent source, such as a corpse, poisonous plant, or bottles poison like formaldehyde. When making an unarmed attack, or while making an attempt to initiate or continue a grapple, the fated gain the following trigger :crow : Infection: Remove one sample from this limb, the target gains the Poison +1 condition for each :crow in the final duel total. The fated may take a (1) action give a weapon of their choice the same trigger until the end of turn. (To fatemaster’s discretion, this augment may be possibly certified as an embalmer's tool, either by legitimate channels or otherwise, though special papers would be in order to prevent arrest)


What disturbs me more is that there is obviously true genius in their ranks, I spoke of those pumps, there was one that didn’t even have any mechanical parts touching the fluid, just a flexible tube and a set of rollers that applied pressure, no friction would meet the liquid. I’ve squirreled away notes on the design, though I’d otherwise dread the day I was asked its origin where I’m not able to first explain myself


(+) Transfusion system (25ss) you may draw poison from friendly or otherwise disabled undead. In addition, you may freely give up to poison +5 to a single friendly undead, spending a number of samples equal to the poison given

their madness truly can be insidious it seems… I’d like this to be off the record, but I’ve found myself on occasion contemplating ways to improve the design, knowing both medicine and mechanics, though I banish the thought once I realize what I’ve been doing.


(+) Dripping with vitriol (20 SS) this modification may be purchased multiple times. This limb holds an additional 10 samples (5 with each purchase past the number of augments on the limb). In addition, weapons integrated into this limb gain the Infectious trigger automatically, with no need to spend an action.



Oxford is my alma mater if you could believe a man would be allowed into Malifaux with such an education, but thankfully, I didn’t quite take their infamous magics course… entirely. What little I did was all towards my actual degree is between physiology and engineering, specifically to the order of my occupation. What magic I did learn let me realize why a device like an indexer is necessary, the arcane is a mind warping practice that bends blurs the line between art and science, and requires a tool that can toe that line even when it’s near invisible it’s a tuning fork for magic itself, puzzling and beautiful


:tome Augment: Oxfordian Indexer (65ss)

Upon the creation of this limb, choose an Immuto. When the included Immuto is included in a spell which the limb is incorporated into (including but not limited to holding the grimoire, being used to prepare a ritual, or being cast through the limb) Add :tome to the casting flip of that spell.


Personally, I’ve heard that Viktor Ramos of all people has a special interest in the device, I can understand why, even outside a limb, it can be immensely useful for construct construction, despite being bulky to hold. From what I’ve read of his dissertation, there is a specific variant of the device he might find interesting 


(+) Gauss Amplifier (35 ss) If the chosen Immuto is the electric Immuto, spells that include it may be cast again if they succeed with +2 to the target number for each previous success, but only against targets with armor


But then again, given the composition of Malifaux, and the litany of things that go bump in the night, I could see other uses for such a device, especially when it comes the old exclamation, I believe it was “kill it with fire?”


(+) Pyretic engine (35 ss) If the chosen Immuto is the Fire Immuto, the first time this Immuto is added to a spell, that spell gives an additional burning +1




I’m asked every so often if I would repeat my decision to choose Malifaux as the location of my little shop, and even though I find myself situated in the nicer part of Malifaux city, even though my bank account has ballooned to ridiculous numbers, I still have a hard time settling on an answer. This is a world of nightmares, and I feel nowhere is safe from them. The Aethervox in my master chamber has blared to life on occasion, and I dare not scan for new stations, lest I hear the hellish whispers mixed into the static and while I’ve serviced many a disturbing limb… If you could close the record again…one of them… I’ll be blessed if it ever leaves my memory, but I fear those eldritch notes on its creation may never leave me


:crow  Stitched Replacement(20ss)
This limb has a sense of touch similar to a real limb, and feels as if it were a flesh and blood limb, in addition to having a similar profile. Attempts to hide this limb as normal limb gain :+fate  :+fate  and attempts to pick it out  as an artificial limb gain :-fate  should it’s true nature be revealed, the fated would be branded an outlaw unless the evidence was suppressed


It was unnatural… nightmarish… I could barely sleep for nights afterwards, it was like the arm of a doll, made with fabric, zippers and stuffing… it moved with no reason to do so


(+) Smuggling chambers (5 ss) the limb gains up to 10 pounds of hands-free carrying capacity. All items kept in the chambers are considered to be in contact with the fated


Twine moved like sinew, it had had fabric for muscles and thread for ligaments… I apologize. It’s foolish of me to ramble at such lengths.


(+) Enigmatic function (15 ss) Criticals that effect this limb have to flip twice, and take the result of the flip of the Fated’s choice



To change the subject, There’s plenty of reason for my wealth, Malifaux is a very brutal place, the kind of place where if you can afford it, you want to get your limb back before its absence costs you your life. From my downtown perch I see little of the day to day violence that goes on not even a stone’s throw from my building, but it’s not terribly uncommon that I get an indirect brush with it, all too often from mercenaries of note who want, If possible, a limb that will serve them just as well, if not better than their former extension, and for this, study and research conducted in Malifaux have refined the kind of limb capable of making someone as much of a killing machine as the weapon they wield.


:mask  Augment: Sharpshooter’s bracing (40 ss)
The first time each turn that the fated takes a focus action, they receive the Focused +2 condition from that action while wielding a firearm


It’s often said that you can’t purchase self-improvement, and I suppose in many ways that’s still true, unfortunately for many, I personally make a point to prove that praxis false as soon as science allows. Currently, I’ve been working on a gyroscope that allows stabilization much in the same fashion that a professional sharpshooter braces their weapon


(+)  Balancing stabilizer (30 ss) as long as you haven’t taken a walk or charge action, and have taken the focus action at least once this turn, the focused condition does not end at end of turn.


Of course, I do realize that many times, discretion is the better part of bravery, but the fact is sometimes you can’t well run. And while it would be quite coffer-filling if my clients had no response for being cornered and had to come to my shop for repairs each time they were as some have done, I find it vastly more ethical and lucrative to give them options and have them come back alive to browse at their leisure myself


(+) Emergency Pikeman Piston (15 ss) if the focus condition is spent on a bayonet attack, the damage flip for that attack gains :+fate



As much as I seem to woe my place in Malifaux city, for the terrifying encounters it’s brought me,  I wish to make something perfectly clear. even if I was honestly offered the position of governor general of Malifaux, with the full backing of the guild and M&SU, on the sole condition that I spend a day in the wilderness, much less the bayou, I would use my training in physiology to tell the nice man offering the exact technique as to how, where, and with what expediency to shove said offer. I guess it really is a testament to the human species that our stock can survive in such a god-forsaken place, but when a gangly man hobbled into my office with a book of scrip in his hand, and asked me to service possibly the strangest looking artificial limb I’d seen in my life, I realized deep within the bayou, the final secret of innovation lies dormant, the ability to make something that should by no means function do exactly what it shouldn’t.


:mask  Piecemeal Limb (30 sc)
The wielder of this limb gains the following attack, counted as a natural or pneumatic attack
(1) Stabby bits Rng  1 :melee /Rst: DF/ the target suffers 1/3/4 damage
:crow  kinda rusty: after damaging, the target gains the Poison +1 condition

the fated also gains the following ability:
(0)Wait, that doohickey does what?(Ca 5/TN 12)

Until end of turn, the fated’s “Stabby bits” attack becomes “Shooty bits”, replacing it’s ranged with 12 :ranged


I offered him one of our newest braces, top of the line with blued steel and engravings, and still he turned it down, he was dead set on keeping the rust-bucket attached to his body, I was surprised the man didn’t have tetanus to begin with, or maybe he’d developed an immunity


(+)  extra rusty (0sc) the fated gains :crow to their stabby bits attack, but takes -1 on their first endurance test of the day


The most I could coax out of him is that some swamp dweller named “sparks” gave the limb to him on the order of some unknown third party. Then again, he could have very well been lying, after all, what parent in their right mind would name their child sparks?


(+) extra shooty (10 ss) the TN of “wait, that doohickey does what?” becomes 9, and the moderate and severe damage gain  :blast

(Ten Thunders)


I part with a tale of intrigue, you can choose not to believe, but I’ll always know the truth of what happened. A little while ago, a young gentleman who seemed  a perfectly normal man of means outside of his monolithic stature, came for my services. He wanted a checkup on the roots of his prostesis, something I was surprised he didn’t know how to do himself considering the lengths we conversed on the subject of his limb, even noting that we’d attended the same college. When his greatcoat came off for the prep-work though, a hitch of unease crept into his voice as I began to notice…curiosities. His undershirt had the faintest scent of poppies, his breath still had a particular spice to it though his teeth were fastidiously cleaned, and the ornamentation on his limbs, while beyond immaculate, had the unmistakable flare of the orient. He offered apologies to attempt to placate me, but when I could finally see flesh meeting metal, I saw that his artificial limbs weren’t the only part of his body ornamented. We reached a queer deal, I would stay silent regarding the peculiar association his body art implied, as long as he would allow me to look over his maddeningly intricate limbs. I won’t lie, memories of that day still drive me to invent. Every piece was a puzzle, from the identity of the silken figure on his back, to the maddening efficiency of the gears that tweaked every small part of his limb. However, I have recreated one small piece of that puzzle, and if you find yourself intrigued, you may just find yourself the opportunity to take a piece of my story home with you…


:crow   Augment: Lady Misaki’s gift (30ss)
(Special: You may not purchase this upgrade unless you have spent 25Sc+ gilding this limb, and have a connection to either a capable limb-maker, or the ten thunders)

Your arm gains a thin, retractable, razor sharp blade, which self-applies a powerful neurotoxin.  While this limb is illegal if the modification were to be discovered, the limb must be fully disassembled to do so, the blade slit seamlessly merged into the gilding. When deployed, you may use the following attack with either small arms, pneumatics, pugilism, or martial arts:

Sting of the sparrow wasp Rg 1 :melee /Res: DF/ This attack deals 1/2/6 damage. If moderate damage is flipped, the target is slowed. If severe damage is flipped, the target is paralyzed. This attack gains :+fate  to the attack and damage flip

He was a skilled person in many ways. The limbs were of personal make, extremely dexterous, and capable of moving much like a natural human arm could, if it couldn’t be done in a superior fashion. Apparently as a child, he’d read plenty of books of journeys to the orient, and the fantastic treasures it contained, and had even found a manual or six so he could start to learn martial arts


(+) Fluid striking (10 sc) if martial arts or pugilism is used to attack, you may substitute the damage track and range of that skill (along with any bonuses you may have to that skill) for the damage track of sting of the sparrow wasp


It was clear to me that while this was the only part that he himself hadn’t designed, he had certainly made modifications to make it his own. our session ended, and without causing too much of a fuss, he thanked me, tipped quite handsomely, and disappeared as well as he could into the crowded streets of Malifaux city, just as every other customer I’ve ever served.

(+)  Steel Within Gold (0 ss, requires 35 ss of gilding on the limb) this augment does not count against the total amount on the limb


I thank you for the interview my friend, and until next time… payment? No need my dear boy, the increase in traffic this will bring will be more than sufficient. Now if you wouldn’t mind, I have a late appointment soon, and I’d like to scrub down before she arrives… one word of advice to your readers, if you have pneumatics in your limb, a lighter hammer is suggested, remember, you don’t need quite as much force anymore.

(up next, hilariously illegal augments, and after that, something that's been a long time coming, the clue is already in the thread~
(edit: fixed some minor spell/cap errors)

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Thanks a ton Ampers&nd! I really do try to put thought into my stuff, I'm pretty close to dropping the next installment of my derpy little collection of parts and services, and if there's anything you'd want to see, feel free to ask!

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Do the rules taken into account the added weight and there for bulky nature of this argumentation be hard on the persons body. I feel adding larger then normal arms would be hindrance to the fighter and could even break the spine ribs and put enormous amounts of strain on the augmented.


I'd say yes due to Multiple Combat Skills sidebar (p 119 Fated Almanac). You need to have both the pneumatic skill and the weapon skill within one of each other to use the higher of the two. Otherwise you must use the lowest skill rating, note not AV but rating.


Regarding the one customization per weapon. Yeah we get most other groups won't use it and we don't need people to agree with us. We just feel that some of the combinations that are attainable can then make items the focus of a character rather than the character.


We have also made a houserule that if you take the pneumatic weapon customization that as well as a :+fate you get to benefit from a single duel at Might or Speed 5. Basically that is all the 'pneumatics' kicking into overdrive for a single challenge. we came to this conclusion based on the fact folded steel and pneumatic gives the exact same bonus except if you take pneumatic you are paying more AND you require a second skill levelled up to within one of your primary combat skill for it to be effective.




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I’m going to cut myself off for this post. First, I wanted to say holy crap. Second thread to 1k views, making it the second most viewed thread on the forum. To whoever is reading this thread, and especially to any who may be including my content in your game (or even considering it) thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys are the single biggest reason this stuff isn’t rotting away in a notebook somewhere with limited reach. You guys are awesome, seriously. Now…

In the words of doctor weird,




So, I really enjoyed doing the writing for the last post, and in a way, I guess it also helped show the thought process that goes into my designs, so I suppose it’d be a pretty good idea to continue with that trend.


The topic of this little roundup is going to be the weird, existential, and flat out illegal things that you can stick onto your body with the wonderful, horrible world of the prosthetic sciences.


Because we’re dealing with highly illegal things, I’m going to add two brand new keys to the legend

:ram :ram :ram (or :ram ! if I end up overusing “smilies”) are prosthetics that are marked for the exclusive use of the guild unless otherwise noted, possession outside of their employment means landing in legal trouble. Think less litigation, more lady justice.


:crow :Crow (Or :crow !) means a limb that isn’t just illegal, but hilariously illegal. Expect the reaction of authorities to move from “you’re under arrest” to “shoot on sight”

I’m going to be adding these to the legend in the first post as well.


So, without further ado, it’s Storytime.


My Name is Adrian Walters. I’m 26 years old, I have a very high paying job in the guild, which I hate to death, as it probably will be the explicit reason for my untimely end.

Now, you’re probably wondering what exactly I do. I’m a detective under the department of amalgamation, and it’s my job to hunt down the worst cases. I thought I might be able to put my degree in engineering to better work repairing the sundry constructs of the guild, but unfortunately, my family’s legacy of detective work shoehorned… I mean promoted me to a position straight under Charles Hoffman himself, investigating breaches in the amalgamation charter. And they say nothing good ever happens in malifaux…


Now, my first case was a subject in the New Construction Zone. Supposedly the man in question had a pair of powder wars era arms, which are colloquially known to some as knuckledraggers. Some veterans have been allowed to keep them with proper permissions, but these were supposedly exhumed and modified. The gentleman wasn’t terribly hard to spot, what with prosthetics that could touch the ground standing. However, as opposed to the simple observation, I’d expected before calling the guards, my pursuit was noticed. His hands bent back unnaturally, a few terrifying mechanical shifts and pops sounded out, and a wicked looking sprang forth, still somewhat dirty with blood. In that exact moment I realized that by all means, while I was swimming in script, I was also horrifyingly underpaid


(For the Knuckedraggers)
:pulse:crow ! Mantis Blade (15 Sc)
The Fated has a hinged blade hidden in the forearm of their prosthetic limb that may be extended at will, that may be used as a natural weapon or with the small arms skill with the following profile
Mantis Blade rg 3 :melee / Res :Df/ This attack deals 2/4/6 damage, and can damage on disengaging strikes. If it does, you may push the target up to 3 yards towards the fated
:crow :crow Off with his head!: The target must discard a card or be killed instantly
(note, authorities will probably react in an actively hostile manner towards you while this modification is noticeable)


It was a short albeit unfortunately memorable chase, during which I dodged several reaping blows that carved the marketplace to bits, and would’ve assuredly taken my head If I hadn’t managed to dive shivering into a nearby patrol of guild guard Thankfully, they realized that the charging madman with arms like a praying mantis needed an immediate bullet dousing. And so, through the quick retrieval of the illegal augments and the fact that he was technically brought into custody, however deceased, meant my first job was finished by the book.


And so I was escorted along with the guard patrol back to the guild enclave, carrying the contraband with me the entire way. As fast as we could, we made our way back to downtown, and while I was personally still paranoid even as we wandered through the downtown city streets. Soon after however, we were joined by a presence that paradoxically absolved and increased my paranoia one hundred fold. A guild executioner and retinue had decided to join up with us to report to the enclave, the executioner’s maniac grin paired with his gore painted claws making me feel safe from anything but him.


:ram ! Augment: Rending Claws (45Sc)
The Fated’s Fingers are replaced with sharp, tearing claws, re-enforced to withstand torsion, granting them the following attack, counted as a Natural or Pneumatic attack
Machine Talons Rg 1 :Melee/ Rst: DF/ The target suffers 3/4/4 damage.


The power put into those claws were terrifying, meant to take a head in one blow without fail, though personally their size implicitly suggested to me that a human head wasn’t all they were meant to take


:pulse Executioner’s Claws (10 Sc, Requires Enlarged Limb Augmentation)
The range of the Fated’s Machine Talons attack is increased to 2 :melee and gains +1/+1/+2, as If effected by the enlarged weapon trait. The limb gains the [Powered] trait


Eventually our paths separated at the enclave, and it was only a short jaunt to the department where I was commended, rewarded, and promptly tossed ass over teakettle out the front door to pursue another target of the department. This time of course, I was to find someone with a rather over the top prosthesis. According to the Dossier, the man was supposedly so in violation of the charter, I wouldn’t even need to be told the model number of his augmentation which had been apparently lost to the record, only the saloon near the quarantine zone checkpoint that he frequented. This somewhat perturbed me, but alas, I had no choice but to pursue the target.


It was to my better judgement that I removed all guild insignia before entering the fine establishment known as the “Belching Gremlin” by the issuance of its liquor license, or as it’s sign proudly announced, BAR. The dying embers of a classic brawl were at least assuring me that despite the people quite literally beside themselves outside the saloon due to violent bifurcation, I would still be entering at the statistically lowest point of tension possible. And that’s when I saw him. Possibly the finest, most glorious refutation of Darwinian evolution I’d seen… ever.


Somewhere in this man’s life journey, at a point which I dare not even attempt to fathom, he had decided “yes, I would quite enjoy replacing my entire forearm with a gigantic sword”, a decision he then proceeded to follow through on


 :crow ! Augment: Living Weapon (20+Special)

The fated’s prosthetic forearm is replaced with a custom weapon, created using the custom weapons table from the fated almanac (the cost of which is incorporated into the final cost of the augmentation), with the exception that the weapon is always counted as properly wielded, EG an enlarged weapon that would normally require two hands to wield does not. The fated uses either the skill associated with the weapon or the pneumatics skill, whichever is lower.

Due to replacement of the forearm, the fated no longer has access to the use of the removed hand. This augment takes up two slots.


Thankfully, the arm was actually quite broken, a spoke of broken stool stuck between the pistons. Thanks to the intoxication of the gentleman the weapon was grafted to, I was able to escort him out of the bar for “repairs back at the shop”, paying his tab and I would also assume purchasing the silence of the bartender. Along the way to his unwitting incarceration, I actually had a somewhat jovial conversation, the man mentioning the various things he passed over for a graft, and for the first time that day, I felt lucky.


:pulse Those who Deal Death (20+Special)

The fated may replace his arm with any weapon properly procured, which is added to the cost of the limb. The fated receives  :-fate  to grace flips.


By the time the man realized he was under arrest, it was far too late, and he was drunkenly slurring and threatening to brandish some weapon that simply failed to work. Perhaps the shocked look of the desk clerk should have tipped me off to the expected success rate of my job. His hand delivery thankfully gave me a much needed break as he was processed, the time of which was well spent re-acquainting myself with my long lost friend the green fairy, her correspondence kept faithfully in my breast pocket. About a finger deep into my liquid relief, none other than Hoffman himself spirited me back to his office for a short meeting.


It’s extremely rude to stare, such is basic manners, especially at the equipment used to aid a crippled man, ultimately, I couldn’t help to do anything but. The way in which Hoffman’s prosthetics were absolutely staggering! Expertly made, expertly maintained, and fluid in motion, his body moved seemed to move as if he were using his flesh and blood limbs


:ram :ram Prosthetic: Backboiler (35 Sc)

This prosthetic is not one In the traditional sense of the word, rather, it is a minor pressure boiler powered by a soulstone, which also serves to function in keeping the spine straight. The hydraulic pressure can be used to activate prosthetics with the [Powered] Characteristic, and can also be used to reduce an action taken by a connected limb by 1 AP once per turn. If sufficiently damaged (hit directly by a severe critical or dealt damage accounting for more than half the fated’s wounds), a backboiler will explode, dealing 2/3/5 damage to everything in 3 :aura  yards


:ram ! Prosthetic: Full Brace (65 Sc) [Powered]

This prosthetic properly braces the entirety of the human body. The full brace, if properly installed, can replace the functionality of the spine, and reverse paralysis while the prosthetic is active. The full brace properly balances all other sponsoned prosthetics, removing all penalties imposed to grace checks. In addition, the fated also increases their carrying capacity by 20 pounds while the brace is active


I could easily see rivets where more copious bracing could easily be installed in certain spots along the course of the brace proper, he seemed to be remaining rather casual with his setup, seemingly, he had all the articulation he needed without further need for direct mechanical control.


:pulse Heavy Bracing (30 Sc)
the fated gains +2 wounds while wearing the brace, and gains Armor +1 if the condition isn’t otherwise being granted.


The meeting was somewhat terse in nature, and while I felt at first it may have been because of my open ogling of my direct superior’s prosthetics, but once more the actual subject matter was breached, I knew almost immediately that it was due to the seriousness of the situation.


I was to depart immediately with a specific target, disclosing my operation to nobody, and carrying no dossier. The subject had been spotted multiple times along the banks of river in the northern slums over the course of weeks, but nothing had been done due to the fact that no guard patrols had actually been able to find the figure. Once the suspect was apprehended, he was to be returned to Hoffman’s office directly. This was quite serious, to the point where I was offered a peacebringer pistol to take along with me. My collier army would serve me just as well, as the “combat experience” part of my job application may have been fudged entirely, which I quite intentionally failed to mention before departing.


I trawled along the riverfront for hours, the sound of steel scraping against cobblestone lingering in the air the whole time, always seeming a step behind me before I turned around. Each and every time the sound disappeared, leaving only my paranoia and the mist coming off the waters to keep me company. After some time, and a bit of unsettling experimentation, I realized there was more than paranoia contributing to my fear of the situation.


It started when I noticed the flash of sparks reflected off of the polished back of my brass lantern, conveniently stopping when I turned to see their source. Then, I took tests of pace; fifty paces, Stop, Nothing there. Forty paces, stop, nothing. After two-hundred agonizing paces, at which point it felt like Mephistopheles himself was breathing down my neck, I turned and drew my pistol to see yet more nothing. And so I did the only thing that made sense in that nonsensical situation, which was to fire freely into the open air


Which... cried out in pain?


Blood flowed from seemingly nothing before I saw a hellish creature before me fizzling into existence, it’s face gnarled and twisted, like a grotesque parody of human suffering, it’s body seeming to follow anatomy more as a suggestion than a guideline, and it’s arms… raw pressure tubes contained within a bony looking frame… It was like a child’s nightmare of an augmentation gone wrong.


 :crow ! Augment: stripped-iron limb(30 Sc)

When this limb is created, choose a physical aspect. The fated’s trait in that aspect is negative, they may take a wound during the dramatic time to make the aspect count as positive for a flip. If the aspect is positive, the fated may take a wound to gain a positive flip on a duel.


It was unsettling, he was bleeding like they were freshly added, I nearly lost my Composition, Sanity, and afternoon snack in one fell swoop, somehow retaining all three long enough to notice what seemed to be secondary actuators and torsion springs below the surface that had no business being there.


:pulse Body mimicry (20 Sc)

When the fated suffers a wound from an outside source, they may count that wound as the one needed to activate the stripped-iron limb


And somehow, my threats and intimidation…worked.


I cuffed those nightmarish limbs together, but somehow, the mists betrayed me. As we approached the enclave, the nightmarish visage of the figure slowly shifted into that of a well-to-do gentleman, but that still failed to change the fact that his limbs were quite illegal unfortunately though, my suggested route was blocked by none other than the governor general’s secretary.


My jaw nearly dropped to the floor. As much as I wanted to heed Hoffman’s orders, the man standing in front of me was still one of the highest ranking members of the guild. Apparently, the man in my custody had a special summons to a disciplinary hearing. I couldn’t tell how, but checking the ...thing's pocket, he had papers that matched the name on the summons, so I had no choice but to do so.


My visit with Hoffman wasn’t colored by rage as I expected, merely disappointment. He took me up to the dining hall for some coffee, speaking of the kind of justice that often got served in malifaux. And as we walked by the main entrance, the same man I'd brought in was leaving, his grotesque arms sporting one notable addition


:ram ! Augment: Certifications (500 Sc)

The limb sports both an official guild crest, and a set of papers. This means that the proper channels have been passed through, danced around, or thoroughly manipulated to the point where the limb is officially approved by the guild. The limb is officially certified, and as long as the crest is displayed clearly, is visibly legal, no matter how actually it actually is, the law has spoken in this regard.


This does not count towards the total number of augments on the limb.


That was what Hoffman wanted to prevent. The real justice of the guild, not meted out by proper enforcers, but doled out selectively in its own interest, a petty cabal of ram-horned tyrants. I continued the job, but it was different from that point. I trained with my pistol, I now hunt my targets less like a detective and more like a predator, if I don’t deal justice myself, there's no guarantee it will ever catch up to them.


If there is ever going to be a difference In Malifaux, I have to be that difference myself.

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Through the steam is out, and I’m psyched beyond anything else for it to arrive at my Favorite local game store. Everything I’ve heard about it makes me want it more. I have no immediate idea how the unique items work, but for now, I’m going to put a bit of a spin on how I think it would work, since to a degree, This fits hand in hand with the design of the item. So please, if it seems like I’m kind of going slantwise into how these things actually work (unique items, the augmented class, ect) , I apologize in advance. Oh, and new update in the Key


Otherwise, back to the Homebrewing!


So, to tell the truth, this is one of my formative ideas when it comes to prosthetics, as evidenced by me mentioning it before I really even started making the homebrews. I had the idea that in the more advanced stages, a sufficiently advanced prosthetic would essentially be a construct, grafted onto the fated, possibly blurring the line between man and machine. You could end up a human swiss army knife, with more functionality by yourself than a man with a pack full of tools and weapons, or you could end up a raging beast of flesh and metal. It’s hard to tell for many what will happen when you merge your flesh with a steam powered construct. But for one man…




I used to be a pit fighter.


I used to be a damn good pit fighter too, too many fights to remember. I survived enough fights for my name to be well known. I won enough for my last name not to matter.


 I used to hear it all the time. “Caine? Like the aristocrats? Like the engineer that went missing?” Like I care. All they know me as now is “Carter Caine, The Speeding Train” I want it that way. They don’t ask, I don’t answer.


I used to be some 16:1 in a dirty arena in the slums. Then, I was fighting in clubs that smelled like opium and odds that made it look like a death sentence for my opponents. Then, I hit the big time. The New construction zone.  I was up against names like Bishop.


Before my first match though, I was stopped In the street by a union head. He knew I could fight, and he wanted that kind of muscle behind his crew. What was in it for me was more money than I’d seen in one place for most of my life, More than enough to get me into the sewers.


We had to transport a crate. I Wasn’t supposed to know what was in it. other people sure as hell did though, it was like half of malifaux was down in that sewer trying to get to it. I was given some Iron gloves, The guy called em’ Cestii. I call them miracles.


I pushed through the sewers as the spearhead, I saw zombies, Guild, things that damn well shouldn’t be. I introduced them to my right hook, and only half of them were alive to meet my left cross.


But then, I met my match. We walked into a cistern, and It was sunny. The ceiling had some sort of opening. Anything could be in there, and what was…


I was face to face with one of those big Nephilim. The kind that look like Lucifer himself.


It was a hell of a fight. I took a wing, it took my arm. I cracked it’s skull, it took the other. So, running on adrenaline, I did all that I could, and we went head to head, and it fell into the whirlpool before it took my head with it, though my face got a nasty scar thanks to that toxic blood.


We had a field medic, and he did just enough to keep me stumbling up to the other end of the deal. They didn’t have another point like me, but they didn’t fight anything that needed one.


God knows where we emerged. It looked like a mine crossed with a construction yard. There were Unionists and Wizards running around like mice in a cage, and Victor Ramos, in all of his tawdry glory, sitting at the entrance to the place with some metal covered goons.


Blood loss Isn’t kind to your brain. Neither is a concussion, and I had a mean case of both. All I recall was calling him a bastard, though I think I said basset hound, and spitting on his boots before passing out on them.


I woke up in a hospital bed, and mister grey and pointy was holding what looked like a glass chunk the size of a kitchen knife, some reddish-yellow light flickering around in the center.


“Ah, You’re awake” he said in the way you only hear when you’ve come an hour behind schedule. “I was informed by mister Gallo of your… exploits.”


“So you know why I don’t have arms then…” I was spitting words out, my head still felt like it was on a carrousel


“I also know that you’re the sole reason I received my shipment on time… if at all” Ramos flicked that shard about like he was practicing his knife tricks. “It cost you dearly… but you… you were chosen to be in the union for your strength, but your drive… it may be the greatest asset we could have acquired… one we could improve with the right… resources”


He brought the shard down on the table. Hard. enough to embed itself in it, and while it stayed upright, smoke started to rise up from under it. no wonder he couldn’t seem to hold on to it for half a second.


“Mister Caine, If you’re willing to come under a union salary, I’d see it fit to expend the resources to help you join as a perfectly functional member”


I wanted to say no then. I wanted to punch him out, but no arms and no stable legs to speak of means I couldn’t even walk out on the snake. “I’m listening.”


He threw his head back and laughed.  “Very well. In a moment, a nurse will come in and give you a sedative. And while you’re out, your wounds are plenty raw enough to be operated on. You’ll be given a heavily functional set of limbs along with a special addition. You brought me so many soulstones mister Caine, I can afford to give one up in the name of science, No matter how unique”


The next thing I remember, I was in yet another bed, but something was… off. I could feel a weight on my back, and I could feel my arms again, though they felt much bigger. Ramos was back, sipping some fizzy wine or another, and greeted me with some enthusiasm


“Ah, mister Crane, so glad to see you awake once more. Your prostetics are top of the line. They can be easily replaced by a skilled technician with some more moderate fare… but you may never want to when you try it out”


Once my recovery period started… he was right.


My new limbs were huge, but they moved like lightning. Why my old hands could crack, these could splinter. But what was on my back made it something else, and Ramos was right. I didn’t want my new toys off any time soon.


My arms were lightning, but my back was fire. It was a part of me, plain and simple. It did what I thought I could never do with these arms, what I thought a machine couldn’t do. It took my anger, and turned it into force.


They say that’s the property of a soulstone, it becomes a part of you, and it can make you a part of something else. At first I thought it was just some coal burning behind my back to give me fuel, but I found so much more. It was like a whole, complex system of muscles, and I was a baby again, learning how to use them. And oh boy did I.


I can break stone. I can rend steel. As Flesh and bone? I barely notice anymore. But it’s so much more than that. I can come alive in flame, spit steam like some iron dragon… no, in so many ways, I’m a speeding train myself


I used to be a pit fighter


Now I’m so much more




:tome:tome Unique Prostetic: The Living Engine (Special)


This is less of a prosthetic and more of a work of art, akin to a miniaturized version of a Rail Golem. Using a unique soulstone attuned with the individual, this boiler can channel fire, both figurative and literal, into function, empowering any limbs it’s attached to. It’s complexity makes it too complex to gain from a select few, and it’s high cost of resources makes it unlikely to be pair for upfront, usually a complex favor by way of a mechanical visionary like Ramos, or Mei Feng, or perhaps some other Savant, lurking in the shadows


This prosthetic is technically a highly advanced backboiler, allowing it to activate limbs with the [Powered] Characteristic. Unlike the Backboiler however, this prosthetic only serves to be more powerful as more experience is gained with it.


This prosthetic may be advanced like a pursuit


Step 1: The Fire Stone, Steam-Powered
Step 2: A Heart like Fire, Steamworks
Step 3: One with the stone, Locomotion
Step 4: Boiling Blood, True Machine


The Fire Stone: A unique enchantment to a mundane soulstone, or a truly special stone must be used in this boiler to truly get it going, leading to a net benefit for the wearer. The fated does not resolve the burning condition at the end of turn,  and Cannot be damaged by the Burning condition. Over a long periods of time, the pressure may become uncomfortable for the fated as they actively perceive the engine to be a part of their body. As such, the fated receives :-fate for each burning above +2 kept for over two hours, and burning +1 hourly up to that amount if the boiler is kept fueled


Steam Powered:  The Living Engine can be attached to any number of different prostetics, though by most designs, it’s integrated into the arms by default, to take pressure off the rib cage. Any attached with an Ability reliant on hydraulics may be refilled for a 1 action, and by reducing the Burning condition by 1.


A Heart Like Fire: The fated has trained well, and the wall between anger and flame is going up in smoke. The fated gains the following Defensive trigger: :rams : Fiery Determination: Increase the fated’s Burning Condition by +1 In adition, the fated may Carry up to Burning +3 without incurring penalties


Steamworks: The fated is learning how to control all the small bits and pieces of their new mechanical extentions, and a few tricks come to the forefront:


The fated may reduce their burning condition by 2 to use the following tactical action
(1) Vent Steam (Ca 5/TN 10 :tome ) the fated is surrounded by a cloud of steam extending for :aura 4 yards, or :aura Six yards if indoors Ca and Sh actions targeting allies in this cloud gain :-fate


One With the Stone: The fated’s soul has become intimately bonded with the stone. Because of this, their emotions fuel the stone more strongly. At the beginning of every turn during the dramatic time, the fated gains the following condition: Burning+1. In addition, the fated may carry up to burning +4 without incurring penalties


Locomotion: The fated has been able to truly connect with their equipment and find not only power, but drive as well. The fated gains the following action

(0) Locomotion (Ca5/TN 11 :tome)
Reduce the Burning condition by 1, The fated may make a Walk or a (1) Attack Action with a limb attached to The Living Engine
:tome:tome Express line: After that action resolves, you may cast Locomotion again


Boiling Blood:
The fated is becoming more and more affected by the stone with every passing day, but as their temperament shrinks, their power only serves to grow. The fated’s Ca becomes 7 tome when using abilities granted by the Living Engine. The fated may also reduce the burning condition by 1 for an action to gain an additional suit of the fated’s choice. Additionally, the fated gains the following abilities and triggers:


(1)Scalding Breath (Ca7 :tome/Resist DF/Rg 3 yards) Reduce the burning condition by 1. Target suffers 2/2 :blast/4 :blast:blast damage
:tome It Burns! Opponents damaged by scalding breath gain the Burning +1 Condition


(0) Open Vents: (Ca7 :tome /TN 8) Remove the burning condition. everything but the fated within :pulse 4 yards take damage equal to half the amount of the burning condition removed this way
:tome Linger In the Air: You may cast the Vent Steam ability without reducing the burning condition


You gain the following Trigger on the Vent Steam ability:


:tome:tome Superhot: All enemies within cloud gain the following condition: Burning +1


True Machine: The fated has gained abilities from the living engine that would horrify many. The fated gains the following trigger to all MI attacks made by attached limbs:


:ram:mask Onslaught: After Damaging, you may make this attack again, declaring no triggers


(So, this one was a bit more involved, and is my first prosthesis of it’s kind. So; questions, comments, whatever you’d want, feel free to say it. but otherwise,)


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Sorry for the non-post, but the homebrew for the next augment is basically all but done.

with this comes an uncomfortable problem though. the story might be seen as being in slightly... bad taste given recent events.

i re-read over it, (I'd finished the story near the beginning of the month) and I don't think this is the best time to release it, since the events might hit a sore spot for some people, and I'd like to be as respectful as possible.

Now, I have two options from here, and I'm considering both

on the one hand, I may drop in the augment on it's own, and just edit in the story later

on the other, I might just drop a thread I've been pondering for quite a while.

Either way, I'd like to thank people for putting up with me for all this time. we'll be back to regularly scheduled programming soon.

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I finally got to page through a copy of Into the steam, and I’m honestly really impressed at all the options offered! I was worried that my original stuff was going to be broken and/or overpowered, but it seems like it may have ended up falling neatly in line (albeit enlarged limbs w/combat integration and crushers would be incredibly silly). While I don’t yet own it yet seeing as I just started on a new job much earlier today at the time of writing, it’ll be a bit before I can afford it. if there’s going to be any editing to my earlier posts, it’s going to be dealing with number of slots taken.


Also, as a side note, my brief glance through the gamin/golem section made me fist pump, I had always thought there was a link between the two and it was awesome to have it somewhat confirmed. Now I can’t stop wondering what a fire golem would look like. Or a wind golem for that matter


To a degree, what I’ve been writing may also fit that same design model, the different unique augments I’ve been thinking of have been aligning suspiciously well with the Immuto, I’m sitting on about a dozen and most would take minor to no tweaking to make them directly related. While the last was fire themed, This one (spoilers!) is definitely lightning themed.


Indexing them also made me realize that I haven’t made one for the legs yet. I should get on that! I mean, fated lose legs too, don’t they? They deserve crazy homebrewed things too. Speaking of which, I’m probably going to try doing a few more non-arm focused prosthetics next update, to give people a break from my recent rhythm of wall of text followed by advanced pursuit


Last part I swear before we get to the wall of text, I’m going to be updating the formatting slightly, since the backboiler was its own thing, all future unique limbs, this one included, will list the augments on it to give the FM a vague understanding of the possible pricingI 

(I said I'd be posting it at the end of the month, and I totally would have posted it yesterday had I not been out most of the day, Enjoy!)

The Athervox crackled heavily in the corner of the dusty saloon, the establishment’s various patrons glancing over as the sound of movement could be heard behind the music. the jaunty tunes came to an abrupt end, a gruff male voice being cleared in the uneasy quiet of the signal.


“Attention citizens of Malifaux city, a storm front is rolling in from the west. Telegraphs from the areas affected warn that it is going to be exceptionally bad, with torrential rain, lightning strikes, and gale force winds. Residents are advised to stay indoors until the storm has passed, and not to go out unless absolutely necessary”


There was more than a bit of grumbling, and many of the barstools quickly found themselves abandoned in favor of a relatively uneventful passing before the storm hit in full, it's dark grey clouds evident on the horizon.


As the storm rolled closer even more prepared to weather it. shutters were being closed tight against the windows across the city, yet three patrons still remained in the bar, their table filled with cards, liquor, and ash from cigars, hanging in two mouths


“I’ll raise three scrip.” An aging man with gray hair as wiry as his frame tossed three chips of painted clay. their reflection was caught on his thick rimmed glasses, perched atop a thin but hooked nose.


“Somebody’s confident tonight Carver” his compatriot spoke with a thick Brooklyn accent, twirling a chip between his fingers, his hand of cards laying folded under the opposite palm. He was much younger and in far better spirits, scanning the almost empty building as he moved to take a sip of his gin and tonic


“Well Jack, Considering our plans for the evening, we all better be” the third man at the table was grinning widely, thick lips and strong nose curled up into a snide expression. “I’ll match”


“Oh shut it Tobias, unless our guest shows up pretty soon, we’re just gonna be sitting here all night” Jack snapped back, taking a rough bite of his sandwich that didn't impede him from continuing. “I’d say playin’ cards , but you two fools seem to be committed to going broke” He played his hand, a full house. “Now pay up chumps”


Carver chuckled weakly. “Get that ahead of yourself on the job boy and you’ll get dead real quick-like” Jack scowled when he saw the new cards. Four of a kind. Granted, in a low number, but it was still winning


“Be patient man, Granny said good things come to those who wait, and she’s never been wrong” Tobias gingerly tossed his hand onto the table. A royal flush, in the one suit it could’ve been given jack’s cards. The rogue would have accused Tobias of cheating if he hadn’t stacked the deck himself.


Before a single chip could be claimed though, a heavily covered figure burst through the door. It was obvious his identity was meant to be concealed, to the point where the only visible skin on his entire frame was a small sliver in the gap between his goggles and balaclava. “Sorry for being late. We spent just a bit more time than I thought on the ritual. Check the horizon by the way, it's already paying off in spades.”


“You always seem to have an excuse” Carver stood, looking across the table with palpable annoyance, glancing through the figure more than at him. “So mister Oxford man, what makes you think you’re behind this weather pattern?”


”I studied Arcane theory, not meteorology, but last time I heard about this storm it was headed west, and it was going to hit us in three weeks, if at all. Now it’s knocking on our doorstep after catching a tailwind. That’s most certainly not natural” the mage bragged, kicking back in his freshly claimed chair


“So what troy? You talk like you know when it’s gonna rain, so spit it out already man” the mage visibly flinched. Liaisons were supposed to remain otherwise anonymous from their contacts due to the clandestine nature of operations.


“By, if not before sundown” the mage briefly pulled down his hood to scratch at his hair, which had been bleached pure white by the energy flowing through him. “How’d you know it was me Toby?”


“Even if I hadn’t heard you out in the hall with your buddies before you sat in my chair, I can hear the buzzing your amplifier makes. We're not going to be very stealthy going in unless the plan is to impersonate a swarm of angry bees. How’s that indexer working out for you by the way?”


“Just fine Tobias, in fact, I think it may be what helped me get that storm cloud here tonight. I ask for a bit of help trying to be stealthy and there it is” the mage took off both gloves, a metal hand scratching one made of flesh and blood, the motion exposing a glimpse of the Gauss Amplifier's protective glass casing from under the academic's sleeve. “Losing an arm may have even been a good thing”


“If you’re worried about noise, there’s no need. A storm this heavy is going to be covering up most of the racket we’ll be making” Jack spoke eloquently, in a way that cast no doubt on just how familiar he was with subject “So, just what mischief are we up to tonight”


Troy pulled out a roll of parchment from his coat, clearing the table before laying it bare across the surface.

“this is a map of the new banquet hall scheduled to open tonight. In celebration, a bunch of bigwigs from the guild decided to throw some self-aggrandizing function in it. Now, I don’t think I need to mention that they know just how many toes they’re stepping on. They're setting foot in the common man’s territory, they just don't care."


The agents around the table all nodded. “Now, we’ve got a nice little route. We’ve bribed one guard, and have a window of opportunity to get inside. And I think you know what we’re supposed to do when we’re there of course” Troy trailed off, glancing towards Tobias without a visible gesture, merely a knowledge of his history.


“Send a polite little reminder to these stuffed shirts what happens when they trample over the workers of Malifaux, in the only language those sociopaths understand” Tobias grinned wickedly, glancing to Jack and Carver. Both couldn't help but answer in unison.




Four figures, masked and cloaked, surged through the ink black streets of the New Construction Zone. The gaslights unable to keep their flame in such high winds, but with its utter dominance of the area’s skyline, the Velvet Hare was impossibly easy to navigate to. Even by way of the back streets, it's arrogant glow show like a beacon to guide the self important home. for those who wondered if they belonged, it bristled with the kind of defenses that would drive away the curious on sight. A parade of opulent carriages were parked and lashed down outside, the horses quartered in the nearby stables.


Yet all it took was the presence of one guard, his had cocked curiously to one side, and those figures slipped in without a sign of their presence, still dripping wet from the absolute torrent outside. The interior still had guards, but they were much thinner in number, and quite easily dispatched with a simple strike from jack, leaving a breadcrumb trail of corpses. It was the only evidence that they cared to leave of their entrance route, the rest washing away with the rain.


The cadre relaxed once they hit the main narthex of the cathedral to decadence they’d entered. only wait staff and some fashionably late guests meandered about the gilded space, the former looking absolutely exhausted from dealing with people who believed their finery was more valuable than another’s life.


Tobias pondered the lack of security, eventually hitching onto a convenient train of thought. There was no need for ugly weapons in this inner sanctum; those were merely tools of hired muscle. Those allowed to pass had no need of protection from one another, only the rabble outside. That train of thought pushed him forward, faster than before. Their breather had finally ended. The time for the dramatic entrance Had arived.


it was as beautifully synchronized as troy had imagined it could be.


Tobias and Jack both violently kicked open one of the double doors, causing a cacophony that turned the head of most everyone In the room. A warning shot from one of carver’s pistols served to both silence them and grab their attention. In this new atmosphere of shock, Troy’s calm approach to the edge of the railing felt more like Caesar approaching his parapet so he could address the legion. His singular regret in the moment was that he couldn’t slip into the room early and convince the now-silent chamber orchestra to play an imposing march.


“Attention you fat, plutocrat pigs, wallowing in all the shiny filth money can buy. We Represent the common man, who has observed patiently your vitriol and disregard for them, and vehemently rejected it. You are currently indulging your hedonism in the wrong place” The trio flanked troy in the natural pause of speech. Even if he hadn’t learned to project his voice through magic, the oxfordian’s singular elective of drama paid off in this moment.


“You sit in the cradle of progress, build by the workers, for the workers. Not for the entitled sycophants who feel they work ever so hard, but those who risk their lives to see their visions made. We have come to deliver a message. You are not welcome, and we are here to escort you out” silence filled the air amongst a sea of disgusted and offended faces


As a final, dramatic punctuation, the mage electrified the handrails, sending showers of sparks in all directions. The operation was coming together perfectly. They commanded attention, demanded Ire, and now all they needed to do was sow terror. Finally, they were getting to the easy part


It took only a few seconds before the screaming started. Stemware was balistically plucked from tables and even the hands of those too awestruck to put down their drinks. debilitating slashes swept out from one particular phantom, who seemed to produce blades from thin air. The instructions were simple, cause as much mayhem and destruction inside the halls as possible. Make them feel unsafe, but do nothing that would bring too much scrutiny, or too long of an investigation.


Once everyone was inside, it was far easy to notice the opulence on display in the hall. There was a clear, conscious effort put forth by the proprietors to make the guests feel at home as they would in downtown. Fine statuary complimented expensive champagne, all put on display from private collections, many of their curators now watching in horror as their losses flew higher by the second.


Tobias however, noticed something as they rampaged through the overturned furniture and panicking bourgeoisie. Every single electric light in the room was hooked up to a single rock, a soulstone, visibly pulsing with energy. It was clear as a glassy pond, small rifts of electricity cutting tiny fractals through it, only for them to be healed a moment later. In a whole room of expensive tastes, this was supposed to be the centerpiece of the galleria.


For a moment, a wonderful fantasy flashed through Tobias’ head. He saw his grandmother, sitting in a big oak rocking chair holding the deed to her old master’s plantation. His younger brothers and sisters were there, growing up free from worry. They were never hungry or bored, and certainly never afraid of angry bigots looking for a scapegoat. That one object had enough value to do all of that and more. it made him sick... no... it made him envious.


It was only coincidental that that as he reached the stone, the group was in dire need of a distraction. A ballroom-sized riot can only persist so long before attracting attention. Currently, a small militia was occupying the space on the stairs they’d been atop moments earlier, guns drawn and ready.


Without even thinking, Tobias quickly wrenched the stone out of the mechanism, every light shutting off with a disappointing fizzle. In the ensuing commotion, each of them managed to retrace their steps and make a quick exit. a rousing success, but with a complication.


At no point could Tobias justify letting go of the stone, even though everything in his brain told him to drop it. As they ran outside, his arm began to go numb. the stone’s native charge began to snake it's way up his bones, the chilling rain doing nothing to distract from the disquieting sensation. There was also no use in turning around and trying to put it back. The fleeing Arcanists could already hear the barking of dogs behind them as the alarms rose over the din of the weather. One disaster after another it seemed.


If there was anything close to a consolidation, the storm had gotten vastly worse, and sideways rain wasn’t conducive to following anyone. However, one concern replaced another in due time. The lightning rods above the alleys seemed to arc and scream with energy now, like it was drawn to a source. the storm seemed like it was hunting for some predestined  path of least resistance, and only when the arm of Tobias’ coat had completely soaked through did the limbsmith realize he was carrying it.


It was impossible to describe how loud it really was, being struck by lightning, it was deafening before utter silence, Tobias thinking he had gone deaf. His arm was gone, vaporized, an instant of agony before total numbness. If troy was chewing him out as he helped him back to his feet, he certainly couldn’t hear it. he found himself fading in and out of consciousness before finally passing out on what seemed like a dry floor


When he finally came to, Tobias glanced around the room. The storm was still going on, audible in the basement he was clearly in. The fact that he could hear at all was a welcome enough surprise. In the haze of consciousness, he noticed troy was in the same room. the mage wore naught but his undershirt and pants, studying the stone. he raised his voice the moment he noticed any sort of rousing.


“Don’t bother trying to move. You lost too much blood yesterday to even consider it."  yesterday?  Tobias pondered just how long he'd been out. The view through the small window was black as pitch, that much was obvious even with his vision blurred. he wasn't going to know the time of day unless he was told.


“I’d really love to pretend I’m totally at fault here, because I am in some ways. I think my plan for the ritual might have anchored the storm to this stone unintentionally. The more I look at this thing, the more I realize the stone in my arm was probably cut clean when they were shaping this one”


Tobias tried to shift in his bed, but the support he would need from a second arm in his weakened state simply wasn't there.


“I told you not to move” Troy snipped back angrily. “I told you not to do a lot of things. You probably shouldn’t even be alive right now, but Carver patched you up. Moving around carelessly means you’ll waste even more effort by re-opening those wounds”


Tobias felt guilt for the first time in a quite a while They were probably in a Safehouse somewhere, meaning jack and carver were cooped upstairs. The engineer wanted to do so many things, ask how they were doing, explain his motivations, but the mage spoke before he could even settle on where to start.


“Why? Why do this Tobias? What the hell made you think taking a stone like this was a good idea you absolute dumbass” Troy got out of the chair, pacing around the room. “I thought you were supposed to be some kind of genius or something. What, did you expect to sell this? The only people who would be buying are the people you stole this thing from”


He looked like he wanted to speak further, but stopped as all the pieces fell into place, his clenched teeth turned to a soft scowl. “Well you can’t. A stone like this is too valuable to sell for script, maybe even to the guild. The theft is all over the papers though, same line from each newsboy. “Donar’s tooth stolen in violent raid.” Not even the thunders would buy this right now, and there’s no such thing as a good place to store it. you had a nice idea Tobias, if the value of this stone meant more than a big number on paper, you could set anyone up for life. And their kin too."


As Troy continued, Tobias started to ponder. “You weren’t the only one to screw up hard. We all did. Jack got stab-happy, and Carver had to clear a path so we could leave… even I ended up frying some guards so we could make a clean exit. We left a disgustingly high body count. The only upside is nobody caught who we were. Right now though?  everyone in town can identify this rock on sight” the mage held it out in mock admiration.


“We can’t just haul this thing around with us. I think the guard patrols are even starting to check bags now. I'd argue they wouldn't even matter, considering what this thing is liable to do.  I don’t think you have any bright ideas with a brain half-full of morphine Toby, but if you do, feel free to interrupt me” Troy was being sarcastic, but Tobias took the kind of chance one can only really take while under the influence of a particularly mind-altering substance.


“Then put it in something they can’t open, like a limb” Tobias slurred through a chemical haze.


The idea took a moment to float in the air, waiting to coagulate in the minds of both subjects. Their faces shifted seamlessly between inquisitive and confused.


“What kind of limb would you even put it in?” Troy countered, comparing the thickness to his own prosthetic.


“Custom job. It’d have to be engineered to fit, but it’d never need dust to operate”


“And who would make that limb pray tell?” the mage was almost getting sarcastic


“Me. Not having a right arm isn’t a problem when you’re left handed”


“it is in fact a huge problem when you’re any handed, it comes with this thing called using two hands”


Tobias could only smirk.


“One” he pointed gently to his own shoulder.


“Two” this time he pointed to Troy’s left hand


“Three” and again to his right.


“Looks like I’ve got three hands is somebody is willing to help me, more If you have bodies to bring along”


“Again. Magic degree. Not engineering” Troy scowled


“You can learn on the fly, lord knows I did” Tobias jabbed, chuckling under his breath


“We’d need a doctor if you’d want this monstrosity on you” The Oxfordian had a point, but Tobias wasn’t going to lose his stride.


“Carver. He patched me up well enough for me to survive”


“He’s more of a field medic, you’d be doing the patchwork if it were anyone else in your position” the mage was right, but the limbsmith was not to be dissuaded


“So? He’s competent, so he can do it if he’s guided along”


“And just who would be guiding him along, you? We can’t let anyone else know about this” Troy’s artificial fingers tightened around the stone


“Remember how I said I could guide someone else dead drunk?” Tobias began to chuckle, breaking into a full laugh. “If I can’t feel a missing arm right now, I can handle a little surgical pain”


There were a few moments of stunned silence. Words began to form, but dropped out silent, half formed with the slack of the mage’s job. After a few moments of non-opposition, Tobias continued eagerly.


“All I need for him to do is shove a Mabel screw into me, and I can finish the augment in two days with help. Maybe faster with a few trips to CS and L”


“You’re serious” Troy knew he was. Tobias didn’t think that much about his jokes, but needed the confirmation


“As I’ll ever be, Got any questions?” even if he’d just flashed that signature grin of his, he wouldn’t have even needed to answer. It took more than a few moments to get a handle on such an utterly insane plan, but the mage had a realization.


“What do we do with the storm? I’m not sure if we can dismiss it from the stone. The two metaphorically want to become one. That’s the reason you don’t have an arm, and I don’t think you want to have lightning striking your prosthesis every minute”


Tobais pondered for a moment. There was a possibility he didn’t really think about. The energy of the stone had the potential of not just being able to power a limb, but to overpower it. this power source undoubtedly had the ability to break down the core functions of what could be a very sensitive device. Screw an arm, this rock could probably fuel a peacekeeper and have energy to spare…


“Spare energy…” Tobias said barely above a whisper, looking over to Troy. “Do you think you could get one buddy who could keep his mouth shut?”


“What the hell are you talking about?” the mage seemed bemused at thoughts disconnected from an outsider’s perspective.


“We put the storm in the stone” Tobias pointed to the window, then the stone


“put the stone in the limb” an action he chose to represent by pantomiming putting something into a box and shutting it,


 “and put the limb on the asshole who got us into this mess” the limbsmith lackadaisically pointed to himself “Then, we make sure I can dream up a mechanism that lets me burn off excess charge”


Troy took more than a little bit of time to try and counter this argument, but came back to the same basic fact. They were in a shitty situation. But, if this all ended up blowing over as much as it could, they might even be praised for the audacity of their little display. Of course, not rewarded outside of the pre-arranged compensation, but their success would be noted.


“give me some time to get a glass jar big enough to hold the rock. I don’t feel like turning into you... well, turning into you twice.”


The journey back to Tobias’ shop was a long and tense one. To their knowledge there were no living witnesses to him losing the arm, but they wouldn’t take the chance of the question being breached. The sleeve of a fresh shirt was stuffed with rags, the limbsmith holding the false arm defiantly across his chest. The posse made it to their destination with minimal hassle, but Carver made a long, unhappy sigh laying his eyes upon what would soon become his workspace.


“This damn place gives me the chills toby, how the hell can you work here? It’s like I walked into the office of some kinda mechanical necromancer” the veteran looked about, tracing his hand along the clean, polished metal of an operating tray


“Don’t let the guild catch me saying this, but I may as well be. My job is basically to breathe life into cold, dead metal” Tobias quipped back. “Now, get ready, because I’m going to be giving you a crash course in appendage resurrection”


The days that followed centered heavily on shopping. First, Jack headed to the little kingdom for as much opium as he could get his hands on, then a quick stop at an apothecary to procure everything else involved in making morphine. Carver meanwhile rented a room at a nearby Inn, leaving a loop of wire inside meant for Troy and his friend James. They used to finish a quick and dirty incantation, splicing it to the ground wire of the building’s lightning rod while he worked on the surgery. The moment Tobias was sober enough to walk, he made the trip to a nearby general store, and bought two bottles of apology bourbon (with a shiny new temporary limb) to make up for the various insults he’d slung at his attending surgeon. It was downright pleasant to see the first sunny day in quite some time... and the shorted out lighting rod at the Glassholst hotel that let it happen.


The next two days were defined by several scrambles to patronize Leveticus, a small bribe to a scrapyard attendant, and eventually, with great relief, the sinking of Donar’s tooth deep into the confines of its final fittings. The room breathed a collective sigh of relaxation when they finally, the expected short didn't occur.


The arm was something beyond anything Tobias had ever seen in his life, much less made. Specialized steel covered with non-conductive paint, heavily reinforced elbow fittings to hide the maze of wires that flowed through them, four neat lines of induction coils on the forearm, and a three by three square on the shoulder.


“Well Tobias? You want to try your new toy on for size?” Troy looked over to the limbsmith, who seemed like he was both anticipating and dreading that action simultaneously as he undid the clasps to remove his current arm.


With a single shot of Dutch courage, Tobias moved to attach the limb. When the kilovolts to the heart he honestly expected weren’t delivered, he finished the installation, flexing his new hand.


“So how does it feel, being able to hold onto a storm?” Tobias took a bit of mental effort, and activated one of the limb’s mechanism. arcs of lightning crackled between the fingers of his hand. Troy only smirked. “it took me years to learn to do that, and you just get to play Zeus after a two weeks in man hours. No fair”


Tobias' Cheshire grin returned, clenching his fists and turning down the current before swinging his head over to the mages. “Try and hit me with bolt, I want to try something” they looked at each other, before turning back to him with concerned expressions.


“I get that you want to try your new toy and all, but with James here, It’s going to be more severe” Troy spoke with a definite hint of worry in his tone.


“On three then, so I’m expecting it. One” Tobias flexed his arm, glancing over to the workbench as he prepared, the mages both concentrating on their magic.


“Two” There was a grounding rig on that bench they’d been using when making sure the electrical components worked. It was still hooked up. The air began to smell faintly of ozone


“Three!” The actions were almost too fast to follow, but those paying attention were awestruck. The spell rushed towards Tobias, but it danced along his hand, almost as if he’d caught it in the air. The current flowed effortlessly from his hand to the coils on his forearm. He then made a sharp jabbing motion towards the grounding rig, the charge releasing itself, and returning to the earth. An ethereal circuit, completed in the space of a single breath.


Everyone paused in shocked silence and stared at toby’s fingertips, still gently crackling with lingering energy, including the limbsmith himself.


“Do you think you could do that regularly?” James spoke for what felt like the first time in hours, still glancing over the path the spell had taken in disbelief


“If I can do it on the first time, I can do it every time” Tobias nodded. The Oxfordians shared a particular look before either responded.


“Then there’s somebody who we think you should meet. Her name is Toni, and I think you two would get along very well”


“I’ve heard of her” Tobias shot a look of consternation look at Troy, who immediately realized how he could’ve been misconstrued.


“Not like that man, you know I’m not that kind of person. You’re both smart, and you’re both great fighters. she like cards as much as you do, and if you don’t mind me saying, you’re both stubborn as mules.”


Tobias laughed “Sounds like my kind of girl”


“She’d uppercut you through the roof if she knew you ever said that” James blurted out


The statement only served to widen his lips. “Sounds exactly like my kind of girl”


After two weeks, the search for donar’s tooth had ended. Tobias even humored an absolutely fruitless search. He didn’t even mind the slur spewing guards that did it, they could call him dumb all they wanted, as far as he cared It served them right that they couldn’t even find a rock five feet away from their face.


Finally, the call came that Tobias had been dreaming about. He was assigned to scouting mission. While he was supposed to be recording patrol patterns, all he could think about was how much better his family earthside would be living. As the sun set and he waited to be debriefed, he saw clouds in the distance and smirked, glancing down to his right hand. raw lightning danced across it, bent to his will.


“Attention, Citizens of Malifaux city, a storm front is rolling in, and it’s going to be exceptionally bad for anyone standing in my way”


:tome:tome Unique Prostetic: Cumulonimbus


(Prostetic: Clockwork Full Limb)




Combat-Ready Limb (Knuckle Plating)
Enlarged Limb
Oxfordian Indexer (Gauss Amplifier)
Unique Components [2]
(Free slot))


Using a uniquely attuned soulstone, this Prosthesis holds an entire lightning storm inside it’s somewhat bulky frame, and uses it to generate every possible advantage such a situation could bring. This limb has the capabilities to turn the person it’s attached to into one of the Gods of yore, throwing bolts of lightning to smite their foes. Such power, obviously, is not something widely available.


This prosthetic fully replaces one arm, and is quite often as strong as the former limb that it replaces, and will become even more useful as experience is gained with it


This Prosthetic may be advanced like a pursuit


Step 1: Galvanic Grip, Jacob’s Ladder
Step 2: Magnetic Grip
Step 3: Galvanic Mastery


Galvanic Grip:


The hand of the fated can easily channel electricity, and toss it with great accuracy. the fated is capable of powering nearly device that would require electricity, and putting any conductive substance under current. The fated gain the following attack:


Hammer of Storms: (Ca 6 :tome / Resist DF / Rg 2 yards :melee or 10 yards ) The target suffers 2/4/6 damage, which cannot be reduced by armor


:tome:tome Overcharge: The fated may cast this spell again, declaring no triggers


In addition, any melee attack made with a metal weapon wielded by the fated (including the fist of the Cumulonimbus) gains the following trigger


:tome Arc strike: this attack ignores armor


Jacob’s Ladder:


Cumulonimbus’ attunement to electricity gives it a rarely seen ability in the magical world, the ability to extend the range of a spell through a magical catalyst. Any friendly spell within sufficient range with the electric immuto may choose to target the fated. If it does, that spell may re-draw it’s range from the fated, with an additional :tome added to it’s casting value, which may cause the spell to succeed if it otherwise wouldn’t.




The fated has mastered the electromagnetic components of their augmentation, and with it, gain further insight into the capabilities of their augmentation


The fated gains the following attack action


(0): Magnetism (Ca8 :tome/Resist DF/Rg 10 yards) target construct suffers 2 damage ignoring armor, then the fated pushes six yards towards the target


It must also be noted that due to the advanced nature of cumulonimbus, this attack may target a non-living object if it is conductive and sufficiently heavy, and would move the fated towards the target, possibly even in countenance to gravity.


The fated also gains the following tactical action:


(1): Arc weld (Ca 6 :tome /TN: 12 :tome /range 2 yards ) Target construct heals 2/3/4 damage


Galvanic Mastery:


The fated has in truly synchronized with their new limb, and they can feel the strength of the storm within them. For all spells or abilities incorporating the electric immuto (including some attacks within fatemaster discretion)targeting the fated, the caster must perform an opposed tenacity vs tenacity duel with the fated. if the fated wins this duel, they may gain control of the spell or ability and choose new targets, including the original caster.


The fated gains the following defensive trigger


:tome :Under current: After damaging, the attacker suffers 2 wounds, ignoring armor


The Casting Value of the fated’s Hammer of Storms ability becomes 7 :tome and gains the following trigger


:crow:tome Smells like Ozone: After succeeding, the target is paralyzed


The casting value of the fated’s Arc Weld ability becomes 7 :tome and gains the following trigger:


:ram:tome strong weld: The healing flip gains :+fate


The range of the fated’s Magnetism ability increases to 16 yards, and gains the following trigger:


:tome:mask Galvanic Warping: After Succeeding, the target gains the following condition until end of turn: Warped Metal +1: Reduce this character’s defense by 1


(once again, I'd like to thank everyone, just in general this time. I'm putting the finishing touches on a new post in Wierdos, and will be making a new inaugural post in a thread soon.)

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If you see the thread comin', better step aside
A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't a-get you
Then the left one will

You write thirty-eight posts, what do you get
Another year older and deeper in debt
Oh Mason don't you call me 'cause I can't go
I owe my soul to the through the breach fo(rum)

this post is going to mark the first anniversary of this little thread, and normally, I’d have a few words, some crazy speech or something planned out, but in this case, I just want to write a shortish, to the point blurb. I’ll even put it under a spoiler this time.

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This thread, my time on this forum has been an absolute adventure. I really don’t know how to play Malifaux all that well despite apparently forcing some very close games. I’ve loved the setting, it’s why I played the game despite not winning a game since my first.

But through the breach has let me explore the setting, see the life and times of the peoples of Malifaux, and really feel like I’m interacting with the awesome world Wyrd has made, and that we all get to visit in some tiny capacity.

But really, I want to thank each and every person who had a part in making this thread the repository of crazy that is. First, big thanks to every single person at Wyrd for making this setting and this game what it is. I want to thank all the people who take time out of their day to look at this dumb little thread for whatever reason. I want to thank everyone who includes this stuff in their games, because it me smile to think I made someone else’s TTB experience just a bit more awesome, I’d like to thank the whole community for providing the first place I felt comfortable enough posting my writing for public consumption, and I’d like to thank you, the person reading this.

It’s because you’re here that I am, ready to take on another day and flip some cards. Thank you for reading through this for whatever reason you are. The word count for my main homebrew document as of writing the number is 27,131 words, and I can’t wait to double that number, or even more if the fates allow.

This has been quite the experience, and has given me quite a bit of experience.

Thank you very much


Yadda yadda boring emotional stuff

On to homebrew!

This time, I did want to give myself a challenge, and make as few arm specific augments as humanly possible, since I’ve been somewhat neglecting the other limbs of the human body, and I didn’t quite find any sort of connecting theme, the legend is at the top of the thread, so we’re going kinda retro for this anniversary post, so

Cue the Lietmotif!

:ram Prosthetic: Mabel Jack (35Sc)

Are you a BUSY INDIVIDUAL who can’t be bothered to decide between STRENGTH, SWIFTNESS, OR SEX APPEAL? With the Mabel Jack, Like a DISTINGUISHED DUELIST you can have an ARM for ANY OCCASION!

Less of a prosthetic and more of a prosthetic enabler, the mabel screw is a specialized attachment system that allows prosthetics to be switched out with very high efficiency, even by unskilled users if needed, with no real functional difference to the use of the prosthetic. It allows the following Augment to be added to all prosthetic

:Rams Augment: Mabel Screw (15Sc)

This limb may be hooked up to a Mabel Jack at any time for a (3) AP action

:pulse Superior retrofittings (10Sc)

The Mabel screw does not count towards the number of augments on the limb

:ram  Prosthetic: Silvermoon Pickup (45Sc)

TIRED of TINNITUS? Has DEAFNESS been getting you DOWN? Don’t let your EAR ENNUI get to you! With our REVOLUTIONARY NEW DEVICE, you can HEAR with all the clarity of a HARE!

This prosthetic, looking something akin to a headphone with a crescent-pattern mic grill, replaces the functionality of an ear, with about the same decibel sensitivity as a normal ear with other similar sensitivities. a small mercury-filled ampule with a rudimentary sensor replacing the inner ear so the fated doesn’t suffer any ill effects

This Device may have up to two augments

:mask  Augment: Advanced Gyroscopes (20Sc)

Do YOU want to know WHICH WAY IS UP when FLIPPING THROUGH THE AIR? These revolutionary gyroscopes can help give you the BALANCE of an ACROBAT

This augment corrects the fated’s balance, and can stay stable even when thrown about. The fated gains  :+fate on any grace duels used to maintain balance. If an effect would knock the fated down, they are always able to catch themselves in a favorable position, and may right themselves more swiftly, or with a (0) action during the dramatic time. If the fated would right themselves as part of a movement, they subtract two yards from the final distance.

:mask  Augment: Sensitivity Slider(15 Sc)

Do you WISH you could TURN DOWN THE WORLD? Are those WHIPPERSNAPPERS too loud for your BRAND NEW EAR? Or do you want to hear a MOUSE BREATHING from ACROSS the ROOM? Either extreme is available to you!

The fated may turn the decibel sensitivity of their new ear up or down greatly. If the device is turned down, the fated may choose to ignore any ambient noise, especially if would cause loss of concentration. In addition, while the fated is close to deaf, they cannot be Deafened by a particularly loud noise.

If the fated turns the slider up, while even modest conversation nearby can become deafening, the fated can hear sounds as if they were up to a quarter of the distance away, and gain :+fate for any duels taken to notice sounds that would be otherwise obscured.

:tome Augment: Transceiver (25Sc)


This augment is what it says on the tin, a specialized Aethervox transceiver that feeds directly into the artificial ear. The transceiver is pre-set to union radio, but may be adjusted and deactivated non-invasively. Due to the average size of the equipment, this augment takes up two slots.

:pulse Newer AND Shinier (10Sc)
The augment now only takes up one slot.


:mask Augment: Launch Coil (50Sc)


During the dramatic time, the fated may activate their launch coil until the end of the round. If they do, the fated may push 2 yards in any direction after each walk action, and add an additional 4 yards of movement to their charge range.

This Augment takes up two slots

:pulse Paired equipment (20Sc+Special)

The fated may only take this modification if both legs have the Launch coil augment.

The Fated may push 3 yards after each move action, and may instead add 6 yards to their charge range

:pulse Combat integration (15Sc, Requires Combat Ready Limb augmentation)

Attacks made with this limb deal +1 damage while the launch coil is active, and may also take a walk action as a (0) action

:pulse Leaping Piston (25Sc)

The fated may activate the Launch coils an additional time before they must be recharged. When the fated Jumps, they may expend a use of the coils to jump up a number of yards up to double their movement. This jump may be vertical or in an arc, and ignores all impeding terrain if taken during a charge


:tome:tome Prosthetic: Steamborg Re-Trunking (90sc) [Powered]

YOU seem to be DEEPLY TROUBLED, and probably require URGENT CARE, preferably PSYCHOLOGICAL in nature. HOWEVER, you have sought a LIMBFITTER for this issue, and the answer is YES! He can in fact REPLACE your LOWER BODY with the GIANT METAL DEMON CRAB you’ve always wanted!

This prosthetic completely replaces the pelvis and below of the fated , giving them a quadrupedal stride that takes a good amount of time to become accustomed to, after which the fated ignores all penalties for moving through severe terrain, and gains +20 pounds of carrying capacity. This new part of the body allows seven augments.


:tome Augment: Integrated Boiler (30Sc)

Put a little FIRE in your BELLY! This new integrated steam system allows GREATER FLEXIBILITY in your AUGMENTATION OPTIONS

A slightly more compact version of the steam boiler normally worn on the back to power large pneumatic rigs, this is simply build into the prosthetic in question, disallowing it from powering any other limb, but providing more than enough for it to operate as a self-contained unit. This limb counts as being hooked up to a boiler for the [Powered] trait

:pulse Executioner Integration (10 Sc)

The fated’s machine talon attacks gain the following trigger

:rams Burning demise: After damaging, the target gains Burning+1 for each :rams in the final duel total

:pulse Brace Integration (10 Sc)

The fated may take the defensive stance action for (0), and without discarding any cards, and their carrying capacity is improved by another 20 pound

:pulse Steamborg Integration (10 Sc)

The fated Gains an additional AP at the start of each turn, which may only be spent on move actions


And that’s a wrap! It’s been one hell of a year, and I’m excited for yet another awesome year of Malifaux, TTB, and whatever else Wyrd decides to throw at us (I am incredibly psyched for the other side) And as always…

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Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this but you all seem to really know your stuff!

I'm about to embark on our first TTB adventure (outside Nythera) as Isobelle Windham-Moore, a tinkerer and inventor.  My aim is to be able to make all kinds of crazy gadgets for spellcasting and other skills (I iscounted the idea of Engineer as I wanted to be able to adjust spells on the fly).

The crux: How best to go about creating pneumatic limbs that DONT replace your current ones?  Think in terms of gloves, goggles, vambraces etc... but with a mytical pneumatic or clockwork element.  Is it even fair?  What sort of skills are we looking at?  I was thinking a combo of Artifacting and either Engineering or Blacksmithing - that way I have to make an investment in the right skills to be able to do what I want.  Our GM (the erswhile Swiglitz) is great about letting players (us) do what we like as long as it's not broken or over-powered.  My issue is translating my ideas into sensible game mechanics.

In terms of artifacts that have a very specific effect/spell I can hop over to the Engineer profession for the Invention talent, but I don't want to game the system.  It has to make sense for a fluff/character point of view.

Any ideas?  I'm open to everything!

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On 1/6/2016 at 6:59 AM, Vaiuri said:

Sorry if this is the wrong place to be asking this but you all seem to really know your stuff!

I'm about to embark on our first TTB adventure (outside Nythera) as Isobelle Windham-Moore, a tinkerer and inventor.  My aim is to be able to make all kinds of crazy gadgets for spellcasting and other skills (I iscounted the idea of Engineer as I wanted to be able to adjust spells on the fly).

The crux: How best to go about creating pneumatic limbs that DONT replace your current ones?  Think in terms of gloves, goggles, vambraces etc... but with a mytical pneumatic or clockwork element.  Is it even fair?  What sort of skills are we looking at?  I was thinking a combo of Artifacting and either Engineering or Blacksmithing - that way I have to make an investment in the right skills to be able to do what I want.  Our GM (the erswhile Swiglitz) is great about letting players (us) do what we like as long as it's not broken or over-powered.  My issue is translating my ideas into sensible game mechanics.

In terms of artifacts that have a very specific effect/spell I can hop over to the Engineer profession for the Invention talent, but I don't want to game the system.  It has to make sense for a fluff/character point of view.

Any ideas?  I'm open to everything!

I'm super sorry for taking so long to get back to you, I really should be faster about this kind of stuff. I hope i haven't delayed anything

And as far as the idea of creating limbs that don't replace your current set, I'd say you've got an awesome idea of what you're doing, but the first step is always to think of what you'd want it to do first, then how it accomplishes that function. I'd imagine it'd largely be the same stats that would go into creating a normal pneumatic/clockwork limb (which you listed). i'd say give some examples and I could probably talk about how I'd think it could be accomplished.

otherwise, if you'd want, I could probably come up with some quick homebrew stuff for adding augments to a limb overlay, gauntlet, or something similar to that, and post it here!

(And as a general thread aside, having read over the Into the Steam almost entirely now, i'm going to make yet another post later regarding the now expanded limb system, and what that means for this thread's content,and don't worry, it's not nearly as grim as that statement makes it out to be)

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We had our first session last night and I swiftly realised I'm gonna need more scrap!

But we think I'll be able to plan out a few items that will function like a pneumatic limb without replacing any actual ones. Some things I want to do are more like manifested powers, so they are up for debate (like goggles that let me see through walls or detect magic etc...). Once we hammer something out, I'll update.







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