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Revised Forum Rules and Moderation

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As our community grows and evolves so to these rules need to evolve with it. These rules also apply to the chat room.  In all cases the moderators are the sole arbiters of what crosses the line. 


Be nice,

Offensive, insulting or aggressive posts will not be tolerated. Nor will a repeated track record of being rude, unhelpful, disruptive, and dismissive of people. It's perfectly possible to disagree with someone and remain polite.


This community should be a safe space for all people to come together and enjoy the hobby. As such we will take a very hard line with users who make remarks which are; racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory on grounds of religion, depict sexual violence, or are otherwise grossly offensive.  Such actions will not be tolerated in this community.


No advertising,

These forums are not a place for third parties to advertise products and services to our members. It isn’t fair to our users to have products of unknown quality and legitimacy foisted on them here.  Naturally we’re still happy for our users to discuss parts of the hobby which are outside Wyrd’s line of products, that’s very welcome here, as is personal trading in the trading forum.   Users trying to advertise through these boards however will either be sanctioned (see below), or treated as spamming which will result in an immediate ban.


Be tidy,

Please try to post threads in the right parts of the forum and not post in very old threads. It helps us keep things easy to use for other users.


No playtest content,

You cannot, under any circumstances, share information that was covered under an NDA (regardless of whether you signed one). This includes the fact that you were a part of playtesting as well as any hints about upcoming material.


If you are deemed by the moderators to be causing problems on the forum, the moderators will take action;

1st warning - 7 day moderation

2nd warning - 30 day moderation

3rd warning - forum ban

Moderation means every post you make will be subject to approval by a moderator before it becomes visible. We reserve the right to increase penalties where necessary.
Please also remember the guidelines for answering rules questions, and the new rules for the trading forum
Thanks in advance.
- The Mod Team


UPDATED 31st May 2016

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I'd like to add in that our moderators are an excellent team and discuss most of the issues before taking action on them, both amongst themselves and sometimes with Wyrd staff. They have our full support in the actions they take.


Our goal is to have a forum that people feel comfortable asking questions, disagreeing, and having their own opinions. The forum rules are intended to allow us to arbitrate in a way that furthers the site to that goal. This update in particular is there to remind everyone to consider the language they use when posting.


Thanks all. We have a great community here; let's keep it that way.

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