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UKGT 2015 Dates

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Hi all


Happy to confirm that the dates for the 2015 UKGT will be 21st-22nd of November.  Event will be held at the same venue as this years


York Garrison Wargaming Club
The Folk Hall,
Hawthorn Terrace,
New Earswick,
YO32 4AQ


and tickets will go on sale sometime in the new year.  90 tickets will be for sale but we will be aiming for 100 folks.  Not sure on ticket price yet as we still need to go through final budgets.


I hope to see you all there.




  1. Ben Crowe - Defending Champion
  2. Jake Barlow - Golden Ticket #1
  3. Mark Elwood - Golden Ticket #2
  4. Maria Wieland - Golden Ticket #3
  5. Ant Hoult - Golden Ticket #4
  6. Graham Allington
  7. Bennett Morley
  8. Alastair Crowe
  9. Adam Perry
  10. David Hill
  11. Joe Wood
  12. Phil Hawtin
  13. Nathan Chenery
  14. Daryl Regan
  15. Peter Sidaway
  16. Ben Harris
  17. Joel Henry
  18. Graham Bursnell
  19. Ben Halford
  20. Brooks Martin
  21. Adam Hutchinson
  22. Claire Hearn
  23. Sam Batsford
  24. Jimmy Balderstone
  25. Rob Balmforth
  26. Josh Fletcher
  27. Scott Weldon
  28. Mark Shepherd
  29. Richard Preston
  30. Nick Ferrier
  31. Lee Walstow
  32. Andreas Frisch
  33. Aidan Kirk
  34. David Hamilton
  35. Joe Taylor
  36. Paul Campbell
  37. Tim Brown
  38. Michelle Dallas
  39. Craig Johnson
  40. Paul Butler
  41. Paul Hansell
  42. Nicholas Furze
  43. Connor Barker
  44. John Wharton
  45. Nate Zettle
  46. Aaron Bailey
  47. Ben Sime
  48. Jan Proudly
  49. Bradley Downing
  50. Stuart Snares
  51. David Brown
  52. Rob Smith
  53. Dom Westerland
  54. Conor Rooney
  55. Phillipa Tickner
  56. Joe Hadfield
  57. James Boots
  58. Durham_Red
  59. Garry Burgess
  60. Josh Leak
  61. Vaughan Langton
  62. Arran Jones
  63. Martin Jones
  64. Mike Hutchinson
  65. Paul Flory
  66. Paul Williamson
  67. Mike Taylor
  68. Jakab Sennett
  69. Adrian Mills
  70. Cy Dudley
  71. Greg Piskosz
  72. Mick Green
  73. Martin Wodehouse
  74. Luke Cocksedge
  75. James reeves
  76. David Payne
  77. David McGuire
  78. Jon Hill
  79. Will Malcolm
  80. Mark Byrne
  81. Bob McCullum
  82. Mike Marchel
  83. David Valente
  84. Martin Månson
  85. Elinore Rönning
  86. Johan Hofverberg
  87. Joakim Engström
  88. Pi Fröjd
  89. Bennie Lundmark
  90. Austin Capewell
  91. Conrad EJ Gonsalves Esq
  92. Graeme Nicholls
  93. Scott Porter
  94. Bruno Santos
  95. Chris Tomlin
  96. Chippy Rick
  97. Gareth Henry
  98. Mike Soar
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Tickets for this event will go on sale on Saturday 28th March.  There will be 80 tickets initially available and they will cost £40 per ticket.  As per 2014 this will include food on Saturday and Sunday along with the hall being available to us on the Saturday night for drinking and free gaming.  The event will be a 7 round tournament due to the numbers so make sure you are ready for the long haul :)

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I realise its Haul of Eggs that day but whenever I pick a date there will be someone saying 'oh thats so and so'   I will put them up probably at 9pm which should give folks a chance to get back from Haul of Eggs but before the younger members of our tribe go out on the Saturday evening drinks

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