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Terrain resource list

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I'll add my personal wish list as well so in case anyone hasn't seen these companies:




















Also keep an eye out on this site:




I invested in their kickstarter for their docks, bridges, buildings, crates, and mining carts. I plan using half for a soul stone mine and the other half for a city of malifaux theme. You can preview their future release in the kickstarter link below.



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One more that I didnt see listed;



It hasn't been updated in awhile however it is some pretty neat stuff and presents another method of "texturing" a table.


I also like this one as well though it is better suited to basing than a whole table;



It definitely helped me when I was trying to figure out how to base my Rasputina Crew.

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And some more (UK) terrain/accessory companies 

Blotz have a few unusual pieces http://blotz.co.uk/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=23

4Ground are great for carts & wagons, and their buildings are prepainted http://www.4ground.co.uk/

Sarissa Precission are big favorites of mine, but linked already

Ainsty make lots of resin parts including a mine http://ainstycastings.co.uk/index.php

Bandau are a Spanish company for mdf stuff http://www.banduawargames.com/en/287-bandua-wargames

More mdf terrain http://www.commission-figurines.co.uk/

Scenery supplies http://www.antenocitisworkshop.com/

Even more MDF terrain http://www.bendyboards.co.uk/

Parts for detailing http://www.cogotwo.com/war-gaming

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I'm not a fan of zuzzy actually - you have to paint it yourself (not a problem) and if you store it rolled up, the paint can have a tendency to crack when the mat flexes (big problem)

I have two Zuzzy mats stored rolled up with three home made mats.  That is not really an issue.  If you are using too much paint or store it in a real hot enviroment I can see that becoming an issue.  The biggest problem with Zuzzy is that it takes time (he works alone out of his garage) and the fact that he does not communicate well.   His products are top notch even if the customer service is lacking. 

Snitchy sends.

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I've been messing around with free  paper craft terrain recently for my Infinity games but have come across a fair amount of stuff which would be suitable for Malifaux. I've already posted links in another thread but thought I'd put some here too.


Papermau: http://papermau.blogspot.com.br/ has thousands of free paper models, many of which would be ideal for Malifaux but check the scale - they vary widely and some are much too small to be used for gaming pieces. 


The Grinning Skull: https://thegrinningskull.wordpress.com/resources/ plenty here too! lots of wild west and fantasy style stuff that could be great for Malifaux. 

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It's been on the back burner for a while but I've ordered myself some new terrain supplies so hopefully you'll be seeing some stuff from me pretty soon.

Might have a few more links for you as well, I'll be reviewing my resources as I go.


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Thanks Dhampir! Lots of good stuff there. Back when I was a wee nipper, cardstock was what you used for terrain, it used to come free in White Dwarf! Do you remember? I've been ignoring it for years but have re-discovered my enthusiasm for it recently. Free is always my favourite price, but failing that extremely cheap is also acceptable! On top of that, many of these cardstock paper terrain pieces can be stored flat if you used bluetack instead of glue to hold them together which is a big bonus if, like me you live in a matchbox! 

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Ha ha, I was never rich enough to buy into WarHammer when I was younger although I do still have my copy of White Dwarf that came with the box set of Space Marine (the now discontinued Epic Warhammer 40k stuff).


I use paper terrain glued to cardboard boxes (Huggies nappies boxes as they are in plentiful supply in our house). It can be folded flat but has a lot more strength.

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