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$100 budget to start


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Hey guys! I'm a wargaming veteran but brand new to malifaux. I've gotten a few demo games under my belt and have read most of the fluff, and am ready to start getting some models. I really like the eastern theme of TT, and really want to play Shenlong when he comes out. Keeping that in mind, I'm wondering what you guys would suggest my first purchases to be. I would like to have a master thats pretty easy to learn the game with, as well as have some starting models that would synergies with both my starting master and Senlong. Thanks!

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Welcome! :)




For some reason the forum software created a second version of this thread, I'm arbitrarily blaming that on Aaron.


I removed the other thread. I don't think anyone got chance to post in there before I deleted it but if you did post and it's vanished my bad.




As I'm an Arcanist, and know nothing about Ten Thunders, I'll leave you crazy ninjas to it. :)

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If you really like the eastern style, McCabe and Lynch might not really be your bag of tea?


I would go with either Misaki or Mei Feng. Both are pretty easy to learn and have very solid box sets. The Minions included synergize well enough with Shenlong, as they both play around with conditions and are rather independent.


Shenlong likes Thunder Archers or Samurai which offer some solid ranged support to both Misaki and Mei Feng and thus might be a further consideration. If you go the Mei Feng route, you might want some Metal Gamin or a Rail Golem, but they only work with her. If you go Misaki you might want Oiran and Yamaziko.


If you want to read into the models and their tactical applications, you might want to go HERE.

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Aaron's too busy ruining Through the Breach to keep an eye on the forums. ;)


As for the OP, Misaki doesn't require alot of support from her crew to do her thing, aside from perhaps draining your opponent's cards so you can Assassinate the crap out of them later in the turn. Basically that means you could go with just about anything with her.


Shenlong is a different case though. I've yet to play him, but from what I can gather he prefers to run with models who can take advantage of his ability to easilly hand out Focus and Defensive. As a general rule of thumb that means most of the traditional, single faction 10-Thunders models. So basically if they've been released and they're single faction 10-Thunders, they're probably a decent option for your future Shenlong crew. 

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Archers, Oiran, Thunder Archers, Samurai, Ten Thunders Brothers (only metal release), and Katanaka Snipers (not yet released). All these minion models benefit greatly from Shenlong's Knowing the Wind and Stone ability which allows models to take the Defensive and Focus Actions as a (0) action. They are all also all great for other masters so you have a wide range of choice.

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Well, to reiterate what others have said, Archers, Samurai, TT Brothers (metal), and Snipers (unreleased atm) are all solid models for any TT crew. As for a first purchase I would suggest the following (All prices are from the Wyrd Store) :

-Rulebook (Large $40 or Small $15)

-Fate Deck ($7 to $12 depending on type bought)

-Wave 1 ($8) & 2 ($9) Ten Thunders Arsenal Cards (contains all TT models, and Upgrades, some of which are only found in card format in these boxes)

-Starting Crew ($35 to $40, depending which you choose)

Going with the cheapest option of each and both decks of Arsenal cards that comes to $77 and leaves room to pick up another box of support pieces later on.

I would suggest deciding on a crew and playing a few games with said crew before you expand out from it. This is so you can get the rules for the game and the crew itself down, and figure out what you might want/need in the crew to fit your play style and help you achieve strategies and schemes (fast scheme runners, heavy hitters, support pieces, etc).

For Ten Thunders the current Masters and Crew Boxes are:

Misaki - The Thunder

Mei Feng - Rail Crew

Lucas McCabe - Relic Hunters

Yan Lo - Masters of the Path

Jakob Lynch - Dark Debts

Shen Long (Not Released)

Brewmaster (Not Released)

Read through the PullMyFinger Wiki, and the forums, about the various masters and decide which seems like a play style you'd enjoy. If possible, see if anyone locally has any of those crews that you could try out in a game or two prior to purchasing.

Best of luck to you, and Welcome to Malifaux. :D

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Awesome, you guys have been really helpful, thanks! I'll probably start with Misaki and some archers. The monks of low river are pretty cool, so I'll probably pick those up to paint eventually. Their lack of offense is kind of a turnoff as far as fielding them. How do they preform? Do you really ever need 3 monks or 3 archers?

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To be honest you rarely need three archers.  There cost is enough that taking 2 is an investment and taking three means you are dedicating pretty much half your crew to range.  The only time in my head I see taking three archers is for a a story encounter where you need to seriously wail on a single target to get all your VP.  Otherwise once they get tied up as a group it becomes hard to support all of them.  Not to mention the fact they are kind of fragile.


As for the Monks I could see taking 3 of them before, as properly set up they can be kind of distracting and can heal.  Not to mention they can help fulfill scheme objectives, but with the addition of Tengu now among the 10T I can see their roles being reduced a bit.  I know some people have split some of their models with another 10T player, trading archers, monks, Orian, and Samurai with each other.

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