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Hey folks,


I've been messing with this for a little while, and finally had chance to finish it up - a card creator for turning fated into M2E characters. It also works for making story encounter cards, of course.


So here's a character I played for a while, a wannabe death marshal who was raised by necromancers. He had a complicated relationship with the guild (and the remains of a teenage crush on Lady J...), but deciding to learn necromancy on his own to improve his chances of joining the death marshals was not his smartest idea.






The files are in this zip, as they're quite large. I should make it clear though, they aren't perfect copies of the real thing. This is deliberate, I'm making a resource for conversions from TtB and for fan made creations. Not for making copies of playable cards.




Anyway, hopefully it's useful for folks who want to play their TtB characters on the tabletop.

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Hopefully it's not too tricky, the layers should all be labelled clearly. Photos go on the back layer, where there's a black one currently, and show up through the hole in the background. The rest is just turn layers on and off as you need, and type into the text ones.

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There's a fonts discussion thread over here which may be of use:




Fonts available here: http://malifaux.nezumi.me.uk/
Inked God = Guild

Ringbearer = Arcanists

Blood Crow = Ressurectionists (additionally, I've also seen  Replay used in places)

Bleeding Cowboys = Neverborn

28 Days Later = Outcasts

Mandarin = Ten Thunders

Gremlins = ?

Puppets = Radar.One


Malifaux = Malifaux Rodent edition (R - rams; C - crows; M - masks; T - tomes; r - ranged; c - close combat (melee); b - blast; a - aura; p - pulse; + positive twist; - negative twist)


Body text is Calibri



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