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Vassal demos, anyone ...?

Nikko Andass

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Hey folks -- 


Is there anyone around willing to give a rank newb a Vassal demo or two? I have the app and the module installed, plus skype/teamspeak/ventrilo. Since I haven't finished up my first crew as of yet, I've still not played a physical game to date. However, I've read the rulebook and manual through cover to cover, and I've familiarized myself with the skills and abilities of the crew I'd be playing. I've also watched the last three Youtube vids "Voices of Mars" posted on his channel, with all the commentary and analysis from Mario, Alex, Mark and Joel. (*wave* if you guys post here on the forums  :D)


My schedule is fairly wide open, and I'd of course work around my instructor's schedule as needed. Anyone out there willing to help out? It would be much appreciated!  


- Nikko

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Your going to play against a person who clearly takes delight in crushing noobs. (Baby seal clubbing) :)

Wish I saw this earlier. Asrian is decent opponent. Hope it goes well.


I couldn't have asked for for a better teacher. Asrian was patient in the extreme, and went far and above the call of duty -- had lots of fun and learned a lot, too.  


It was a 30ss skirmish, McCabe's crew vs. Lilith's. We completed the first round, then played a partial "combat" round. We weren't able to finish the game (old men need their beauty sleep!), but I got to almost kill his Lilith with my McCabe.


Thanks again, asrian -- let's do it again soon!  :D


- N

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