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Lure in Outcasts crews


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1.5 Oiran (when they were introduced in the Storm of Shadows) had them as Ca 6 :crow  :mask , TN 12  :crow  :mask  for their lure. That's why I was wondering if it was originally a typo once they started updating for 2.0, or if it was a purposeful balance change. Honestly though, to me, it seems like a needless Cuddle, especially as they are the only Lure model I can think of that doesn't have the suit built in. For their cost, they wouldn't exactly be breaking the mold to have it built in normally, nor be overpowered. That's a personal assessment though.

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Not so much as mercs, but oiran do a lot of things very well aside from Lure, particularly in light of the new upgrade which boosts them for free. 


Another nice thing with their lure is that it at least has a high Ca so opponents will likely have to cheat before seeing if you cheat in a suit. 


But yeah, think of them less than just lure, and more as an overall support model and they're solid value. Performers are similar with a lower cast, less range, non-walk spell similar to lure (though push is better through dense terrain), but amazing overall support to a number of crews. I rarely use siren call, and performers are still amazing. 

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Not quite a Lure, but Ama No Zako has "Promising Whisper."  Depending on what you target, it can function as a Lure where needed.  

Against Constructs, Vanessa can use "Command Construct" in a similar manner.


Montresor has "Toss the Noose" which can be used as a Push, but the distance is straight to base contact and requires suits.


While none of these are "Lures" The first two are (0) actions and the last one is an attack.  Just something to consider.

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