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Second TTB session...


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Had an amazing RPG session of Through the Breach last night...
Highlights included a zombie attack foiled by a combination of one of our group whose character is height 3 and has an augmented arm flipping a giant table the rest of our group couldn't have moved combined to use as a barricade and my shotgun working remarkably well as a room clearer, our sneak thief who kept wondering off making him conveniently late for any dangerous confrontation, the aforementioned thief insisting on going through the pockets of every thing we killed and a child sacrificed on an altar in a large bathroom which after the spectacularly failed Horror duel means my character now takes a small armoury with him every-time he goes to the toilet...
...also our 'Performer' seems to be suspiciously well informed about a large variety of magical subjects...

I'm really enjoying the system and the world of Malifaux seems to be full of endless possibilities. With over twenty years of experience playing and occasionally GMing RPG's I think this may be one of the most enjoyable systems I've ever tried  :)
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