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Resser player eyeing Leviticus


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I was wondering in the opinion of the Levi players, would it be worth it to pick up Levi as another master.


The reason I'm thinking this, is that I already own all of the Ressurectionist models, and I feel like it would be an easy way to add another master.


He is capable of taking them right? And how effective / fun would it be?



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As noted by others in the thread, yes he can take undead models from ressers, which should be the majority of them! Leve synergies well with both constructs and undead, but he absolutely loves models that have both characteristics.

Some Resser models I have played with Leve are Belles, Drowned, Necropunks, and Flesh Constructs. All have performed really well.


Leve himself plays nothing like any of the Resser masters. So I think he might be a fun addition for you!

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