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Rotokultaxe's M2E models


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So I'm coming back to Malifaux after a long break, and I'm very enthusiastic about the new plastics.

I decided to go with a new faction, and the new Guild models were just too amazing to pass up (although I've already got my eye on the Neverborn...)

I finished Perdita and her papa a few days ago, and I hope I can find enough time to finish the whole crew by the end of december.

So here they are (comments and criticism welcomed, as always ;)  )








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Nice, but there's something weird about your creases- papa loco's tied arm has a bright spot where there should be shadow; perdita's chest looks strange, etc.

Yes, I've had some troubles putting highlights on Papa Loco's shirt, lots of creases, plus lots of angles...



So you chose to paint perdita's sash to be part of her shirt or haven't you painted that part yet?

Here is a link to the artwork of Perdita Ortega, if the link works that is, https://c2.staticflickr.com/4/3720/9310701864_5015cfcb02_z.jpg


I deliberately chose to make it part of the shirt when I started painting the basecoat. I thought I would have to deal with enough details here and there, plus I wanted the off-white to be a bit more present, as it would tie the crew together (and right now, I don't know if I will be using red on most of my Guild models).

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Me too. To be honest I'm surprised at how negative the feedback on your painting is. To my mind it's some of the better work on here. It don't think it matters what the paint scheme in the official artwork looks like, it's up to you what colour you want to paint your models! The creases look fine to me, I can't really see what Spiralingcadaver is refering to but then maybe he's got a better eye for these things than I have (assuming he is a he)!

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It's way better than I could ever do, so I shouldn't say anything...... but I will.  The feedback for improvement may be valid, but I'll add to the chorus thinking that because those posts don't also compliment the great work they come off as negative.  Which almost certainly wasn't the intent. (And if you're supposed to refer to the artwork to figure out what's going on with the sculpt, you can hardly be questioned for your decision.)


I think they're awesome.  I would not have thought to make Perdita's jacket and chaps the same color, but it works so well.

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Well thanks for the kind words, but I don't think the negative comments were harsh in any way. And I enjoy any kind of comments on my painting, it's some of the best ways to improve my skills.


I'll probably be able to post some more paintjob in the following weeks (yeah, I'm a slow painter). I'm working on 4 different models at the moment, and I just need to focus on one at a time to get the job done :)

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