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Ten Thinders Vs Gremlin


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50 SS

Corner deployment

Scheme pool- A line in the sand, Protect territory, Plant evidence, Breakthrough, Frame for Murder.



Sommer – Family Tree, Can of beans

2 Skeetars



Slop Hauler

3 Bayou Gremlins


Announce Plant evidence, secret Frame for Murder on 1 gremlin



McCabe , Badge of Speed, Strange Metal Shirt, Recalled Training

Ototo – (upgrade that gives the trigger against Slow models)

Sidir – Promises

Samurai – (no damage upgrade)

Samurai – (+3 wound Upgrade)

Ten Thunder Brother.

Announced Protect Territory, secret Plant evidence.


Board contained several buildings, and clumps of trees.


Turn 1

Sommer summons 3 gremlins.

Slop Hauler heals 4 gremlins.

Injured gremlins move into the turf area.


McCabe gives TTB re activate. Then gives him the badge of speed (pushing him) and Sidir the strange metal shirt (just to get the push upfield). Then walks upfield.

Samurai both head towards the turf area.

TTB walks 3 times and manages to get into position to drop a scheme marker in opposing half next to terrain.


Skeeters double move to threaten the TTB and Mccabe (and if I kill them, there is always the killjoy threat.)

I use my TTB to jump to the promise range, kill 1 skeeter , then nimble over to drop a scheme marker.

Sidir moves up, to support McCabe, but doesn’t kill the skeeter.


Trixi and Merris head after the TTB. It managed to get its Df trigger off to stop it catching fire.


Turn 2

Gremlins spends a stone for extra cards.

Merris uses gremlin cunning. Despite looking at 11 cards this turn, there are 0 masks in the Gremlins turn. .

She also fails to burn the TTB

McCabe kills the Skeeter, using 2 Ap. Killjoy appears. (in BB range of Sidir, but no one else) McCabe hits killjoy and gives him slow. Pushes Ototo up to be in range and sight of Killjoy. ( I pretty much just use the Armour upgrade as a push on a 0 action all game).

Killjoy activates, (I think to get rid of the slow before Ototo gets going!) attacks McCabe.

Sidir walks to outside BB range, and attacks Killjoy.

Trixie Gremlin Lures Killjoy into Base contact with McCabe.

Ototo Smacks Killjoy until death occurs.

Sommer stones to get the first Gremlin summon, then just tries the next two, and top decks masks.

Slop Hauler heals up Gremlins. Samurai kills one of the gremlins in the truf area, scoring frame for murder (2VP). Also kills another of the gremlins in the area.

2nd Samurai moves up and gets some shots on the gremlins in the deployment zone as well as the slop hauler. Unfortunately after 3 shots, he misses and hurts himself.

TTB goes after Trixie, getting a decent smack on her.


TT 1 Gremlin 3


Turn 3


McCabe gets into the middle of the table and starts killing.

Merris still can’t hurt TTB. 

Trixie dies to the TTB

Sidir kills Merris

Sommer summons 3 gremlins, Slop hauler heals himself and 3 other germlins.

Samurai open up and kill some gremlins.

1 Gremlin Banjo swipes the TTB for severe damage!.


Fresh gremlins run into Turf area. Some actually charge McCabe, leaving him on 1 wound.

TT 2 gremlins 4


Turn 4

McCabe starts, and kills a couple of Gremlins

Sommer summons 3 more gremlins.

TTB kills gremlin engaed with it, and drops another scheme thanks to nimble and its placement dance.

Slop heals some stuff.

Samurai kills some gremlins.

Gremlins move up.

Samurai killes gremlin in melee and then shoots at others.

More gremlin move up.

Ototo kills enough Gremlins to stop them getting turf war

Sidir moves up and shoots McCabe off the horse (it was a great ruthless move)

Last Gremlin Charges McCabe

Mccabe gets up, regains his badge of speed, focus casts reactivate (also spending a stone for the suit) on  the TTb and then gioves him the badge back.

TTB moves along and drops another scheme marker.


TT 3, Gremlins 4


Turn 5

Slop Hauler Charges McCabe, an damages to get him down to Df 4.

McCabe recalls his training, does a desperate gamble and kills the nearby Gremlins.

Sommer Charges McCabe,  and just manages to kill him.

TT brother kills last Bayou, and nimbles away to drop a scheme.

Samuria shoots Sommer, and drops a scheme.

Samurai moves and drops a scheme.

Ototo pounds Sommer.

Sidir pounds Sommer.

Game ends.

Samurai protect Territory and the 3 schemes the TTB dropped score for plant.

TT 10


Gremlins dropped 0 schemes. Only have 2 models left, and as Sommer dropped his no trigger aura, he couldn’t squee into the turf zone.

4 VP.


MVP has to be the TTB, instrumental in the death of Trixie and Merris and 2 Gremlins and a skeeter as well as dropping all the markers.

Gremlins probably mucked up the Killjoy deployment, and got distracted by the TTB to the extent that Merris did no scheme running, and ended up just dead for no real purpose

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Thank you for the report, sad though it was (sorta one-sided). You killed 14 Bayou Gremlins in that game... Sheesh. And you lost a TT Brother and McCabe. It does look like the Gremlins kinda wasted Killjoy, Merris, and Trixie so half the force didn't really accomplish anything much.

Samurais definitely seem like real contenders with the new upgrades! But interesting to see so few Minions in a McCabe list.

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Actually I didn't lose the TTB. I lost McCabe, twice, but one of those was from me.

Sommer summoned 12 Gremlins in the first 4 turns. But that was all he did for 4 turns.

I had the Samurai that couldn't take damage it its actuivation fail twice, and the one with extra wounds fail once, so they did well, and it was a really target rich environment. I could often afford to pick the mid Ram ratehr than high card from th 4 they flipped to shoot, to allow me to get the extra shot, and still kill a gremlin.


Gremlins were too focused gremlin summoning, and really didn't use half the crew well.

I did most of my attack and defense flips on :+fate

Although that was thwe idea of the list...

Well there weren't too many Df flips as Trixie and Merris don't attack too mmuch, and Trixie didn't have her gun


I think The Gremlins wanted to see how well they could do the swarm, and didn't leave a plan b. And I may have strugled to stop Merris if she jsut went scheme happy, but he was too worried about my TTB.

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Sorry, I'm photographically illiterate (No real idea of how to take photos to put on here), as well as generally lazy. Will try and get soemone else to sort that out in the near future.


The Ototo upgrade was partially for promises (although I could have just put the new oiran upgrade on to abuse promises) and patially because I thought I might put a decent amount of slow out between McCabe and Ototo.


Not sure about the absence of the pigapult. I don't think he owns one. I would have struggled to handle the range damage from it, but he would have had to drop a couple of his crew to buy it and the support it needs. I could ahve handled the rain of Gremlins in the turf area pretty easily.

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