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Malifaux Trick or Treat Story encounter Oct 25th in Wixom, Mi


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Join us Saturday October 25th for some story encounter Fun as Flat Land Games celebrates Halloween!


There will be a candy inspired Cake, We'll have some fun story encounters oh and actual delicious candy for those playing our halloween themed story encounters.


The basic Crew set up. Its a varient of the Quickfaux (hardcore) Format


So you'll have a Henchman lead crew, you must have 4 models in your crew including your chosen henchman leader. You may not buy stones, You have 20ss to spend on your crew.  You'll use the same crew through the day. Don't have a crew, don't worry I'll have plenty of premade on hand for you to try out malifaux Demo if you asked nicely so that you can play in the Halloween games.


This is a pick up and play event designed for fun it will be runnning throughout the day.


The particulars


Where: Flat Land Games

28990 S Wixom Rd
Wixom, MI 48393
Phone: (248) 773-7854


When Saturday October 25th Starting at 12 and Running through 6pm


What Story ENCOUNTERs- Halloweened Themed

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