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Viewing Chronicles on iPad/Android etc

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Hi all,


Quick question regarding viewing the Chronicles on ipads etc.


I find it takes ages for the pages to load, I'm often staring at a blank screen or a blurry one for up to 2-3 minutes waiting for it to load when I turn the page.


Does this happen to anyone else ?? and do you a) know if there is a app that is better at 'pre loading' pages while I read or B) and maybe more a Wyrd question, is there any chance we could reduce the PDF size. The files are lovely and free is awesome but just wondering if there was a way to help tablet reading.


That said, it might just be me!



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It sometimes take up to 3-4 seconds to load a new page, especially when scrolling fast. It probably takes around 20-30 seconds to load the document when starting it up. I've been using both iBooks and Notability, notability takes a bit longer to load pages.

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