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Freikorps suit


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  I have been playing for a few months M2E, and since the first game (Not that I have played a lot, probably around 10 games) I've been using Outcasts. When using Von Schill and some Freikorps, a discussion arised (Please take in consideration that while in our group we all understand english, none of us is a native speaker) about the Freikorps suit.


 The description goes: "Freikorps Suit: This model may ignore damage from :pulse  and :blast  effects."


So, from the start, I assumed that this made Freikorps inmune to  :pulse and  :blast . A friend said that this was way too much (And probably is) and that the text meant that you ignored only the damage (As effect from  :pulse and  :blast ) and not *all* effects from these. That seems legit to me; this way, let's say that I play against Guild and try to damage a Witchling Handler with my Freikorps Librarian: In case I fail and he defends with  :ram , the Librarian will take damage, but not other Freikorps reached by the blast. Or Black blood damage, since it is damage from a  :pulse . But will never ignore the explosion when Freikorps specialist dies, since it gives a burning +2 condition from  :pulse that is, it's an effect that it is not damage but a condition.


As I say, probably the second explanation is the right one. But then another person suggested that it is not this, that is literal, so it ignores damage form  :pulse and ignores effects from  :blast . That sounds weird to me (Specially since I don't remember  :blast with additional effects to the damage). 


So, can you please tell us which is the correct answer?

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You ignore damage from both :pulse and :blast


You would gain any conditions that :pulse and :blast would give you, but no damage. There aren't many :blast which give out conditions,  ( I think Rafkin, the witchling handler and Arcane Effigy all only work after damaging, so since the Friekorps are safe from the damage, they would be safe from the after damaging condition )

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The Freikorps suit only allows you to ignore damage from Blast and Pulse Effects and NOT Effects from Blasts and Pulses. 


For Example


Sonnia's Blast Damage or Black Blood Pulse Damage is ignored.

Brilliance from the Depleted's Pulse is not ignored but the Damage is.

Witchling Stalkers deal 1 Damage and Burning +1 when they die, as the Damage is negated by the suit the Burning is too because of the wording on the Burning ability says when the Stalker deals damage also apply Burning +1. 


So.... Damage done by Blasts or Pulses is ignored. Effects are not ignored unless they are applied via damage. 

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