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Resin Bases + Thin models = Problem?


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Hi there, any chance of some help please.


So I finally started to get round to putting together my Plastic Kirai box.

Got all my pretty resin bases sorted that I use on all my Resurrectionists, got all the stuff I needed together and was about to start assembling Kirai herself when I finally noticed her only point of contact with the base was her tiny foot.


So this is my problem.

Normally I pin my models to resin bases, its the most secure method I know, but there is no way I can do that here.


So what alternatives is there?

I don't think just super glueing it will cut it. In fact I'm sure if I wasn't using Resin bases, I'd still have trouble with a normal plastic one.


Does anyone else have this trouble with thin models?

What's the best way people have found, if any?

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Plastic glue is awesome. Glue Kirai's foot to a piece of plastic, a bit of sprue or plasticard, then make a recess in your resin base and use super glue. I would make the recess and shape the plastic bit first, then glue it to Kirai and finally to the base.

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Very tiny drill bits?




I haven't actually seen Kirai in the flesh yet so I can't really comment on her in particular. I haven't had any problems with the thin-ankled models yet myself though with the above advice and just being very careful. Maybe use the thinnest pinning material you can find?


Bengt seems to have good advice as well, though I wouldn't trust myself with that much shaping...

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I would have never thought of that, it is basically making a tab like the metal ones have (only a sensible size). Thanks a lot.




That was my first idea but Kirai's pose doesn't really give you anything to drill into and not instantly pop out the other side.




If I had more confidance in my ability to do that without making it look unnatural I would have a go.



Thanks for the replys everyone

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