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Insidious madness proxi


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You should ask your gaming group as opposed to here. I would have no problems (though I do like less well-known minis better as proxies - GW models really evoke the GW worlds in my mind). Personally, were I to proxy Insidious Madnesses, I would probably go for these: http://www.modiphius.com/shop.html#!/~/product/category=9099174&id=37140793

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As long as you have the card for it, I would have trouble seeing any issue.   So far my experience with other players is that proxing is not a big deal as long as you are consistent. 


I'm presuming you meant wouldn't  :D but I agree. As long as you are consistent your opponents know what the proxy is. Sorted! It's only frustrating when a proxy continually changes and you have to keep checking "so what does that represent?" Slows down the game.

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