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Greenstuff ?


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So I have been getting models assembled and primed before winter sets in.  Once primed I've noticed a lot of joints that are not quite properly fitted so I know I need to go back and greenstuff the joints so they will look right after painting.


The issue is that I felt I was doing something wrong if 1/3 to 1/2 of my models needed greenstuff to clean up joints.


A photo over in the showcase of an unpainted model got me thinking that maybe I'm not so terrible.  Maybe greenstuff use is pretty common.


So I guess my question is: How much greenstuff use to clean up models is "normal?"  


Of my larger models I think most of those I have assembled will need a bit of greenstuff.  With smaller models I'm guessing more like 1 in 5 will need a bit of greenstuff.  


Am I doing okay?

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I wouldn't worry about it too much, I often have to put a tad of GS on models to fill gaps when I took too much off when clipping them from the sprues or cleaning off mold lines. It's the nature of the beast and it's a fairly common problem. Sometimes the parts can be awkward to remove from the sprue so a little TLC with some GS is needed. Nothing's worse than noticing a gaping hole in a model after it's been painted! 

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You are probably doing fine.

You might find a reduction in the amount needed if you dry fit first, and keep shaving down until its a great fit.

Some of it will be models, and some of it will be your prepartion of the joint. You'll never get all the joints fitting with no greenstuff.

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I might be a little more anal than most people but practically every model I make will get some greenstuff regardless of how the joints fit. Sometimes gaps need to be filled, sometimes joints need to be smoothed out (I am actually a proponent of liquid greenstuff for this.) sometimes a model just needs a little something added.
Just keep in mind: The more time you spend on prep, the better the end result will be.

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Thanks for the feedback, it is pretty reassuring.  Sounds like I am not alone, and more importantly, not completely inadequate at model building.   


I have a couple of models where no matter what I do during the dry fitting stages there are clearly going to be gaps.  But most of the time I am not noticing the problems till after I prime--and they seem fairly minor.  I'll start working on those with the liquid green stuff I picked up a recently and work on the bigger problems once I get some sculpting tools ordered.


So I guess one more question--can I green stuff over the top of primer?  (Hope so.  I've already ordered brush on primer for touching up after green stuff.)

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