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Stupid Bob

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So I had an idea just now, which is a scary thing as I'm on no sleep for a week and high on Mt. Dew, Snickers, Coffee, and whatever magical preservatives they put in pre-packaged lunch-meat sandwiches...


but here goes: I'll post a deploy/strat/scheme & opponent faction, and we'll all discuss what crews we'd take and likely schemes!


Here's the first one, in prep for a vassal game tonight:

Standard Deploy

Squatter's Rights

LITS, Protect Territory, Plant Evidence, Breakthough, Make them suffer



Schemey stuff seems to be the way to go, but MTS gives me pause.


I've used Zoraida only twice, so am inclined towards something with her. It may not be completely optimal, particularly with MTS out there, but this is one idea:


Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap
Zoraida -- 5 Pool
 +Hex Bag [1]
Bad Juju [8]
 +Eternal Fiend [2]
 +Fears Given Form [1]
Doppleganger [7]
Iggy [5]
Nurse [6]
Silurid [7]
Waldgeist [6]
Waldgeist [6]



I'd take Protect Territory and Plant Evidence, reveal both. Get Waldgeists up on two of the Squats, drop Schemes, and hang out. Juju I'd drive down their throat and make them deal with him as he tries to slow/paralyze all he can. Silurid schemes around (primarily late game). Iggy and Nurse work with Voodoo Doll to take out key models. Doppleganger is problem-solver to deal with problems, either trying to shut down enemy scheme runners or supporting Silurid or if nothing else letting me cheat init :)
Or my other idea, and this is more likely what I'll go with as I'm far more familiar and comfortable, is Dreamer...
Neverborn Crew - 50 - Scrap
The Dreamer -- 3 Pool
 +Aether Connection [1]
 +Dreams of Pain [5]
Daydream X 2 [4]
Doppleganger [7]
Teddy [11]
Teddy [11]
Widow Weaver [8]
 +Handbag [2]



I'd do the same schemes, revealed Protect Territory and revealed Plant Evidence (or maybe Breakthrough, depends on terrain). I'd head towards one flank's Squats, drop Schemes and Claim and throw down webs, making getting the Teddy Bears out of there tricky, Summoning would focus on non-Minions...Coppelius to run schemes, Lelu & Lilitu to hunt enemy scheme runners, and replacing Sacrificed Daydreams. Daydreams would have to be used non-aggressively, as they're the only things here that are peon/minion for Make Them Suffer. Doppleganger is again the problem solver, with some great abilities to Mimic (Hug, Exhale Terror, Lead Nightmare) or just be a hard-to-kill Protect Territory model.


So, what crews would you take (given your model collection)?



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Lucas McCabe

-Strangemetal Shirt

-Elixir of Life



-Command the Graves

Izamu the Armor

Ama no Zako

2x Iluminated


Plant Explosives and Make Them Suffer.


I actually played this exact game yesterday against Nicodem. Opponent called the game at the end of turn three. I scored 3 points on Plant Explosives, 2 on Squatters, and 1 on Make Them Suffer while also summoning in two Ashigaru. Of course my opponent was also was not feeling good due to allergy problems, which probably factored in a bit.


Strange force, but the way in which it worked was surprisingly great. Do you guys remember that one time when Indiana Jones teamed up with some drug addicts, a demon, and the undead in order to save the world from different undead? I do.

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