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Any chance for an official Charater Creator


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Hats off to Mako for the fillable Character Sheet.  However, it left me wondering if there were plans for a more streamlined, automated creator.  Such as one that you enter the Tarrot and it completes all of the text, enters the station and lists the aspect values to assign. Additionally list the skill values and stuff and then have drop down lists to select the skills, it associates the proper aspect and calculates the AV.


Additionally something similar for attacks, select the weapon, select the approapriate skill and bang, math done.  You can even limit it to a list based on the inventory you select.


Could also help a lot with magic based characters, they seem to be much more work.


Its always good to do it long hand but after awhile when you know what you are doing you just want to get it done.


Just my 2 cents.  I see so much potential to have a cool program.  It doesn't have to be as elaborate as Wizard's for D&D but just a couple steps further that what is currently out there.




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I looked at that when I was doing the fillable sheet. Pretty quickly I realised that the number of options for fates, values for aspects, positions of those values in aspects, derived stats (especially the 'skill or aspect' ones), the large number of skills, talents, and the range of weapons along with the extra bonuses some skills and talents granted made it way too much work for me to contemplate doing. Magic was just a whole extra pile of complicated conditions to set up...

That said, if someone wants to do it, more power to them!

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