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McMourning vs. Ophelia 50ss


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Good report! For the McMorning player, with a scheme pool like that, I'm not sure why you wouldn't announce Protect Territory or Line in the Sand. In fact, if you're going to take Line in the Sand, announcing it is pretty much the way to go. 4 Markers for 2 points is an awful lot of work. At least announced you get 1 for 2.

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Always fun to see a report with a happy ending - go team Gremlin!

I do agree with Dirial, though, that was astoundingly non-killy. I think that Resser McMourning is actually one of the toughest opponents for Ophelia due to the ease with which McM can change the squishy Gremlins into Flesh Constructs equipped with the ridiculously powerful Devour.

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