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Where is the Earthside Breach?


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Sorry if this has been discussed previously but has the Earthside Breach location ever been specifically mentioned?

It's just that I can't find any specific location for it mentioned anywhere and it's somewhat relevant to character backgrounds for a few people I introduced to the RPG recently as they wanted to include the journey to the breach as part of their character history.....

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Nothing definitive. There are debates. The only clues we have are that the first Breach (which is the location of the current Breach) was near a city that was leveled in the process of opening the first breach.  But, they don't name the city and there hasn't been any mentions of the city since. I haven't read the Fatemaster book yet and am slowly working my way through the rest of the fluff in the Fated book. So, there may be more clues in those sources. 


Having said all that, I would think it would be midwest nearish a train line. But, given the value of soulstone, maybe not.

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The Crossroads fluff mentions London as patrolled by Guild and under military rule between the Breaches, and Genoa as attacked and brought to heel by the Guild. If the site of the Breach is levelled, these two aren't it, but they seem somewhat important.


Also, Oxford is not part of the Guild's magic doctrine, so it's unlikely to be there.

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There was a massive thread related to this topic some months back. If there is an official answer Wyrd has not seen fit to tell anyone.

The current status is that if you are playing the role playing game you can put the breech wherever you want for your game. So the lack of explicitly telling where the breech is located is almost certainly intentional.

If you want to hear many people argueing for where they believe the breech is located a little search fu should very quickly reveal that long thread.

LSS there is currently no official answer to your question. Put the breech where you want, and believe it to be where you want. Your reasons for why it might be located in any particular area as just as valid as those of someone who believes it to be located elsewhere.

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I remember reading in the fluff somewhere the 10T have their own sort of mini breaches scattered around Asia but no definitive locations. As for the main breach, it's anyone's guess

Yep, the 10T have at least one breach that only they know about under their command (not even the guild know about it). Its actually mentioned in the wave 2 big book, I think under the general TT fluff section.

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