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US Ranked CaptainCon 2015 - Taunton MA July 17 - 19 2015


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--- UPDATE 6/16/2015 ---

FAQ added below, please ask more questions if you have them



--- UPDATE 4/22/2015 ---

Overall Schedule Document (Can also see how the Malifaux events line up with other CC events here)

GG NoVA Qualifier Rules Packet - Note we are following GG pretty strong here, so make sure your stuff is painted and you review the proxy/conversion rules in GG and this rules packet



******** FAQ: *********

  1. How do I register for events?
    • If you were a kick starter backer you should have received your access email, check your spam. If you did not back the kickstarter, no worries, go ahead and buy an all weekend badge (or single day badge) so you can register for the event(s) you're interested in. Once you've done that you will get access to register for specific events. Event registration is OPEN for all to see here
  2. Where can I buy a badge?
  3. How do pairings work for the team GG on Sunday (I mean Team A is playing Team B...how are players A1, A2, A3 paired against B1, B2, B3) ?
    • See this video for how Sunday's GG Team Event pairing process will work
    • Pairings for teams on Sunday will be chosen based on standard TP/VP/Diff scores totaled for each team. So all of A1, A2, A3 will be totaled and that team will be matched against their best B1, B2, B3 counterpart. It is the team's captain however who decides who in Team A they want to matchup first with whoever Team B's captain chose for the first matchup. This continues until each team member is matched up. The only information shared between teams is the list of masters factions they have available to their team. 
    • STAY TUNED FOR UPDATE ON PAIRINGS An example, Team A has Ophelia, NB Lynch, and TT McCabe. Team B has Sonnia, Daw, and Raspy. Team A chooses player A1 (and Ophelia) in secret, and Team B chooses player B3 (and Daw) in secret. Those players are to play (table assignments are done separate). Team A secretly chooses A3 (and NB Lynch), while Team B secretly chooses B2 (and Sonnia). Finally, A2 (with TT McCabe) and B1 (with Raspy) are matched since they are the remaining players/masters.
  4. Will paint scores factor into either event?  If so...how is that done?
    • Painting scores will not be factored in for either event. If you want to enter for painting awards there is the Draconic Painting Awards going on that may be worth entering. The only requirement is that on Saturdays NoVA qualifier models must be painted. Also, not that teams competing who prove to a TO during a round they used a fully painted army get extra points for team scoring over the entire weekend.
  5. How much time is allotted for play, crew/scheme selection, and the pairings process?
    • For Saturday see the Rules Packet above. For Sunday I need to solidify it but rounds will be quicker due to time frame. I've allocated 60min lunch break for Sunday though as well. Sunday is 3 rounds also not 4 so will be quicker. Typically its 2hours a round and 15min setup/crew selection
  6. Also, the wording is a little unclear as to what cannot be duplicated in the team event....do you mean masters can't be duplicated or factions can't be (with the exception of duel faction)?
    • What I mean by duplications is that no team can have a master duplicated on Sunday, but you can have masters from different factions on the same team. So you can play gremlins Somer and someone else on your team can play Lady J in guild. You could also have something like Lady J, Sonnia, and Lucas McCabe (as either TT or Guild). Another example that is totally legal is you could run TT McCabe, Guild McCabe, and Ophelia. So yes you can have same master as long as playing from one of the different duel factions it legally can be played with.
  7. Sundays team event registration page only lets me sign up a team, is this correct?
    • Currently (as of 6/16/2015), that is the restriction for that registration page. I am working with the CaptainCon web team to get that changed. However, on Sunday if you are not part of a team you WILL be put on a team of three!
  8. Links to event page information on CaptainCon site:


That's right ladies and gentlemen. Planning is underway for CaptainCon 2015. After the huge success and large turnout last year, we're looking to expand of course! The fine fellas over at New England Privateers are already planning, the hotel was reserved back in July so 2015 is locked in.


Looks like we even may get MORE space. 


With that said, I want to put the call out to the community as I know there is a strong Malifaux presence in the New England, New York, and rest of the East Coast area. What do YOU want to see different from last year.


Right now my initial plans are as follows (this will be updated as we move forward):

  • ***NEW*** Hardcore Event (going to tighten up the rounds and make it faster to play)
  • ***NEW*** Doubles format (stay tuned)
  • 2x Gaining Grounds events (that's right everyone, going to run a late night Gaining Grounds

As always we'll have our amazing tables, and MAYBE even some new ones.


So please, chime in here, PM me, or send me a message on Twitter (@PFalcon83). What do you want to see!

As always the CaptainCon site also has info and their Facebook.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just want to remind people to keep this on their calendars, even though it is quite some time away. It will be an even larger event this year and I am in process of getting it as a valid qualifier for the NOVA National Tournament!


Also, stay tuned, there may be something big coming up for pre-reg in the near term. 

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Just a heads up. The CaptainCon Kickstarter is live. If you want to be able to register early and get into the events (i.e. Malifaux events of course) early than please take a look at the different levels of the KS. Each level gets you different times you can access the registration site that is being used this year.


Again, CaptainCon is not an event you have to buy tickets for each event, so you buy your CaptainCon badge (via KS) and you are given access to register for any event at no additional cost. Just know that if you don't register early the events you want to participate in may be 'sold' out.



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Note the latest 'info' we've released about Malifaux (from Facebook):

Bring your Malifaux Crew to CaptainCon!
No, not just your miniatures, your crew of friends too. We will be host to a weekend-long team competition. Register for the weekend with a 3-player team, earn points over the weekend and compete for bragging rights as having the best team over multiple events.
+5 points if all members of the team back the Kickstarter and pre-register
+2 points for each team member backing the Kickstarter at the CREW through SENIOR OFFICER level
+6 points for each team member backing the Kickstarter at CAPTAIN level or higher
+3 points for each person playing a tournament with a fully painted army
+3 points for having a team member place 1st in any Malifaux event
+2 points for having a team member place 2nd in any Malifaux event
+1 point for having a team member place 3rd in any Malifaux event
-3 points for having a team member finish last in (or drop from) any Malifaux event
+10 points for having a team shirt made specifically for CaptainCon (has to have something that says CaptainCon 2015 specifically)
+5 points for having a Malifaux-themed team chant and singing it one or more times during the weekend
This is not the same as Captain's Log points but there will be prizes here as well so gather your team and join us at CaptainCon.
As always, please back and spread the word:


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Update above, with general weekend schedule and the 2015 GG CaptainCon NoVA National Qualifier Rules Packet. While the rules packet is subject to change the rules in there really aren't going to change. So get painting and get ready to compete for a place at the big time National Event!



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So Kickstarter Backers should have started getting links to register (please check your Spam folder). The next wave of registration access will open up this Thurs/Fri (June 4/5). Make sure to register for the Malifaux events early before they fill up!!


To be clear, "First Aboard" level and above backers received their email already, and "Crew" and "Deck" backers should be receiving registration links this weekend.


Reminder Strategies and Schemes for the NoVA Qualifier on Saturday are in the Rules Packet.


Please let me or anyone else on the KS Comments page know if you have questions or concerns. This is going to be a blast. Can't wait for some wholesome good Malifaux!!!

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  • 2 weeks later...

As of 7/6/2015 @ 1600PM there is only 1 slot left for the Saturday Gaining Grounds National Qualifier. After that there will be a waiting list.


A 36 player event will be awesome! Hope to fill the last slot!


Also for those curious about more for the Team Pairing process on Sunday's event. Some of our local players put together a video showing the process. Reminder this pairing process is only for the Sunday event.


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4 days and counting everyone!!!


I'm arriving early Friday to setup for the first event (Enforcer Brawl). Then I'll spend the rest of the afternoon getting the rest of the tables ready for Henchman Hardcore and of course open play is always available. We'll have 18 tables.


The wait list is growing for Saturday's big National Qualifier event, feel free to add yourself to it. With that said, if you do not show up promptly during check-in hours for any sold out events I will give the slot to the first person on the wait list. You've been warned!


Let's show everyone at CaptainCon how awesome the Malifaux community is. Can't wait to cheer everyone on and thank you all for coming.

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Thanks to all who came out. Please post up pictures here and on the New England Malifaux Facebook page as well as A Wyrd Place Facebook page and the CaptainCon Facebook page.




I'd also like to thank so many people for coming out and supporting this great game. I am proud of this community and what they've done. The level of paint jobs on the models was some of the best I've seen locally. Thank you to all who helped contribute with terrain, judging (when I had to use the bathroom), assisting with setup and teardown, and all of the other things.


Finally, I'd like to remind everyone of the great list of sponsors, in no particular order.

  • Wyrd Miniatures - Box of goodies
  • TableTop Games (Fall River, MA) - A ton of limited edition models from their store stock (FYI, check them out they will ship ANYWHERE, just give em a call)
  • Plasticraft Games - Various terrain kits
  • Angry Mojo Games - Various terrain kits
  • Widget Wizards - So many template kits and of course, the now coveted measurement stick for Best in Faction, those were off the hook!

Next I'd like to congratulate our NoVA qualifier Winner, Blaine Williams! He won the Saturday event with a very very tight last round fight against a fantastic Levi player (John Chambers). The two of them played a clean, competitive game, that was a spectacle to watch. Both of them had beautifully painted crews but when the flesh and smoke settled McMourning pulled out the win. Here is a camera photo of their two crews.




Here are the final standings from the GG event Saturday (stay tuned for the rankings update via Warscore).




Before the qualifier we had two large events for the Enforcer Brawl and Henchman Hardcore (15 players), these were on Friday.


Finally, the team event Sunday went really well, we had 6 teams and 18 players. It was a great way to try out a new format for pairings. The plan is to have Bragging Rights 2016 be a Malifaux event. Stay tuned for information on that!


Please feel free to give recommendations for next year here for the Malifaux events. For CaptainCon specific ideas, issues, thoughts, etc. please post those to the CaptainCon facebook page. They WANT feedback very badly, good or bad!

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