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2nd Game Ever: Viktorias vs Ortegas

Jesy Blue

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(This is my first battle report so please be gentle)


So we payed a 40ss game, Sqatters Rights, corner set up; I had "For the Money" & "Assainate Schemes"; I don't know what he had for schemes.


Used both Viks, Hans, Sue, Vanessa, Student of Conflict & Convict Mercenary; had 3 Scout the Field upgrades on Sue, Vik/Blood and Convict Merc.
He had the 5 that are in the Ortega box set; I don't know their names or upgrades.


Ortega sniper tries to pick off Vic/Blood at focused range, Black Jokers the damage. 

Hans targets the Ortega sniper, mod damage and slowed.

Ortega swordfighter moves forward, chain moves Perdita.

Vik/Blood full moves forward.

Ortega gunman steps up and shoots Vik/Blood, mod damage, chain moves Perdita.

Convict Merc full moves forwards.

Perdita shoots Vik/Blood a lot; blow my hand and a ss to leave her with 1 wound by the end.

Vanessa Heals herself (and all sisters).

Papa Ortega moves forwards, chain moves the Naphelim.

Sister of Conflict full moves.

Nephelim moves. 

Vik/Ash moves down to the Squtter Marker & claims it.

Sue full moves forward.



Vik/Blood charges Ortega Sniper; kills him outright. 

Ortega swordfighter charges Vik/Blood, hurts her bad.

Vanessa moves to the center line and heals herself (and all sisters).

Ortega gunman shoots Vik/Blood, ignoring the Ortega swordfighter, hurts her bad again.

Sue moves twice again.

Perdita shoots Vik/Blood a lot, ingoring the Ortega swordfighter, and kills her. 

Convict Merc shoots Perdita a lot, but for a little damage.

Papa Ortega moves up in front of Perdita.

Hans focuses and shoots the Nephelim; Red Jokers the damage and it dies.

Student of Conflict full moves. 

Vik/Ash full moves to a choice location. 


Sue charges Papa Ortega and pistol whips him to death; Papa Ortega explodes and does 5 damage to both Sue and Perdita, who is close enough to be engaded with Sue and his Ring of Fire, which is +3 with the good draw.

Ortega gunman pulls Perdita away from Sue, then lights him up with lots of bullets and kills Sue.

Vik/Ash charges Ortega swordfighter, kills him quick.

Perdita shoots Vik/Ash a lot; terrible cheat hand and flips do a lot of nothing and Vik/Ash dies outright and shestill has another shot so she shoots the Student of Conflict too.

Convict Merc shoots a lot and misses a lot and Perdita's reaction shoots him back so much he dies.

Vanessa heals herself (and all sisters). 

Student of Conflict moves closer to a Squatter Marker, then pulls Vanessa towards her.

Hans focuses and shoots Ortega gunman, who Red Jokers the defence and does not get hit. 



Vanessa shoots Perdita who dies (3 VP), then claims a Squater Marker (VP1))

Ortega gunman runs around a building out of sight.

Student of Conflict moves to another marker and pulls Vanessa to it.

Hans has no shot and is no where near the Squatter Markers and has a Walk of 3....he just stays put.



Student of Conflict gives Vanessa Fast.

Ortega gunman moves futher behind a building and put down a marker (1VP for whatever his Scheme was)

Vanessa moved a lot in an attempt to track down the Ortega gunman. 

Hans still does nothing. 




Viks win 5-1.



Comments, Criticism, Complaints, Complements and other words that begin with C welcomed.


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I am somewhat confused what you mean by "chain moves Perdita", especially in first turn. There are a lot of Ortega move shenanigans, and they can chain activate, but each of those can mostly just be used once per turn.


Also, for us to really appreciate your report, you should mention the available and chosen Schemes. It seems like your opponent forgot to play for his victory conditions, but its hard to tell without knowing them.


Nontheless, good job at beating Perdita. Many new players seem to have some problems with that.

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I'm still unsure about how all of my cards work, so learning others so far is difficult; it was something either upgrade or actual card power that moved her out of turn from her activation.  Honestly I just hope people are playing their cards honestly and when they do something I just believe them. 


I think one of the schemes was Power Ritual but I was moving around him so much I think I inadvertently cut off his access to the rest of the table so he couldn't get to other corners, but I don't remember what the rest were, beside Line in the Sand, obviously, or whoch one he took as the end result was not even close.  I was also his second game so I don't think I really beat Perdita as he's still figuring out how to play too.


Thank you, though.

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Don't get me wrong. I just meant that it's somewhat difficult to point out possible errors with a lack of information.


I was also his second game so I don't think I really beat Perdita as he's still figuring out how to play too.


That's what I suspected. Maybe he got some rules for chain activation or updates wrong, but it's hard to tell.


Please, do keep us updated on your games. We would very much like to help you understand and enjoy the game!

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