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Hi folks,

As an absolute newbie with a shallow understanding of what Malifaux is about, I thought I would show some of what I've painted to see what you think about it. I'm drawn to two things in wargaming -uniforms and cavalry- so the Guild was the only choice for me!

So far I've painted three riflemen who I have attempted to make more colourful than what I normally see for these miniatures. I'm not sure about the result- I keep seeing blue and red Guild uniforms and wonder if green is too big a departure from their established colour schemes, especially when I think of painting Guards in green coats. What do you think?


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Im a stickler for uniforms and division colors as well and I think you're good with the green. Since the riflemen are like guardsmen elite troops they can stray away from the reds, blues, and grays on the others easily. Your rifle men just try better to blend in with there wilderness environment like CLAWS said above. They are rare 3 models that are hunters so I buy green for forest/wilderness missions. These models are awesome looking and you should be proud to field them.



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Thanks for your comments and input folks!

Yes I am probably thinking about uniforms and organisation too much lol but I can't help it! I've decided to give it some time, move on to paint some other models and maybe come back to the Riflemen later. Once I buy some Guard the it'll be easier to view the Rifleman uniform as a wilderness variant.

I'm currently painting the mounted Lucas McCabe, very nice miniature to paint! Couldn't resist converting him to be pointing with a sabre rather than a whip :-D

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I've finished Lucas McCabe and his steed, this time I went for dark blue with a small amount of red. I think he's come out looking a bit Prussian...




Really enjoyed painting this model. I wish there were more miniatures mounted on horses in this range!

And with his men:


Sadly the pictures are dark, but that's due to me not having a good light source at the mo. Hopefully I can rectify that soon.

Next I'll paint the dismounted version, followed by either Wastrels or Luna.

Metal Guild Guard do look awesome tho...

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