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Halloween Tournament! (Sioux Falls, SD, 11/1)


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We're holding a Halloween tournament on the day after Halloween!  We'll have some custom strategies to match the holiday, and the format will be 50ss, fixed faction.  In other words, you just name what faction you're playing at the start of the tournament, and then you can build your crew from that faction during the tournament rounds.  If you name Neverborn, for instance, you could play Zoraida in one game, Lilith in the next, and then Zoraida again in the third game. 


We'll have prizes, too!  Start time will be noon, and we expect to go until around 6pm or so. 


Place: Universal Bits and Games, 3920 S. Western Ave Suite #2, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57105. (The store is in the back of the building, with an external entrance)
Store Phone: (605) 271-7660
Time: 12pm - 6pm, Saturday November 1st.

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