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Unboxing Hannah (Standard Version)


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  • 3 months later...

I put her together last week and while I wish I could have gotten the TTB version, I liked her a lot more in person than from what I've seen in pictures.


Sadly, the weakest point of the model is definitely Hannah herself.  The robot is great, but Hannah is very odd.  Her distracted, looking backwards pose doesn't look natural at all and makes the robots pose more confusing than it does without her.  I really wish the robot was easier to repose all things considering, because it would probably be the easier of the two to synch up.  I do have concerns with a lack of detail on the robot as well, and Hannah is notably soft on the detail front as well.


All in all, I'm not unhappy with her, but the TTB version looks far superior.  Mostly just disappointed I never had a chance to grab it.

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I like this one a lot more that the TTB version, which i thought just looked like a sisters of battle model and a bit bland. Whereas this one look ridiculous and over the top.


Both models do have the problem of Hanna would most likely end up seriously injured if that thing stoped abruptly. The friekorps apparently don't care much for safety harnesses

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I felt the same way about a lot of these points. That's a bunch of negative space in the mecha-suit. What's keeping her the armature aside from good intentions? I was worried less about control since I figure her arcane ability allows the mecha-suit to mimic her actions which is why it's in the same pose she is. 

With these questions in mind I began converting her. I'm pretty happy with the results so far. 

To deal with the extra space in the body/boiler I add a few gribbly bitz and some tubing: 




The front view:




and to keep Hannah from going flying out of the suit I added harness straps from pinstriping tape and anchor points from HO scale rail bolt heads:









And now she's all ready to ride into battle safely!




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