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Tara and nightmare Tara crew sets - Are they the same thing?


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There are only 2 sets that have been released so far and both are Nightmare Tara and thus are both Ltd Ed releases. The first was at GenCon 2013 and was Nightmare Tara which was in your standard plastic. The 2nd was available during the Black Friday sale 2013 and was a Ltd Ed Black Smokey Crystal Nightmare Tara which came is a translucent black plastic. Both are pretty rare and often go for £70-£80+ in the UK on eBay and the likes. The fact you found one in your local gaming store will no doubt make many very jealous! I had to import mine from the USA during the Black Friday sale last year. 

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I'm sure I saw it! I just spoke to one of the local stores and they said they never had it in stock so I'll ask when I go to Dark Sphere later on. It's entirely possible I just imagined it though. I'm sure I didn't though, I remember picking it up, looking at the models and thinking how much I didn't like Tara's over-sized arm and sword. It was 1.5 edition in a sort of cream or beige coloured box. It had a couple of those little gribbly three-legged monsters in it, the Nothing beast and Karina. Wish I'd bought it now but to be honest the models and the crew don't appeal that much and I've never been much of a capitalist so it's no big loss!

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Yeah, I wouldn't get too exited. I probably imagined it. I was sure it was in a beige coloured box but Fetid Strumpet says that it only ever came out in 2nd edition. I've just done a Google images search and can't find any images of a beige box! Ah well, that's dyspraxia for you! I often juxtapose different memories together to form false memories! I probably saw a friends boxed set (I know one of the locals owns the crew) and then mixed it up with the 1.5 edition boxes that were also in stock at the time!

Sorry guys! I'm a bit 'special' sometimes :)

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