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Repurposing holiday decorations


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I am stocking up on supplies for building terrain features all winter. Many stores around here currently are beginning to have decorations for both All Hallow's Eve and Christmas at the same time. In looking over some very cheap (dollar store) decorations, I found this piece wherein someone had mistakenly painted all the ravens red! Imagine my surprise.

It took a few soaks in Simple Green and a few scrubs to get that thick paint off, but it eventually cleaned up. I dremeled off the mold lines and used some Green Stuff to cover up the budgie-like beaks with something a little vicious-looking. A little more Green Stuff and the branches on the ground become bones.

Hopefully I will get some time soon to work on more of this. It's a good scale for a terrain piece, and just wide and heavy enough that it will sit nicely on the table without a larger piece of hardboard underneath it.

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I finally put some paint on the stripped down raven terrain.  The problem now is that there is very little detail on the cast, so my sorry painting skills are really going to start showing.  But, I'm still happy with the scale and size of this as a small terrain feature, especailly for $1.

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