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Las Vegas Open Feb 20-22 2015


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Hey all, so a few things have changed, as of now crissy and myself will be running the events at the LVO, we still have details to work out so any info at this point might be subject to change.


We couldn't let the LVO happen without a good showing of Malifaux so without knowing it Crissy and myself both volunteered to run events over the three days and we plan to collaborate to make this weekend as fun as possible.

At this point in time our tentative plan is the first day, Friday,  will be a friendly Henchman Hardcore, Saturday will be a story encounter event, lastly on sunday we will have a standard gaining grounds tournament. Any time before or after will be free play as I'll be there as long as the doors are open and also there will be a painting competition on one of the days that Crissy will be running.

Post your thoughts up or if your interested and we hope to see you there.

Info about location and events can be found: http://www.frontlinegaming.org/las-vegas-open-hotel-booking/

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