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The Thunder Instructions


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I'm not 100% if this is the correct place to post this, so if not, I apologize.  Just wanted to point out that the instructions for The Thunder box set (Misaki's) are not currently in the Plastic Build instructions part of the site.  Or if they are, I missed them checking 4 times.  Thanks.

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Flee! Get out while you still can!


I just assembled the Misaki box, Yamaziko and 3 Archers and I'm now certain that Wyrd has absolutely no idea how to make gaming miniatures. At least I'm ready to assemble Yu Jing specialist drones from Infinity and confident that any BS those give me can't be worse.




...but back to the subject at hand:


Everything in the Misaki box is mixed up, not each unit on its separate sprue/place as the newer kits. You want to pay attention to the A-F markings - letters denote units, so A-x is misaki, F-x Shang, etc. It's best to cut out, clean and assemble the box model by model, or if you prefer to do it assembly-line, store each model's parts in a separate place. In case you mix something up, here's the sprue color-coded for each model:




Some people had trouble with weird positioning of Shang's tails, here's some help:


If you're not getting a scenic/resin base for Shang, make one or file the lips down where the paws go - this thing barely fits on a 40mm base and is supposed to go onto a 30mm one.


Keep Ototo in 2 parts (separated at waist-height) until painted. Also, move the "energy splash" as far forward as possible, optimally to the outer (lower) edge of the front lip (sic!) - most of the mini will hand behind the base anyway so you'll probably want to recude it as much as possible.


Leave Misaki's "energy trail" off until you attach her to the base, it gives no hints at what angle it should go on otherwise.


(and if you do decide to get Archers, assemble the heads first - dry-fit 2 veils, head and hat before gluing everything on. Remember that hats have eyes sculpted on, they're kinda hard to see and I assumed I'd have to paint them at first; the "identical" parts like hats and quivers do differ in tiny details that will make them annoying/impossible to assemble when mixed up)

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Yea, I did figure out that most of the parts are labeled, and the few that aren't are fairly obvious weapon arms.  I've assemled two of the Torakages so far.  Dry fitting is doing it, though having to clear some of the flash without messing up pegs is, as always, kinda annoying.  So far it's going ok.  I did also get the Thunder Archers, and after noting they also didn't have instructions put one together.  It also went ok, though the hat veils are definitly the most annoying part of the one I did.  Thanks for the advice though, it should help make the whole thing a lot easier..

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