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Basing tips, tricks--blogs and videos?


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So I really admire a lot of the basing works that I see others doing and wonder if I can even begin to duplicate it.
In another thread I mention using magnets to allow moving Coryphee from one base to another and got a good tip:

When magnetizing tricky minis like the standing on one foot Coryphee, I highly recommend mounting the mini on something (a crate, a rock, a pipe, whatever) and magnetizing that. Much easier.


Thanks for the tip Math. 


Now I need some instruction on basing.  I have picked up some things like making stone using green stuff, but I don't have any idea where to even begin with finding and adding stuff to bases.  Links to instructional videos and blogs would be greatly appreciated.


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Making bases can be a lot of fun! Go into a woods and look what interesting stuff you find. I just recently found this fallen tree and ripped off an amazing piece of bark. Looks really great!

Milliput is great for building up a general shape of the base and you stick random stuff into it to make for interesting details.

I also bought a container of decorative small rocks for an euro or two. For sand I use gerbil bathing sand from the pet store (cost is super minimal and it's really, really fine and it clumps nicely so won't fall off).

Old watches have cogs in them, spacers come in all sizes and sprue bits can be cut up into interesting trash.

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Thanks Jim and Math,


I am equal parts excited and hesitant as I look at and think about all the possibilities.


I've never been an artistic person, but I do enjoy a challenge.   I am hoping the part of my brain that says "oh, that makes a lot of sense" can get together with the part of my brain that actually directs my hands to do the work.  


Stuff like this gives me a fighting chance!

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Hobby Hot Tips have a great series of videos on Youtube that cover a whole lot of basing techniques using simple household items

Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RU_0aZeQMeZh5E9Qrti9w

Mostly I find basing is trial and error and just using your imagination.




I am comfortable with trial-and-error.  I have duplicates of several crews assuming that I will get better with time so that I'll want a redo on the first crews I put together.  I also suffer from a bit of perfectionism and often get more frustrated than I should with the "error" part.


I am still unsure if I have any imagination, but I am working on it.

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