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Unboxing Kirai's 'Vengeful Spirits' Starter Set


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Quite a bit of nasty gaps in these. Moran than usual, I feel.

It is indeed interesting, that the Seishin aren't gigantic. Especially as in the artwork they were big but the minis makers have managed to scale them properly! Rather nice all in all.

Ikiryo is indeed massive. The Onryo look really fantastic. I dig the skin texture on the ghosts - looks evil and evocative.

The Lost Love looks really, really stupid. One of the worst Wyrd plastics looks-wise if not the worst. It doesn't convey any emotion and looks like a rock star or something. Urgh.

Kirai herself is a bit meh. Not horrid but could've been a lot better.

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Metal Lost Love looked (looks?) like a victim - struck me as (without knowing the background) someone that had been betrayed and has no desire to still be here.

Plastic Lost Love looks like a self-sacrifice - someone who's willingly giving his all to Kirai of his own volition, regardless of cost.


I'm not sure which I prefer, really - both are acceptable, which is more than I can say for a lot of totems XD


Also, nice work, Sligui!

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